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Veronica TM

I am dying of cuteness!!!!!! You are a genius, Lyn!


That is fantastic! and well posed too.


Toooooooo clever.


She looks so lovely!!!




You are freakishly talented.


Oh I just love this doll! She is so cute and pretty!

amy k.

wow. this hurts it's so cute and dear. . too much. her little dress and chopped hair? ugh.


Cute overload!


She's adorable and so cute, I love her.


Oh I am in love with Ruby, her expression is wonderful and so beautifully dressed.


Aaaaaak just darn fabulous! Nice work Lynn.

Tania Ho

Too cute, I just love her .. reminds of me when I was little, I cut my own hair too many times like that too ;)


I know you already have 113 comments but I just have to add to the praise: Ruby has indeed captured my heart! She is adorable, and perfect in every way. You completely amaze me. How in the world do you make a little yarn, some fabric & stuffing look so alive?? We might have to invent a new word b/c soooooo sweeeeeet just doesn't say enough. ;-)


I wholeheartedly agree with Debra!!

Passions & Distractions

So so cute! I love her and your poem, too!!!!


hello, Can I say for the 115 time that she is soooo cute. I have been staring at the pictures for about 15 min and I still can get my mouth closed hihi.


Okay so I left a comment ages ago, but I keep coming back to these pictures of little miss Ruby. And holy crap 117 comments. We are begging you and will pay dearling please will you sell us the pattern:)You would make a fortune!!


Oh what a gorgeous adorable little doll, I am so jealous I want one for myself. Fantastic job.


I'm am going to DIE! She is absolutely, completely, and utterly adorable! In no possible way can I say how much I love this one. Way to go!


Oh. My. Goodness.
That first picture actually made me terribly sad for her!
I'm not a fan of stuffies... or dolls for that matter, but Ruby is perfect. The story... perfect. The styling... yes, perfect!


OMG! I've been lurking here for months and am bursting with envy over your amazing creations, this one has literally made me pop with excitement, she is just perfect,you are the most talented person I've ever come accross,please,please will you give us a Ruby tutorial?


There can't be enough praising comments on Ruby... She really is the little girl from the black-and-white-photography you showed us the other day. A masterpiece, how you managed to mirror the charm of the old picture.
My little daughter (veeerrry short hair right now) saw her on the screen and was in love, immediately.

jen b

So freakin adorable. I am in love, cut hair and all.


Lyn, you rock! ;) She's perfect in every way - love her to bits!


I think all of my 4 boys took a swipe of the scissors on their bangs when they were about 3 or 4. It usually happens about the time you are planning a family picture. Cute doll and story!


she's so so so cute!! ^^


She is just wonderful.


She is just wonderful.


you are so talented, even my Mum logs on to see what you are doing next after an article in an embroidary mag - we both think you're the best on the web - please do a book and save Ruby for it!!


Holy WOW... you are good. She is so, so beautiful. So perfect in her planned imperfection...

Cherry Menlove

I. Can't. Speak. Cuteness. Is. Too. Much.
Sooooo wonderful, no words appropriate. Thank you.


Beautiful! Beautiful! CONGRATULATIONS!


That is like the KRYPTONITE of cuteness - so cute I'm weak from the cuteness! I swear I'm 24 going on 5, I want one hahaha!


Ruby is so cute and genius! She's perfect.


completely adorable, thanks for the sweetness!


i don't know if i can add anything to the 134 comments...too cute? yes. fantastic work? double yes. ditto, ditto, ditto to the infinite power.


Very cute indeed!!


She's lovely, but why do I automatically have a guilt complex? Is it something I've done?!




I usually lurk by on a daily basis, but I had to come out to say this is the cutest doll I've ever seen in my life! Really!

ana mar

beautiful! so sweet! love her!


I love this, she is to too cute.


way too cute and adorable.


How sweet! I'm envious of your crafting ability!


She is quite the most gorgeous doll ever...How can someone that sweet EVER be naughty...

Jenny Holiday

ooohh my!! Ruby is just PERFECTLY sweet! I can almost imagine her voice...and what her bedroom would look like!!

Do you have any adventures planned for her?

I adore her!!!

xoxo Jenny.. a fan!!


Wonderful doll!!! I from Russia. Now you have admirers even in Russia:)))


There is nothing to add I lurk I mean visit your Blog almost daily I love your work and Ruby is well adorable (I know you might not be able to share the pattern for her ) but may I ask how big is she I would like to make the dress for a doll I have planned for my niece and that info would be wonderful

Once again WONDERFUL JOB (man I wish I had a girl)


Absolutely gorgeous. :D


es realmente preciosa, me encanta!!!!


She looks like a real little girl!! I love the expression on her face!


where can I buy Ruby's pattern? Thank you .

Anne M.

What an incredibly cute, adorable, and "wish I had one when I was a little girl" -doll you have made! You make the dollmaking look so easy with this "clean & simple" look.
Wish it was!

Anne M.


Just wanted you to see the link I made to this entry on my own blog. :) I've also added your blog to my list of favourites. You are wonderfully creative -- thanks for the inspiration!


Just had to say I love Ruby. Her face is exquisite and her hair is perfect!! Does she have any friends? Can't wait to meet them! I've added you to my blog favourites.


Oh my ... Ruby is ADORABLE! :D


I read your little story featuring Ruby to my boys...they (and I) loved it. My son (6) said, "Oh, I like that. I like how she made a story out if it..." And he definitely thought Ruby would be sad that she cut her hair. :)


Hi Lynn, I keep coming back to these photos, Ruby is so sweet. I guess she's your own pattern? Any chance of you publishing it one day?


Ruby est adorable! bravo...

Account Deleted

Hi Lynn, you constantly inspire me to craft for those I love. So I add my voice to those requesting a pattern for the most beautiful Ruby - there are little girls out there who need her! And aunties who need to make her. Thanks for all your wonderful work and for sharing it all.


oh my God,i´ts so cute cute,congreatilations


Ruby is so darn cute! She looks like she would be great friends with some of my girls(, but I feel they might be too jealous of her shoes.


i am just completely in love with your ruby, i live in the netherlands maybe it is possible to buy or swap the pattern of this doll,
maybe you like somethings from here.
i think you would be in love with some birdy teacups we sell here
love and greetings from wendy


She is good enough to eat... I want one!!!


I just love your little doll and I was wandering if you sell them or if you will put the making tutorial to make one.
I realy would like to have one!


I hope you put up a Ruby tutorial. She is absolutely adorable!


I would love to see a pattern for Ruby. She's adorable!!

sophie emery

she is wonderful. It's a great great creation. j'adore !!! (I love)
Congratulation for your merveilleux blog . and excuse my English !!!


Hello, Yeeees I want a tutorial or a pattern. Love Love Love!
Greetz from Germany!

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