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Kitty Jimjams

I swear, your stuff gets more gorgeous every time. Those are fabulous.


I am absolutely in love with all the accessories and details that go with your creations. Absolutely beautiful.


Huuuh! I arrived too late for Saint Nicolas's distribution!!


Hi Lyn
LOL at " What the buggering hell" - your comment on 6.5 stitches.
I do so love some refreshing honesty on knit blogs.


Oh wow! Your little bears are ADORABLE!! I particularly like their bitty little friends.


Really gorgeous Lyn.Exquisite details. You are a star X


Those were really cute. Glad they sold so fast. Really like the pictures.

Sweet pea

These are all so adorably cute - you really are very talented :)


Oh your bears are soooo wonderful! They remind me of the ones at Anano Cafe, and I've been working on an amigurumi pattern for similar ones from a fluffy brown yarn my mom gave me. I don't think they'll be half as cute as yours though! Happy holidays :).

Helen Colliss

What wonderful patterns. I have just rekindled by skills in sewing and am looking for patterns are there any available.
What talent!!!


i also want to learn how to make dress for guys, but i have no clue where to start, please let me know, any website to begin? please help. tnx

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