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sandra lee

housework!! nah!!! make some more gorgeous little cuties!!! OMG!!! they are ALL darling and then there's the scrap fabric bag you made...WOW!!! Very nice work!!!


LOL TELL ME about the housework or lack of! LOL


Thanks for cuttie links :)


Housework? What's that? Great links.


that christmas stuff is crazy ass good!


Great egg cosies and other lovely cuteness and as for the housework - the weekend is coming up so it'll all be trashed anyway - here's my housework motto - why do today what you can put off till next week?

Melly & me

Thanks for those great links - I loved the first Christmas one and that last link - the alien - boy it lightened my day and gave me a huge grin.


Hello! I love your blog and wanted to say hello. Sorry to read you have a head cold. Who doesn't right now? Mine is really awful and I'm going through the tissue like crazy. Well, love your furry friends and will definitely be back for more. Holly


love the cuteness on all levels!


I love all the Japanese arts & crafts. But, without trying to sound like a total idiot (too late?), how do you find these sites without actually speaking Japanese? I'd love to troll through some, but haven't a clue how do go about it.

Love the purses!

mary jane

So cute! I love the orange ? monster.


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What cut collection of slimy dolls. I want one of them.

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