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Mama Urchin

Could the sprite possibly spell her name m-o-l-l-y?


GreMliNs .......Odd little fellows,full of fun,enjoy moving stuff around. Often found nestling in a pile of odd socks, collect earring backs and keys.
Always use the last of the toilet roll, last biscuit and that drop of milk you were saving for a cup of tea.
Better believe in these guys than
question our minds and you know what - GreMliNs nearly always return your lost items!


That bunny bag is so flippin adorable.


Thank you! I've been looking for a decent lunchbag pattern for my little girl and that is freakin perfect! Mine won't look nearly as cute but it will have tie ears.


oh, wow. thanks for sharing your new magazine, i can't get over that coffee-pot-cosy (maybe?) and man, the lunchbag with tied ears. amazing stuff.


Yes.. Mischevious Gnomes!!! Things go missing in my home all of the time, and they never come back. ever. It is bewildering and frustrating. How can it be I ask.. yet they never turn up. At least the shoes turned up...Lucky. Love the mag, thanks for sharing,, thank you very much!!!


That's my favorite magazine. :) LOL on the skanky slippers!


These projects are too cute! Thanks for sharing :)


Love that bunny bag and the storage thingy on the twig - I always like to use twigs... - thanks for sharing. And that other thingy is probably just a container, I think. You should use circular knitting needles, that's what I do ;-)
I really loved Howie btw - cute as all the things you're doing!


It must be a boggart! What you need is a Cletterkin!


have you ever seen that hilarious 'far side' cartoon about gnomes hiding car keys behind the sofa?

WE have them in our house too. And also an 18mths old who puts everything in the trashcan. EVERYTHING.

La Mouch'

I thought that the human's favourite game was "Where did i put my glasses ?"....
I love to visit your blog, even if i don't understand everything...especialy japanese books!!! Do you speak french? Comprends-tu le français???


Thank you for sharing !! Lots of inspirations :)What will you make ?


PLEASE tell us -- is it possible to follow the patterns in a Japanese craft magazine, without being able to read the text? I love these patterns and keep trying to get feedback from others (about other equally delightful Japanese craft magazines) -- can you really make use of the patterns? Thanks!

Passions & Distractions

So much cuteness!

Re: the lost items: There is always St. Anthony.

Please Saint Anthony come around.
Something's lost and can't be found.
If you find it, please give it to me.
Please Saint Anthony come around.

Works every time (but mainly I think because it gives my mind something to recite and relax till I can remember where I last saw/put whatever is missing.


Hmmm, your story sounds vaguely familiar. When I was in kindergarten I had a favorite pair of leather maryjanes but they were worn out (according to my parents), so we bought a new pair of suede lace-up oxfords to replace them (ugly!) anyhoo, I hid them in the fireplace so I could wear my old shoes again! My sister & I used to blame such incidents on "bad beedy" :)

Rachael Ramos

Kokopelli? Reynard the Fox? A trickster is to blame for your missing things. Don't you wish he'd hide your skanky slippers?
When he was two, the spirit of the trickster inhabited our son, and we lost forever my keys, my husband's glasses and cell phone, and who knows what all else that we still scratch our heads over, saying, "I wonder what ever happened to ______?"
Anyway, thanks for sharing the Japanese craft mag - what eye candy!


Don't know how things go missing, but rest assured you're not alone - I can hardly leave the house because I can rarely find the keys to start the car.

And - you're not alone in this, either: crusty French bread and great cheese are better than dieting ANYDAY (and the wine and chocolate go without saying).

Kitty Jimjams

Cor, wine and chocolate and nice cheese and crusty French bread... sounds like heaven! I've not had proper sloppy cheese in ages, I must fix that at once.

As for losing things - it'll be that Mrs Tippytoes hiding them, you mark my words. *taps nose*


what a wonderful magazine!! That little lunch box is just too cute!!
The spirit you spoke of has been visiting my house as well. It has been my keys that have gone missing, twice in the same week!!!


How in gods name do you make your fabric knitting look like that. Mine always ends up looking chewed.


Don't worry, one of my kids snuck onto the school bus in thongs/flip-flops (dunno what you call them over your way), it caused the teachers much distress that someone would send her to school wearing shoes like that..


I love that lunch bag! Socks are the runaway villans in our house. I crochet for a reason, one hook is easier to keep track of than 2 needles!


I am totally making that lunch bag. Yes, I said totally, because I'm that excited!


Oh - I squeeled with delight over those images. SO BEAUTIFUL. I wish it wasn't such a tricky process to get Japanese Craft magazines and books in my region. Good luck with your projects... also, I am glad I am not the only one that describes my slippers as skanky.


Thank you for sharing your new magazine! So many good ideas...


Thanks for sharing! I love that lunch box, darling!!!
I'm always missing things, I think has something to do with the quick, someones coming to the door, where we do a mad dash to stash, hide and cram everything in any hiding place close by. ???


Arggg.. Lurking on your site got me so hooked on these magazines that I finally went and ordered some. They have only been here a few days and now I want the one you have!! I must restrain myself until I have made the fab things in the magazines I bought.


I've been lurking around your blog for some time. These Cotton Time magazines are so cute I may just have to buy one or subscribe. The cuteness is so over the top, I feel like something's about to burst inside. Thanks!


This magazine is really cool. Wonder weather they have it in this part of the world! - Malaysia!


This magazine is really cool. Wonder weather they have it in this part of the world! - Malaysia!


I'm not sure which I adore more, your gorgeous creations, or the way you tell stories with such dry wit - how lucky to get both in one place.


I've taken to pretty much only using circular needles to avoid my needles going walkabouts on a regular basis. I love the magazine, I think I'd pretty much want one of each. If only I could read Japanese and knew how to use a sewing machine properly.


Love the lunchbox! I've pondered over the coffee pot... only one thing for it: julie's knitted cakes

sara eden

love the coffee pot , i found a craft book from the 70s this week and ended up being late for a course im on because i spent too long sat on the charity shop floor looking at it :)


wow love your blog and love the magazine! I'm just ordering a couple! they are soooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!


i am loving that little bunny bag how cute is that!!!


I love the magazine. Do you sell this particular number?

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