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Miss Dot

I know it seems obvious, but have you tried cleaning the mouse? if it is a ball style, other than that hmmm wait for the useful men but not after checking that it IS plugged in! :-)


I love these purses! Hope your mouse fix is an easy one.


I just came across your site from a friends' link and love your handiwork! Do you send things to Canada??


I know, it's horribly dark in Manchester too..

The USB port is the hole where your mouse's "plug" is plugged into your PC, if that helps.

As Miss Dot's said, the hole around the ball can get very dirty, you can usually open it by twisting it and pick a whole lot of fluff out of it!


I love your new purses :)
And I'm so sorry for you : lights are all on at 11 am !!!


Oh, the scrappy bags with the buttons are too cute! I have been entrenched in 900 buttons myself this week, so they are on my "love" list!


You have a shop where and when I want to be put on the emailing I adding anything to the shop list. I still holding out for a red headed sister to Ruby:) Good luck with the mouse thingy.


You have a shop where and when I want to be put on the emailing I adding anything to the shop list. I'm still holding out for a red headed sister to Ruby:) Good luck with the mouse thingy.


Sweet sweet mother of all that is good and.... a shop...a Molly Chicken shop?!! Yes, yes, what Melissa said, please put me on the mailing list. Must make Christmas wish list now.... xxx

Vicki in MIchigan

Sometimes a mouse may need to be unplugged and re-plugged. If the plug your mouse goes into is a very skinny rectangle, that is a "usb port". A computer will often have several usb ports; you could try plugging the mouse into a different port....

Sometimes the computer might need a re-start after you re-plug the mouse....

And sometimes mice get ill and die and need to be replaced.

So frustrating, when the technology doesn't do what you need it to do!

ps -- I bet you've already thought of this, but google is your friend. I typed "usb port" into the google search box, and came up with


Oooohhhh, so cute! I can't wait to see them finished.

Mama Urchin

I would choose a mouse problem of the computer variety over a mouse problem of the rodent variety any day. But any mouse problem is still a problem. I hope your mouse is fixed soon.


Shop? You're going to have shop? *faints*


Linnie can you please tell me how on earth you have the time to do all these beautiful crafty things and write the blog and look after all your children - wondeful woman


i am in love with you buttons! becoming somewhat obsessed with them these days! they certainly make the purse!

Account Deleted

I love the tweed fabric and the frayed edges of fabric fragments. It's different yet very classic, too.


OUAHhhhh Ilove your purses!


mice do get sick and die sometimes, and the old roller ball ones do sometimes get clogged up. But just as you let the cat deal with the eek kind I would let the men deal with the computer kind.
BTW love the bags, they will go like hotcakes.


I was gong to mention what a USB port was but others have done it for me....I recently bought 'Laptop for Dummies'just to make me feel a little more secure.
Its pretty dark here too in southern tasmania an you pretty much have to have the light on all day.
I'm really enjoying 'The Crafters Companion'


ohh I'v been meaning to say that Hunderwasser has been a big influence in my creativity from very early on and when I first saw you early work it reminded me of his. I was so inspired buy your free form sewing and colours.
Have you seen the toilets he designed in New Zealand?


Ooooooooo, a shop, YIPPEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!Can't wait to get my sticky little mits on some goodies. Those purses are sooooooo, sweet. Oh and I agree with Grace on the Hunderwasser thing, his work is amazing, being a big fan of Gaudi but being far too disorganised (ahem, organic if you please)to work in his style I think Hunderwasser has it licked. The toilets in Kawakawa (NZ) are out of this world. There are piccies here - I think you'll see where Grace was coming from with the reference to your very own unique style.


Oh bugger, posted the wrong bloody link- see what I mean about being disorganised! You want this one:

I challenge you to spend less than a day gazing at this guys pics of NZ in wonderment, such a madly beautiful country.


Love the purses! I don't miss English winter mornings.


such beautiful purses.. I love the detailed work on the flap..
it is quite dark in here too.. winter.. is the enemy of craftes..with a lessened sight like me..
I want bright light..=)


I love the purses!
what? a shop? how can we get the e-address??????????????????????

the usb port is the plug your mouse goes into. it may need to be unplugged and replugged...
hope you manage to find some help!
computer problems are really a pain!


On a dutch site I stumbled on quite some classifieds for oililyfabric. It is in dutch but most people will be able to speak english if you mail them. Maybe you could try. The site is and hten look for Oilily + stoffen..
Check out the pictures becuase a lot of vendor will try to sneak oilily in the title to gain attention.

It will say somthing like oilily-a achtig..

I don't know if you're up for it but I thought I let you know anyway (I am chanting to myself I am not buying more fabric for 2 whole days now so will appreciate it if you just buy it all ;-)

Rebecca in rural Ireland

I hate it when my usb port plays up! You know there is a chip in every computer that senses deadlines, and when one approaches the chip automatically causes your printer ink to run out, the printer to stop 'communicating with the pc', the mouse to stop mousing and various other annoying habits. Its extremely efficient.

Lynn Dykstra

rubbing alcohol--after months of a sticky mac mighty mouse, not allowing us to scroll down, we dipped a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and scrubbed the tiny ball on top--works great now.

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