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I so love these links...I wanted to point out to you my friend Aimee's great tutorial on a pinata. So cute and along these lines....

enjoy! I love reading your site...lovely stuff.


just wanted to delurk and say hello. I really love the quirky uniqueness of your bears and that puppy looks like it is going to be so cute. I look forward to the day that I can order one and you can post it across the pond to me! saw your auction for the kim family and now you are on my favorites list in internet explorer.

Mama Urchin

That patchwork is looking great and I'm in love with that little puppy face.


Aaaw, I love your pup. You always share the best links too...


Hey..the quilted fabric on paper. Excellent idea for an artist's trading card. Thank you!!


How cute!
I am tagging you, hope you don't mind. You have to tell us 6 weird things about yourself, then mention 6 people in your blog, and tag them (only if you want to of course)

Veronica TM

Your puppy is looking pretty cute already!
I love Shari Elf's work! Thank you for all the wonderful links.


Cuuuuute puppy!! Can't wait to see him all finished. I love the bowl and stickers in the other photos.

You always inspire me and bring such lovely inspiration to my day!!Thank you!!


Paper Mache everywhere! I love it! Can't wait to see your finished pup.


I'm looking forward to seeing how your fabric/paper etc. project will turn out... 'Love your blog and thanks for always being so generous with your links!


Oh, that looks like a good little doggy! I bet he doesn't chew anything either! Love him. BTW, I tagged you for the 6 things meme. Hope you don't mind!


Another delurker! This little puppy looks like he's about to say "hello". So much personality!


I have been messing around with papier mache for years now, mostly birds and dolls.Love it.


thank you for posting such great links,and good luck playing with your papier/fabric mache show us what you make

charlotte lyons

Love all your posts and ideas. thanks so much. the fabric collage is a wonderful piece of fun. see more papier mache ideas on my site- no end to the possibilities with that great craft!


I adore papier mache. I could make sculptures with it if time permitted.. hey, what an Idea, maybe I should now.. Okay, I will...You are an inspiration!!


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