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Sugar Creek Farm

That zig-zaggy look...I want to know :) Love those bowls. And the sheep.


oooh, that just screams "NAP TIME" to me :D

And yes! zig-zag please.!.

I <3 the bowls. Father Christmas was very good to you ;)


i can't wait to see what little bears the fabric will become!


Oooh, i want to touch it!
I like the little paper bowls in your new craft book, i think i may need to do some papier mache bowls.


oh, oh, I wanna know where you get the goods! I'll email you baby!


Even the word textile course makes me go wide eyed. That's what I get for trying to learn it all through trial and error. (BTW, I have recently discovered that if things are too tidy here I feel crazy. I need a little mess so my mind can wander apparently.)

Karen in Wichita

What do you mean, "behind"? Only way the crap would be *just* behind my (DH) photographer would be if he were standing with his back to our house...


all beautiful.
i love the mohair shot.
and those projects from the book are
wonderful. thanks for sharing those.

Mama Urchin

I love your little bears. Can't wait to see what the mohair becomes.


Lovely fur! I can't wait to see what cute bears emerge from that pile. And I love those hanging bowls, in fact I love just about everything in that magazine. How do they do that?


What adorable bears you will be making. I would be feeling that fabric a lot too. How soft it looks. I love the toy sheep in the craft mag too, just adorable. How lucky it would be just to have a craft room. Mine is the loungeroom and kitchen when they are not being used, but oh how delightful it would be to have just one room set aside for craft. My sister actually does not have any children so one of her bedrooms is her craft room, and she has just sorted hers out so it does look tidy like in the photo. We can only dream of such luxuries though.


That's actually my room you have pictured there. My whole house is decorated similarly...

Okay, no, not really... :)

Mmmm... love the pictures you shared here.


huge pile of jumbled up creative crap here! ;)
Thanks for sharing those lovely images - much inspiration!


I've never touch mohair before, is that Sad or what? Trust me, we can mess up a house quicker than any one I know.


Ooh...that mohair looks so soft and cozy.

Oh my, loving those bowls + message board!!


Yep, there's gotta be a big pile of crap somewhere, surely.
And the mohair...eeek! Oh my gourd is that going to be transformed into more bears that fill one with silly irrational glee?
Can't wait
And the sheep in outfits posing in front of the fence. Words fail me.


very nice craft magazine!! smocking seems to be really trendy nowadays...=)

it would be so great to know where one can buy those wonderful bear fabrics!! i'll email you!! ^^

thank you!!


But that smock top is sooooo cute!


That fabric looks lovely, I am looking forward to see what it will become... Nice books as well!


Definelty a huge big jumbled up pile of crap, creative I'm not so sure!


I'm sure I can see dust bunnies on the floor under that work table and there surely must be an unruly bundle of ironing waiting to be done behind the lovely neat stack of quilts and cases! Lovely projects in that book and the bears-in-waiting fabric looks so strokable - especially the fudgey coloured long-haired one, can't wait to see who it becomes.


oooh I wanted to reach out and touch my screen when I saw that stack of material! hee hee I can't wait to see what's born of it. ;)


What lovely scans. Incredibly inspiring, even for a novice :)


Love the projects in the book and would appreciate the turtorial. I read your blog nearly every day and think it is beautiful


I love the pics just makes me even more excited about my package from amazon jp.

I love your stuff and have added you to my favs, I even linked to you in my post today about gorgous little ruby!


Please email the info on where you source your fabric for bear making. My mother makes bears and has been looking to buy some nicer stuff recently, but without much luck. I know she would appreciate it. Thank you.


Just wanted to say I kept a watch on the charity auction that "Ginger" was in on eBay, what a fantasic price she went for in the end, you should be really proud. I cant wait to see what evolves from the new pile of touchy feely fabrics. I also ordered and received a copy of Cotton Paint from yesterday - how excited was I! even though all the text is in Japanese, obvoiusly, the step by step drawings (a piece of art in themselves) are so easy to follow, I'm looking forward to making the childrens slippers that you featured in your blog just before christmas. I have one friend who has a daughter who'd love a pair so I've asked her to draw round her daughters feet and send the drawing to me so I can make them just the right size! I'll email you pic's when I've made them.


those sheep.
those sheep.
those sheep.

i am smitten.


I would love to know the specific names of each one I know its mohair but some have long fibers? Any other suggestions on where to buy other than ebay? Thanks


You are way to clever. "Ginger" is the cutest thing I've seen. Well done at the auction! Thanks for sharing so much with us all.


I completely fell in love with :Ginger: at the auction, and have been kind of stalking your blog and sendign the link to all my friends since then.And I must second, or third that your blog is really lovely. Regarding the work-space picture - I want to know what that "Will Be Back" dial-a-clock thing above the desk is for (?)- maybe nobody lives there and that's why its so clean.



Crap? What crap? Who let you into my house?

Can't wait to see what that mohair becomes.


I really need to get my hands on one of those books! Great stuf!!

jemima bean

Oh Oh! The SHEEP! I lurv them. You know who needs one? Farm girl over at foodiefarmgirl dot blogspot dot com. She has the CUTEST little sheep named Cary who scratches at the door to come in, and sort of thinks she's a doggie. You'll have to go read the whole saga. I'm sure I buggered it all up ;)


I have one issue of Cotton Time magazine, and I love it. This one looks great, too. I LOVE those little hanging bowls and the message board...I think I'll put those on my "To-Do" list!


I can't wait to see what that fabric becomes!

I love the little sheep!

helle Jorgensen

So enjoy your blog and all the inspiring information you share with us all. The furry fabrics look just gorgeous and those paper bowls are very sweet.


my studio looks like a mess,my drawers are full of buttons pearls and stuff:one have to be short of craft supplies to have a room as tidy as this!


We had a smocking machine at high school. I still have the most delicate white and pink christening dress I made when I was 15. Never managed to have a girl though and my husband wouldn't let me dress the boys up in it!


Hey Lyn,
I really do want to know how to make one of those book covers (I'm slightly obsessed with covering books!)and yes I've got horrendous piles (ha!) ...ironing..fabric..magazines...books...rubbish and on and on!

Jodie Chapman

I love how that picture is mess, but a tidy mess! I think they only exist in the homes of stylists who can style their debris artistically. Mine is more like the scene of a hurricane. I really love your page and your baby booty tutorial is fantastic. I would love you to check out my blog - Thanks!


My house is a mess! I'd love to have ONE room that looked half the way this does!hahahaha
I would love to feel those materials myself! (envy is a sin, right?)

hugs from Portugal


I enjoy reading your blog & love everything you make! Do you think you could email the info on where you source your fabric for bear making. It would be greatly appreciated! Oh, & please do a "how-to" on the zig-zaggy look.


I have been reading your blog for a while now and you have inspired me to have a go. Could you recommend one of the books that would be a good starting point please?


I think I would die of shock if I ever walked into my craft room and it looked like that! It would take me months to clean and sort everything to be that neat! But that room is soooo cute...sigh!


Those fabrics look so soft and snuggly and I love all those mags!

I hope things aren't too busy to take part in such silliness as this...

I am going to tag you for 6 weird things. Hope you want to do it.

RULES: People who get tagged need to write a blog post of 6 weird things about them as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says "you are tagged" in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

Zoe x


oh yes, there are TONS of creative crap (and otherwise) found behind the lens at my house.

Hope you and your creative crap are well Lyn, haven't conversed with you in ages! xo


the needle work done on the gingham is actually called "chicken scratch"

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