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Glad I'm not the only one who is going to be a "headless chicken", but with a book like that how could you shop. Such adorable images.

Kitty Jimjams

*stalks kitten* :D

I love the little girl with the button eyes and the round handbag, too - a very cute book.


Oh! So *that's* what the carrot is for! I didn't know that, couldn't understand when I saw the end of Nigella's Christmas Bites, and she leaves a bunch of gorgeous carrots by the fireplace (which was blazing away, what's wrong with that picture?). Thanks for the enlightenment.


My favorite is the girl with dotted dress and her friend. So cute! Thanks :)


i have some serious envy on those pics! you can always seem to find the coolest stuff. i'm with you about the shopping. i don't have present one purchased yet!

Mama Urchin

Oh gracious that little kitten bum is adorable.


i have been following mollychicken (i am not a stalker) for a while now and have become a big fan. (if you want) could you please look at (my website)
anyhow love the little kitten

Dawn Castro

Don't feel to bad. I too have no girfts for anyone either!! I have to make gifts and I haven't started a dang thing!! LOL
Love the little kitty bum!! Can't wait to see the rest of it!!


Sooo cute book ! can't wait see what you are going to make... and I want to see more of the Kitten !!! ;o)


all that cuteness. That is exactly why I should have had at least one girl... and not three boys. And NO I'm not having anymore children!!


I love Annies but those first two have creepy faces.
I too have ordered a bunch of YesAsia books for myself for Christmas. Who else will?


Very cute dollies - love the one standing cuddling her bear. Can't wait to see your kitten in more detail, she has a lovely little perky tail.

Rebecca in rural Ireland

I bet your little kitten is better behaved than our new real kitten, and yours looks just as cute as well!

Ours is currently chewing the christmas light cables ... better go ...

Dan (wooden toy maker)

In our household Santa settles quite happily for an Irish whiskey, and Rudolph seems to thrive on a slice of homemade Christmas cake (but last year he just ate the icing off the top)!


I hope she will be up in the store and I am the first to get her. I want so bad for christmas one of your little babes:)


I did the headless chicken bit last Friday and managed to get most of the minor presents done, thinking that would give me lots of time to decorate and bake during the weekend... Well, I did get some of my critters down from the attic today though, and they have started entering my blog... I might do some baking tomorrow, but I'd rather watch a good movie and keep stitching on my bathroom angels.
Can't wait to see that kitten!


a little swap with frenchies ?


hello Lynn!
this book is fantastic,and your cat...i love it so much!
have a great day!


Hello ! It's very very lovely !

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