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hazel, leeds

it's been 1 of those magical days - school's out because of a gas leak so no teaching today. instead i went out specially to get fabric to make these for a friend's soon to be arrival.. i've waited patiently all day for the pattern and now i'm all excited, think i'll make a pair for me too!


thank you so much for the lovely tutorial! those booties are delicious, I can't wait to make myself a pair =)


Oooooooooo, the shop is coming!!!! Will there just be a link on here to it or are you going for the Ebay thing? Can't wait, I want want want a little boy bear!!!!!!!


Thank you!!! :O)


You're a great artist and a great teacher.

I am looking forward to a shop update.

Have a wonderful weekend.


I love the spirit of your blog. You are so awesome at putting together tutorials and helping us all have fun! Thank you.


These are so, if I only knew which we were having in 10 days...grandson or granddaughter...I could get busy with some of these sweet things with the yoyos..or without, if a boy. Thanks much for the tut..


ooooooo, a shopkeeper now!
sis boom ba
hurrah hurrah hurrah.
so that explains where's you bean.



so cool~~~~~nice little shoes~


beautiful! Thanks so much for the tutorial, I can't wait to make a pair.

Mama Urchin

You make these look so easy.


the pink ones the other day were so cute too! thank you so much for posting the pattern.


Cute boots!
Have a great weekend xxx


Great boots! Can't wait to make them.


Beautiful, thank you so much!


súper! están hermosos... thank you!

happy weekend for you ;)


Oooh, they look like a lot of fun. I can see some serious making cute things for baby after Christmas when I will HOPEFULLY have a little more time! x


Oh those are soooo stinkin' cute!!!! Thanks for the tutorial!!

 The Zero Boss

Totally cute!

Cherry Menlove

Oh bless you, bless you, bless you. Do you know how close I was to buying a pair in this style today for a RIDICULOUS sum?? I touched them and shoved them back. They weren't as good as yours anyhow. And now I come home and find this on your blog. Thank you so much for sharing.



Oh my, TOO precious. Thanks for the tute!


how cool! thank you for the tutorial, it will be fun making these for my friends baby to be.
xx barbara


Thank you for sharing the pattern. They are sooo gorgeous! I can't wait to get started - just have to wait for winter to come (it's summer over here)!


So sOO quite
thanks for tutorial!


huum sorry CUTE not quite.
I'm a poor french.....


please add me to your mailing list for the shop, I would love to buy something from you!


Thanks for the tutorial! I made some for a quick baby gift. Mine are a bit more plain for a boy,


Very cute boots/booties. Make it look very easy and fun to do.


Well I hope you have a sooper dooper weekend to, well what is left of it anyway.


thank you for showing us how to make such a great thing!


I am always looking for projects with a little more guidance than maybe some folks need as a lot of this is new territory for me. Thanks for sharing this project. I will definitely give it a try after Christmas!


Thank you for that great tutorial! I LOVE your blog an everything you make!


Thank you so for sharing. Your site is one of my favorites!


Thanks for the tute, another project to add to my 42 already waiting!!!
Can't wait to see the shop, i'm soooo excited...pity i'm broke :o(


Lynne, you are a gem.


Hello, I've made the booties. I had some difficults for stitch the sole. Do you sew them with a strech point?
(Sorry for my english..)
Thank! :)


Oh I just can't wait where and how do we get to the shop. I have been a very good girl this year and would love for santa to bring me one of your bears:)


oh those boots are too cute! They could also be done with suede bottoms that go over the toe just a bit. And I love the crooked smile on your bear. Great blog!


You really make it look easy. I'm sure it's not but I'm going to try a pair for my 2 month old. Thank you!

rOuge bizoux

Nice boots!

Rebecca (eco felter in rural Ireland)

Ooooh I can't wait for a quiet moment to try and make these booties. Thank you. Although it may be some time before a quiet moment arrives, first I will enjoy Christmas and go wild with the kiddies.

Jodie Chapman

Wow, what a great tutorial. I've just started learning how to sew and expand my creative knowledge, and this is such a fabulous project for me to try. Thanks!


I LOVE those booties! They are so precious and baby boho. Thanks for sharing them!


I know it's too late for the latest sweet bears, but how does one get to your shop? Must be prepared for future offerings!


Those booties are super cute!


i need to make an adult size pair of those

and puppy sized ^_^


oh how cute this is.
will try it.

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Cool BLOG, very informative contents. I also have a blog similar like yours. Would you mind if I ask you for a link exchange?

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Wow, you really are very much creative!!...


Does anyone how what the measurements would be for a newborn baby? I have lots of fabric that would be so cute used for these baby boots but have no idea of what the measurements would be...I would love to add them to my ever growing pile of gifts for my niece who is due in April. Thank you for everything esp. for posting such a great idea!!


Wow I really like it....Your Idea very cool""

Leigh Graham

These are tooooo cute!! Thanks so much for the tutorial. I sat down this afternoon and made a pair. Check them out.


hello i was wondering if you could tell me where i could get that great fabric that you used to make these booties in the pics?? love them!!!


Thanks for this! Such a great tutorial.

Tobi G. Corciega

hi thank you for this! It helps a lot. hope you will post exact sizes for different ages.

thank you so much!


how do these stay on?

moby wrap baby carrier

You are so awesome at putting together tutorials and helping us all have fun!

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