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this is completely.. understandable..enviable.. and motivating.. I want to do them right now.. wonderful you.. thanks.. enjoy your corsage..


I really like the way those look. Very fun. Thanks for the no-hook option as well.

Sweet pea

These are lovely - what a great way to use up scraps of fabric. Molly has inherited your artistic flair, those colours are yummy :)


Beautiful! Your instructions are completely clear. I don't know the term 'hessian backcloth' but it looks like burlap to me, for those of us stateside. What a terrific way to use up scraps of fabric! Definitely on the to-do list.

Kristin Nicholas

These flowers are really cute. Nice tutorial too. And your studio looks so nicely organized and colorful.


Thank you for sharing!
I am on holiday in the uk and i can definetely agree that the weather needs some brightening up!

Beth H

OH...this is so cute!! I want to make one right away!! Were can I find that hessian?


thanks for such great instructions. i always wondered how those were made, and now i know, and can make them, too!

stephanie s

great tutorial, you should post this to the whiplash site for accessories, i think you have another day, or a couple of hours.... at any rate - thanks!


Really great tutorial! Love the flowers. Could you use a crochet hook as well? I am seriously going to try this!


Great tutorial, Lyn! Thanks for sharing.


Thanks for the tutorial! They're so beautiful!


thanks! the 2 options of making it was thoughtful and much appreciated. I was just thinking about a brooch to make for this weekend.


Oh, I LOVE everything that comes after the "OR..."! Nice and easy. That tool in the section before reminded me I have to go to the dentist... Thanks for the tutorial and the great photos.


OOoo so simple and pretty. I could use one to brighten up this soggy Portland morning!


That is pure genius! Very easy to understand too. I think this would be fun for my kids to do for teacher gifts. Really love it! Love the dowel tool too.


What a great idea, I bet older kids could do this too! I bet it looks great on that English tweed blazer!

Suzie Vallis

wow! I think these are great and I WILL be making at least one. I love corsarges, I make so many of them, a bit of a trade mark for me (well, friends laugh at them!!!) mostly knitting but I made a great fabric one yesterday to go on a bag. SO thank you for sharing and I shall have a go.
Keep up the good work.
SUzie Sews


i musttry this NOW! you are ever so envy is yours! i have tons of baby fabric left...maybe a corsage to go on the side of a diaper bag...maybe. thanks for all the great tips!


What a neat idea! They look terrific.

And um, how's the rag rug coming along? ;-)


Thank you so much for taking the time to do this a second time around! I love it.

Kitty Jimjams

Oh you are *so* good.

I have envy... where can I dig out some hessian & a rug hook? My mum's old house had a hessian wall on the upstairs landing, but I'm not sure I've laid hands on any since! Time to rummage in the Huddersfield craft shops.

Veronica TM

Thank you for this tutorial! Both flowers are beautiful. I am sure you brighten up the day!


THis is so fabulous! Thanks for the awesome tutorial! SO much inspiration- so little time!


I think I really need to make one of these. Either method makes a gorgeous flower!


Fabulous tutorial - thanks for doing it!

jenny vorwaller

ohhh!! so lovely!! **


Oh, thanks for your teaching!! You are so talented!!


I discover your blog a few days ago and i love it!! And these flowers are totally beautiful!! I want to try for my scrapbooking! thanks a lot to share!!


genius. Move over Einstein.


Wow, brilliant, love it. Thanks so much for this.


Thank you so much for showing us how we can make such beautiful flowers!!!!!


I probably made the search harder than it needs to be, but I couldn't find the raggy making stuff here in the U.S. online, so I just bought a kit from a U.K. seller!

It's going to be a Christmas gift for my daughter. Love the tutorial.


Thanks for the tutorial. I just finished one!


Thank you so much for the tutorial!

Sarah Jane

Thank you so much! Your flowers are beautiful and the instructions much appreciated.


Thank you, the flowers are very pretty. I like the colours and the tutorial is great. I am sure it would also work with some linen (one can always pull out some threads) and a crochet hook. Will definitely make one. Bettsi, that's a great idea to give them as teacher gifts!!


ohhhh thanks so much!! your tutorial it's great! your flower ara so yummy!




Will you just stop being so talented please? You are giving your sister a BIG inferiority complex. Really, I have no artistically talented bits in me. Looks like you got the entire share. One of the comments above said something about your tidy studio. Ha ha ha ha!!!! You have to see it - it is amazing, but not in a tidy way - but a good way nontheless.


Another wonderful tutorial Lyn! Can't wait to try it :)


Jeez - what a fantastic idea. I'm rag rugging at school and it NEVER even occurred to me to make corsages! Maybe I'll get the kids to have a go. Thanks a lot for the tut though. By the way it's Divali today and I'm wishing everyone a Happy Divali.


thank you very much for this tutorial. I have see your beautiful Raggy flowers and now i can try do one




Have you got a flickr group so people can post their own pics of corsages they've made? You deffo should! I'll be blogging my corsage later. Spent the afternoon on the couch making it!


Thank you, thank you, for this. I didn't actually imagine they were made like that. I have a bag that definitely needs one of these.


fabulous! another christmas gift idea - thank you for this generous tutorial! quick simple and easy to understand.
take care


i love all your stuff
i tried to make one using back hessian, i didnt have the right colour to draw the circles, so i stitched them and it looked sooo cool that i didnt put the fabric scraps on it
had to make another one for the corsage


Thank you so much for this tuto ! I think I will soon try myself ! See you soon !;-D

Passions & Distractions

Thanks for the tutorial! I must add this to my "Urgent to Make" list!

Tanya Nichols

Ack, as you write the make it seem E-Z-P-Z...but really it's almost like Techytalk to the layman... slow and easy... or like MacGyver making a nuclear bomb out of chewing gum...EEKK...Love it...I adore your sketchy baby in the previous post...I would love to see that on a onsie or a card...


I'm just visiting for the first time...don't know where I've been! this is such a great idea!! great blog too! :)


merci, j'y suis arrivée, veux tu voir le résultat?


totally adorable


Loved the raggy flower... what fun. Made my first one today and know there will be lots more. Thank you!

Tânia Marta

My God! Their great. I love them. Your very good.Can I try?!
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Your work is fantastic.
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Mimi Crafts

fantastic idea ;o))

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just found this (quite late, i know!) via flickr. love it, thankyou so much for sharing! xo


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