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Ruby may be a work in progress, and she may have problems, as we all have, but she is beautiful and lovely :)

amy rue

I love the texture of her body fabric. I've been using one like that for pillows and it frays like crazy on me too.

I can't wait to see the dress tutorial!! I'm constantly trying to find new ways to make dresses for the Lumplings.

Ruby is still the cutest doll ever!

-amy rue


i am in envy of your book collection. nothing beats the vintage books. i have tons of vintage children's books. a bit of an obsession. can't pass an estate sale to save my life!

can't wait for the tutorial! my daughters love ruby too!


Dlurking to say that Ruby is perfection just as she is.

She makes my heart ache with her cutness and her attempt at cutting her own hair.

Thank you for sharing.


I have both of those books, and love them!


Thank you so much for sharing. Ruby is flawless in my eyes. She put a smile on my fast several days ago and it still remains. The imperfections give her a touch of humanity.


Please, please, please a redhead with freckles! Oh that would be perfect for me!

Passions & Distractions

I have the Woman's Day one and I love it! It's ben a while since I've done any softie work. You've definitely "thrown a craving on me!"

Susan Jonsson

I want to let you know how much I look forward to your postings every day. I am inspired and feel uplifted by your thoughts, and art. Thank you so much for your sharing your work and inspiration sources.



you are so right about vintage sewing books. i love all mine and you can still buy them quite cheaply.Your first book looks lovely and i have a copy of the second. Hope you and have a great weekend!


She is SO adorable! Would you consider doing a tutorial on hair? I stand in awe of Ruby's hair.


My mom use to make dolls similar to that. I'll have to ask her how she attached the hair. My favorite toys growing up where my two handmade dolls, one was a white bald headed big blue-eyed baby and another with a black girl with 2 big piggy tails. And You Must make a red head, I love red heads too!


I have a small collection of vintage craft books that I love looking through for inspiration. My trouble is that I do too much looking and not enough doing! Will be back next week for that tutorial - your just too good to us!
Have a great weekend


I can lurk no longer! I am in love with naughty little Ruby! I would love to have one for myself and one for my niece.... I'll look for those you make for sale!


the fabrics behind ruby are also breathtaking, they made my knees weak, my breath catch, my belly flip. ohhh that orange.


I love Ruby, quirks and all. And I use that Woman's Day book quite a bit as well. Sweet, sweet Ruby who is so like my quirky Alice (who was almost a Ruby!).


my mom had that doll book! i used to pour over it & wish she'd make me one for my birthday. is that the book that has the 'little women' dolls in it as well? i pined for Jo. i'm totally grabbing those next time i'm home!!
also: ruby is wonderful!


Gorgeous Ruby! I really like the fabric you chose for her body. Perhaps if you did a very wide zig-zag on the seam allowance before sewing it would prevent some of the fraying? Fray-check would just become a bit too stiff. Also for other free doll patterns, check out ... ... click on the Free Tips & Patterns button.


Ruby has brought me out of lurkdom. She is adorable, large pores and all. Her teeny dress is so sweet and I don't blame her for getting ready to roll around in those gorgeous fabrics in the background! Thanks for the inspiration and smiles.


LOVE Ruby! Think I might have one of those books, LOL. I have too many (is that possible??) Gotta make one of those brooches...Adore the bag! Sheesh, I guess I'm behind my reading a few days ;)


Anna H.

Ruby is lovely -- thank you for sharing her (and your inspirations) with all of us, Lyn!

Have a great weekend.



Aaaah! Another delightful photo - can't wait to see Red! Toy making is such pleasure and lets be honest its very nice to nurture
your inner child.


Thanks for the info about the books! Ruby is darling!

Tiel S-K

I wish someone would fix my not so good bits! She is lovely and has true personality.


Omg.. i love .... EVERYTHING!!! and.. I'm ITALIAN and my boyfriend kiding me, 'couse your blog is my Home page when i open Internet's window!! You are amazing and i hope in a your answer!!! kisses kisses Giacinta
Ps. i love the pourses....

Kitty Jimjams

Oooh, the little sock bunny beside the racoon is lovely too! You have inspired me to have a rootle on eBay for toy-books - I once looked in our local library and there was a bit fat nothing, I'm sorry to say.

Cheers to you (and Ruby)


Ruby is just so cute with her cut hair and all, and that book - wow, it looks like lot of fun. The elephant is way cute!


thanks so much for the great links and advice. the books you mention in your post are great, and the dolls are very sweet.

but the truth is that none of them comes close to ruby.


When working with material that frays like crazy mix half water with half PVA (wood glue, white glue) and paint the edges. It stops the fraying!


Ruby is very "querida"!!!


Your doll's face, and fabrics, are what make her SO wonderful. I just want to hug her.

Melly & me

We have never seen a dolly with more personality! we just love her.


I'm looking forward to seeing the red haired doll with freckles! sure it'll be great!Your not so good bits are ...invisible!


I am so excited you will do the pattern and the tutorial. You are the best! Your work truly rings in my heart! Thank you.

julie harris

ok..rarely do i laugh out loud while reading a blog...but with your i giggled and feasted my eyes on your wonderful creations! fantastic, just fantastic! thanks for sharing with us! julie harris


Jealous as I am, you deserve every one of those positive comments. She is really lovely!
Bronwen is right about the PVA and water. I couldn't make my dolls without fray check. When you are working small you have to cut your seams close to turn, so you need to use something to protect the edges. Your fabric choice looks lovely; makes her very cuddly looking.
Did I give you that dress fabric or is it one we all have in our collections?
What ya going to do next? Going to write a pattern for her or a book?
I'm sure you'll sell loads of dolls. Good going over there in Molly Chicken Ville!


ruby is gorgeous, no matter what you say. i love both of those books...and jean ray laury, mabs tyler, enid anderson, anne dyer, jean greenhowe...can you tell i can't stop with the toymaking books?


OH MY GOODNESS! My great aunt Rosie had that Woman's Day sewing dolls & stuffed toys book! Seeing those pictures again after oh at least 25 years brought it ALL right back! I spent many a long day at her unfun old maid house pouring over that book. I so remember the Alice page and the Indian dolls page. Thanks for the memories! I may have to order it just for greens!


Thanks for the book recommendations! I just got a copy of the Splendid Soft Toy Book (albeit different edition) and have another soft toy book on the way. I can't wait to try some pattern out.

Kathy In Dallas

I made A gorgeous "RuBy Doll" from 3 different patterns, and the dress,you posted, and a darling beige fleece coat w/ lace. Think of all the "Amazing Creations",that.... 99% of all your (fans?), could make if we all had the $30.00 Japanese craft books like you do! You're not All that original & creative.
It's time to wash those dishes ,it's been 6 months!


I love Ruby. She looks perfect as she is. I finally broke down and made a Ruby of my own, using this free pattern from the 1940's, but giving her a "Ruby" face and hair:

You did a much better job on the hair than I, and I made the mistake of stuffing the arms tightly instead of a bit loosely as you did, so the poor dear is all stiff-armed. She comes to about 9" tall.

Thanks so much for your blog. You are a delight.

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