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Hope you and yours have a brilliant Christmas! Ginger and Charlie have left me speechless...xx


Love the hat.


Oh dear, my mind keeps straying back to the Kim family. I have to keep hugging my family. They are beginning to mutter about hormones amongst themselves. The auction is a wonderful gift to the Kim girls and a continuation of what, by all accounts, he lived for - beauty, love, humour and community. And family of course. I'll go and hug mine again now.
Lovely kitty. Happy everything .x


Lovely. Absolutely lovely.


Ginger is lovely in that mousey hat and scarf. A very merry christmas to you, my dearie dear.
smooch XXXOOOO


Oh lovely, lovely Ginger! She's precious. I love the kissing donkey nativity art too! Who's beautiful handwork is that?


In fact, I love the artwork so much that it is now the desktop on my computer!


It's Molly's artwork Bettsi - I LOVE the way Mary looks so pleased with herself - you just can't beat children's art !



That HAT! You're killing me here. Ginger SO WANTS to be mine, I know it...


Ginger + Charlie [and the rest of Ginger's goodies] are too cute! Great work Lyn!


:-) I love the part about the hat too! I've been admiring your craft for some time..
Happy holidays!


This made me laugh, because I'm Ginger and my hubby is Charlie. I saw the title and did a double take.


i saw this on the auction site and i almost cried! ginger and charlie are amazingly sweet. what a wonderful contribution.

Jessica Hood

fabulous work! happy holidays...i've enjoyed finding & following your blog this year.


Just when I thought that Ginger couldn't possibly be any cuter, you go and make her a little mouse hat...

Words escape me....
(in a good way!)

Enjoy your house guest and your holiday!

valerie s

Thanks merci
for make me laugh
wish you a very beautifull christmas
see you in a brand new year !


Absolutely incredible ;)
Wish you a merry Christmas :)


Lovely, lovely Ginger!

Merry christmas and a big cheers to you, Lyn! xoxo


Merry Christmas for you and your family...

Ginger and her cat are absolutely cute!

a hug ;)


Ginger and Charlie are so cute! MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Oh my God, Ginger and Charlie are just the cutest thing since sliced bread! I just love their little "adventure", thanks so much for showing us I hope they sell for oodles of money.
Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


That is so amazingly cute!!!


I was having such a rough time today and then I looked to see a lovely Ginger and her Charlie. Thanks so much for making me smile!

Anna H.

Happiness, peace and love to you, my dear.

Much love from Cali...



What a lovely and generous addition to the Kim Family Auction!


What an absolutely adorable little kitten!


i wish you a merry !merry!! christmas! to you and your family Lynn xxx
your kitten is fantastic ;-)


This little kitty stole my heart!!

Lovely work!


Ginger and Charlie are so perfect together and all of the little itty bitty accessories are so lovely - they're sure to do very well for the Kim family auction. Molly's painting is amazing - obviously following in the creative footsteps of her very talented mum. All the best to you and yours for a fab Christmas.


Cutest thing I have ever seen!!!!


Oh my gosh, Molly's artwork is AMAZING. She's a talented little sweetie, just like her Mama. I hope you have a wonderful holiday!


Ginger and Charlie are adorable I wish they could come visit me for the holidays. Wishing you the very merriest Christmas and happiest New Year, Lyn!! xo

Mama Urchin

I saw Ginger on the auction site and thought, wow.


I adore Ginger and Charlie (have pointed husband in the right direction ;o) and Molly's artwork too is fab - I love kid's artwork,(We have been busy doing a t-shirt for Daddy).

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Lyn, i'm so pleased to have discovered your blog earlier this year. You have a fantastic talent and a wonderful way with words, you always raise a smile.


What cute and cuddly little friends!
Your photos are really lovely, you
really make your softies come to life. I hope you all have a very Happy Christmas, Dawn x

Dawn Castro

I can see that who ever wins Ginger & charlie are going to be in a bidding war!! Your things are just so cute!! I want a ginger & charlie!!


how adorable!
they 're so cute!
have a Merry Christmas too!
Wishing you all the best for these celebrations to come!

Anne M.

Love your little Ginger-teddy. All your creations are eye-candy deluxe! Have a merry christmas! Sincerely, Anne M.


Oh my goodness, I simply have never seen anything more've made me jump up and down in my tiny New York apartment saying 'I want it I want it have to have it have to have please please please...' If I owned a children's shop (which I hope to do someday after I finish selling my soul in finance) I would fly to Uk and throw as much money as I could in your direction in hopes of procuring your amazing talents and items. Your creations are lyrical and magical, it thrusts one back into the beauty of the world seen from a child's eyes. What a lovely Christmas gift! Thank you.


Tooooo cuuuuute!!!!

Callie Smith

PRECIOUS!!! I love little ginger and her kitty. Your Awesome. SWEET

jemima bean

Lyn! Ack, you're killing me too. Really, really want Ginger to live in my sweet little rock house with me. Really.

Have a wonderful Christmas!


What a lovely pet:)


This is one of the cutest and sweetest things I seen in a long time. Maybe I can convince dh to bid on it for me for our anniversary.

Love your blog too.


Oh my. I'm breathless with amazement. Ginger and Charlie are the cutest ever!


all kinds of adorable!


Gaa! You are killing me with cuteness. And the art. Art and cuteness. Gaa!


i ADORE that kitty (and i'm normally a dog person...) Your blog is so inspiring. Thank you!


I'm speechless. This is the cutest thing I've EVER seen, and I've seen a lot of cute things, you bet.
Oh my god, please tell me you're gonna make another one and I can have it.
Pleeeease! (I'm begging on my knees)



Franca Bollo

Oh, silly me. I eagerly went to eBay this morning, hoping to win Ginger and Charlie. Ha ha ha! Haven't laughed this hard since Bush was reelected. You know that very, very disappointed laughter? The bid is currently at $400+. Congratulations. You deserve the praise that every cent of that bid represents. They are exquisite. Though I can't quite afford $400 I'd be willing to pay pretty good $$ it you're ever inclined to make another set or something similar. Can't ask an artist to repeat themselves!

anjie joon

i had the same experience ~ i wanted to bid on the sweet kitty pair at the kim auction but it got way out of my price-range. i'd definitely be interested in buying another adorbale set if miss.mollychicken decided to make more. ;o)


lots of love to two very clever and creative ladies ....and happy 2007 to you all.xx


I Think that Ginger & Charlie are VERY cute! do you think you could do a pattern a sell it ?
Thank you! -xxSmackxx-

Linda, Annabelle & Makenna Hartwich

We LOVE Ginger & Charlie. Whenever I go online, my girls (4 & 6) ask me to show them Ginger. I'm sure they went to a nice family as part of the Kim family auction. Wishing you a fabulous 2007 - can't wait to see more of your creations.


Very nice blog!!!!


sind die süüß...
to cute

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