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He is wonderful, and his eyes are fantastic, the contrast look great :)
Head colds = duhness, I hope you feel better soon!

Passions & Distractions

I think he looks adorable and the contrast eyes are a nice touch!


He's so cute!


Ohhh but he's so cute!! What a lovely face..

musta lammas

He`s adorable! I just want to hug him, BECAUSE of the spaced out look. Hope you`re feeling better soon - colds suck.

Mama Urchin

Oh my goodness, is he not the sweetest thing ever?


fuzzy and spaced out but very cute. i love things that are cute in an "off center" kind of way.


but he's oh so cute! Get well soon...Nel


Beetle is perfect!


He's gorgeous :)


He's a cutie. Get well soon everyone!

Anna H.

He's beautiful!

Have a lovely weekend, friend.



Hope you feel better soon...p.s.: why can't I have reversible clothes like Ruby?

Abby Jartos

He is gorgeous! Hope you all feel better soon!


Ha must look really darling then ;o)


A lovely bear and the rings around his eyes give him a unique look, i think you should do a whole range of animals like this:0


I've always found fuzzy and spaced out so endearing!Hope you all feel better soon.


NO, he's perfect! I lurv him!! :D Feel better!


But he is gorgeous.


He needs a little red tongue sticking out one side of his mouth! LOL I love him!!!


Hope u all feel better soon. He is so cute, I want one!


He is endearing, I love him! Sometimes it's not too bad to make a mistake - that way you managed to make him even cuter than he would have been otherwise... Excellent "rescue operation"!


He's adorable. If I could look like him when I feel fuzzy and spaced out I wouldn't mind it at all! ;)


Oh beetle is such a dear! "Imperfect things are so much closer to perfection I feel. If one wanted a cookie-cutter design they could find it anywhere... where as there's only one beetle in this whole wide world... and he's fabulous!
Feel well soon!


Sending you loads of wishes to get well soon, Lyn!
Beetle looks adorably fuzzy!


You know what I love? I love the way the dolls of any given doll-maker all have similar expressions, as though they were all siblings. (Of course they are siblings of a sort. So this makes sense.)

Very nice bear and I hope you all feel better soon.

Rebecca in rural Ireland

Mistakes have been some of my most inspiring moments! Cute teddy. x

Carol Rose Parker

I agree with all the comments that I read above — Beetle is wonderful! Beetle is unique, and obviously "himself". He looks incredulous if you see him in one way, while, yes, fuzzy and spaced out in another. My biggest agreement? Creativity often comes from our so-called mistakes. Gets the brain juices flowing and lets the Muses in! I found your site via Artella's Link-Latte, and am so glad I did! I have more exploring to do on your site, but so far, even your title page is wonderful!

Dawn Castro

I think he looks wonderful!! I love him just the way he is!! You can send him my direction!! I'll love him!!

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