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She is so charming!


don't be shy little ruby...
your so cute and everybody wants to see you in your new dress ;)


she's so gorgeous - is she going to have any brothers and sisters?


Oh she is just too cute!


What a great tutuorial. I think I shall be using some of your guidelines to make some little dresses for my daughter's dolls. How cute is she in that dress, even if she is shy.


That is an excellant tutorial, and such lovely material. Ruby looks adorable


What a lovely little dress - thank
you for the wonderful tutorial...

Kimberly Sherrod

What a wonderful tutorial! Thank you for posting that- I'd much rather not have to make hems- plus the added treat of making it reversable! Very nice! Ruby is such a sweet girl! Maybe she will get a whole new wardrobe!


Wow! Fantastic tutorial,thanks so much!!


Thank you!! I'm making a doll as a Christmas gift and needed a dress just like this!! This is perfect.


Ruby, you are too sweet. Hope we will see more of you. Your dress is so cute. I would love one in my size. =)


I wanted to let you know that I finally received my copy of The Crafter's Companion, and what you said/wrote was lovely. I found it very inspiring, and your scrappy list purse is on my to-do list!


Ruby is such a lovely doll.

melly and me

Thanks for the easy to follow tutorial. Ruby is delicious and so is her dress.

dani (pyglet)

You are a genius! Ruby is amazingly cute...
Thanks for the great tutorial!


Oh, look at Ruby peeking out from behind her hands! Your dollies and critters have so much life, you really are the modern day Blue Fairy! Great tutorial - thank you for sharing your wonderful gifts!

Anna H.

Oh, thank you, Lyn! You have no idea how many weird little doll dresses I've made that don't work -- but this pattern (and your directions) are great -- I'm inspired!



I really like how this dress is reversible. I think it would appeal to a child to be able to change the look of the doll and it certainly appeals to me because it avoids teensy tiny seams that I'm bound to mess up!


brilliant! thanks so much for sharing that. i am making a doll for my daughter for xmas and i love that little dress. ruby is adorable!


Ruby, you are too much!


Your worksmanship is impeccable. Thanks for giving us a peek.


Oh that is a wonderful piece of work! An irrevisble dress! Thanks for sharing!

Miss Dot

that is a great tutorial! it even tempts me to try it and I don't have any nude dollies waiting on clothes! hey, did you get my email regarding the pendant? quite likely I forgot to send it! argg.


Thanks for the tutorial; now can you explain it again for those of us (just me probably) who don't understand sewing terms?
heh heh--
I'm so confused.
and dazed.
and confused. Not you, my dear, it's me. I'm a total novice, dont'cha know?
see you on Friday, I'll be waiting...


This is brilliant! Thank you for this tutorial.


Ruby is really a beautiful doll !
thanks you for the pattern...

suzie vallis

Ruby is just a joy, thank you for making me smile.
SUzie Sews


Absolutely brilliant - and I wouldn't mind a coat like that either. Many thanks.


Thank you for the tutorial.
It is very easy to read..... and understandable......
and darling!


ohhh lovely lovely lovely! Thank you for the tutorial - you'd not be thinking of doing one for a Ruby-esque doll too would you? She's just perfect!!


oh Ruby I LOVE YOU and wish to take you home.

Plus, that is a smashing frock and an excellent tutorial.


Thank You!!! I have little girls at home, oh ruby is so nice!


Wow- that's amazing. What a clever idea!

Cherry Menlove

Oh yes, I too would like a coat like that! I'm sorry Ruby is shy. She looks so pretty in that darling little coat. I really can't handle this much cuteness in the afternoon (please don't stop with the cuteness EVER by the way)!
Cherry xx


What an adorable dress/coat! Thank you so much for the tutorial!


YOU are amazing.


Oh my goodness, you are a genius. I hate the teeny hem thing and all my dolls clothes end up looking shabby and fraying due to poor tiny hems. I love you, I am going to adopt this format for all the dolls clothes now, we will have the best dressed dolls ever and of course children love reversible clothes. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


i am in love with your tutorials babe! love ruby. love the dress. must try both now. thanks!


Thank you for the tutorial! Ruby and her dress are the cutest things I have seen in a while!

Mama Urchin

You make it look so easy!


oh my... she's so adorable!


Brilliant! Did you think up this technique? Its so clever. And shy Miss Ruby is so cute! Your dolls always have so much personality. Well done!


I read the entire post, loving every bit of it, before I realised that Ruby was not your daughter. What a surprise to see that dress on a sweet little doll! I wonder if that pattern could be used to make a dress/blouse for my daughters? I love it!


Thanks so much your the best. Ruby you look adorable and we can't wait to see the next installment. Maybe a red headed sister:)


wonderful dress, and ruby is soooo cute!


holy cuteness, batman! i feel christmas presents coming on.... thanks for the great tutorial!


absolutely wonderful - if it wasn't midnight I would go and make one NOW! Thank you

susan sobon

ok,is it me or what? i just want to eat her??!! she is so dang adorable!!! and i love the way you pose her!!!! tooooo cute


Fantastic tutorial Lyn. I thank you, Bella thanks you and most importantlyof all, Bella's near naked doll thanks you!


Just wanted to let you know what a fantastic tutorial that was. I made a coat version of it today (and I am NOT a sewer) all with hand stitching and it turned out really, really well. Only problem is that I was hoping it would fit my daughter's American Girl doll and the arms are too tight. So now I guess I'll just have to have a go at making a doll with skinny arms! Do you know of any free patterns where I could get a start? I also loved Ruby, but thought that at 144 messages, you'd heard it enough!


this is adorable, so is Ruby of course, thanks so much for the brilliant tutorial


Beautiful! And thanks for the tutorial, it's a great idea to make the dress reversible to avoid itty bitty seams!


Have you seen the Bette Davis movie All About Eve? I wonder if Ruby has. Maybe she needs her own blog?


Thank you so much for sharing this! Reversible = genius. And thanks, too, for the book recommendations in the earlier post...just got a copy of the Woman's Day book, and it's a great find!


you are a genius - great idea to make a reversible dress! Now we get 2 instead of 1 AND can avoid the bloody tiny seams! Excellent tutorial, will definitely try it! Thanks a lot for sharing!

Lesley McCormick

Please can we have a pattern for Ruby's head!!!

She looks so lovely and I love her dress.



i heart ruby.


Wonderful tutorial. thanks for sharing it.


C'est très beau !!! BRAVO
Wonderful ;-)


What a clever way to do it! Fantastic tutorial, thank you so much, now I know how to make tiny and clean sewing.


Thank you so very much for sharing ruby and the dress tutorial...just wonderful!


Ooh thank you ! I've learned so much today with this tutorial, thanksfot sharing it.

I do have one question though. Maybe a silly one but what are the measurements of the dress?


Oh. My. Goodness.
I almost can't stand the cuteness that is Ruby.

Fantastic tutorial!


beautiful! did you create the pattern as well?


This dress is so cute and Ruby is so adorable!! what a great job!!


I am so hopeless when it comes to making doll-clothes (and normal people clothes as well!) so thanks so much for sharing this pattern. Such a generous thing to do :-)


Ruby est vraiment très très belle!!! Bravo pour ton univers c'est très beau!


Thanks for the pattern. It's really usefull and easy to do. I've done one this morning and you can see the result on my blog or my flickr account (


Such a lovely doll! _i just love dolls!


Mari Eriksson

What a lovely dress. Thank you for the tutorial. I will try because the dress is just so beautiful.


Beautiful!Beautiful!Beautiful! ;)


Beautiful!Beautiful!Beautiful! ;)


Gorgeous. thank you for tutorial.
I not speak very velle englisk, but I like that you make


I love this doll, and the dress. In fact I love the doll so much that I spent WEEKS trying to make my own. And now I feel bad because I posted about her (and your Ruby) on my blog, but never posted on your blog to say thank you for providing such inspiration.


It does not have the tutorial one of the doll? It would like to have. It is pretty.


Que coisa m,ais linda !!!!!!!!!!!!


This is so sweet! Let´s se if I get the oportunity to sew one myself.My girls only undress their dolls...


Wow! I know I'm a few years late, but this page of tutorials is awesome and adorable (and very kind of you!). Thank you!

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