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That looks great, I'm going to try and find a copy too.
I think the card at the bottom is a New Year card because next year is Year of the Boar. I wish there was Year of the Hodgecodge!

Wishing On Clovers

Oh I love the little hedgehog pincushion!! Even the Japanese stores near my area do not stock that magazine.. -_- one day!


Thanks so much for sharing so many pics from the December issue. Still hands down my favorite craft mag.


I am drooling over my computer screen. These images are so cool!!! Thanks for sharing.


ay, I drool over these! I don't know where to find this kind of stuff in Arizona. I suppose I could start with Amazon.


Wow, I looked at the price on eBay, and whooooooo, hmm, how do I sneak that by the husband!?


Oh yes, clearly a boar not a hedgehog, too bad. A year of the hedgehog would be awfully nice!
I think with all those pictures given by the seller on ebay nobody needs to buy that magazine... surely enough for getting some inspiration.


That last little card is too cute. Such a pity that I am not able to buy these things locally, and am too cheap to spend $30US to buy a magazine.

Mama Urchin

Those slippers, love them.

Jenny-up the hill

I love the reindeer! And the slippers are too sweet. Thanks for sharing!!


Wonderful mag,and the hodge codge card is adorable. Alexander could never say penguin it was always pinguin, so cute.


So beautiful thanks for sharing.Do you think it's worth the £18 price?


I like that felt bird/cage/bell thing! Thanks for sharing Lyn.

Madame Trapo

this magazine is great!

i love the shoes.


oh, i think those little reindeer (or similar ones) will be stopping at our house, too! thanks for the inspiration!

Kimberly Sherrod

I'm going out to find wire hangers, right now!!!!! Thanks for sharing this delightful mag!!


How nice!


omg! too much cuteness! i can´t stop staring...

Rebecca in rural Ireland

What is it about kiddy shoes/slippers, I have a real want to make some, thanks for that photo.

In our house my youngest calls jellyfish 'jellypus' and hippos 'hypnobotamus'. I use those terms too in a bid to preserve the cuteness factor as long as possible!!! Hodgecodge is exceedingly cute!


Obviously I need to get some of these Japanese craft books.


Oh thank you so much for sharing, I love those reindeer, am off to rumage through the fabrics right now.

Kitty Jimjams

That baby boots pattern will be Just In Time... ;D


Too cute, you are so clever to do those. I like to just look!


Those little slippers are so cute with their little square toes and polka dot lining and the hodge-codge pin-cushion is great - thanks for sharing.

Mrs G

I love those reindeer, too :)

actually, I don't see anything I'd at which I'd turn up my nose!

and I love the Hodge-Codge story...what a sweet memory :)

Dawn Castro

I went right over to amazone jp and bought up the cotton & oaint magazine!! I love you for that but my hubby will hate you after he gets the bill!!! Love you goodies and blog!


The Japanese craft stuff is gorgeous.

Passions & Distractions

Lord, I'm saving up for a trip so I swore off all non-gift spending, but I'm so close to caving for this magazine....


Hey, thanks so much for posting the link! I have looked for it there before, but I could never tell whether the items were being sold by Amazon or individual sellers, and I couldn't imagine asking one about international shipping with the language barrier!

Anyway, I was amazed, I bought two copies (one for a friend) on Sunday night, and they arrived (NE United States) in Wednesday's mail. $31 for two copies, including shipping. Totally worth it, and lots better than Ebay.

Also, the calendar inside is so cute! I cannot understand why American magazines don't seem to have picked up on the "free gift" idea that the magazines of so many other countries seem to so heartily embrace!

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