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That puppy is an absolute cutie! How do make these guys? Do you follow a pattern or make your own up?


i love that puppy. and you are reminding me that i need to get to japantown this weekend...


He plays dead real good! He hasn't blinked the whole time I've watched! Too cute!

Mama Urchin

You have been busy. I love the rolling over and playing dead pics of Sheppy.


Oh, love your puppy! Love him!!

Kitty Jimjams

*sings* aaand they called it, Puppy Looooove... etc.

In other news, OMG KITTY-CRAFT!! Thank you VERY much for the heads-up.


Wow he is adorable!I love the book too.Japanese stuff is just too much fun!


Aw, Sheppy! You are too cute!

I've been eyeing that craft kids mag for a while now. So much goodness. Visiting your blog is always a hazard to my wallet.


Sheppy is so sweet......I just want to cuddle him, I love your creations. What a beautiful magazine too....


Mmmm... I especially love the clothes on the cover...

Veronica TM

What a cute puppy! And a beautiful mag too!


your puppy turned out adorable.
thanks for posting those pictures
from the kids magazine. i love
the little patterned dress with the purple
trimmed sleeves. everything in
there is so sweet and simplistic.


I do so love your toy photos and the commentary is just perfect - you should write a children's book and illustrate it with pictures of your toys. Sheppy is gorgeous!


Oh Sheppy is just too cute, just love the "sales pitch", Battersee Dog's Home could take a leaf out of your book. Tell me is he any realtion to the famous (infamous) Shep of John Noakes / Blue Peter fame?


Cute puppy ,im sure he will find a home very quickly,love your sewing book makes me want to treat myself:0


Oh, what a sweet puppy. And what an inspiring mag. Things seem so fresh and light today...Perhaps spring is on the way? I love visiting you, I will take a seat and stay a while...


Oh, gosh this is wonderfull - and terrible. I had a quick glimpse this morning - during the day I decided to go for Cotton Time vol 16 - the cover looks just great! BUT now it´s sold out! do you know any other place you can buy it???


Ohhhhhh what a fabulous book/mag. I love all the patterns.


Ah, I knew there was a reason I was keeping a bit of money in my Paypal account! What a lovely magazine, thanks for posting it.


Your creations are just the cutest ever! Thanks for posting the book up, I was waiting for Kitty to open up since last year.


Adorable puppy...I just received the same book this week and I highly recommend it--- I give it ***** as I'm finding that there is lots to look at and be inspired by....You are right though in saying that it is more for girls...luckily I am the mother of 4 girls!!


Oh by the way, I bought mine on Ebay so perhaps there still available there...


Oooh, I have to make a wall pocket like that - I'm smitten!!! Thank you for posting these pictures :0


Love the puppy,and the mag, you are so clever.


Cute book! Are the directions easy to follow?


This are such cute clothes. I'm jealous right now I only have nephews. But this outfits are timeless classic styles. Very cute.


Love your puppy! He is so cute.

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