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Lynn, you are amazing. I'll be waiting for Arthur to set sail.

Mama Urchin

Sp unbelievably adorable.


I am finally delurking! You are amazing!!! The lives you give your creations are wonderful! I loooooove your work!


Arthur has the best pirate teeth ever, I'm sure one day all the nasty pirates will be scared of him. Your work is fantastic.





OOH is he a cutie!! Love his little smile and his story is priceless.


Dearest Arthur,
don't stay with those nasty, foulmouthed pirates! Come, stay with me! Many, many cuddles are waiting for you!
Christine xxx

Kim (Ragged Roses)

I think Arthur is going to prove them all wrong! Arthur, King of Pirates - he's gorgeous.


Poor Arthur, you'll have to make those nasty pirates walk the plank!

Fab creations as ever Mrs Chicken!


Aww... He's the cutest & sweetest pirate I've ever known..


The teeth and the hat make it for me, oh and not forgetting Finlay of course!! They're adorable.


I don't know what I love more, your gorgeous creations or the little stories that go with them! Such a delight!

madame trapo

so cute!!
i loved the smile!!!


But you see I think Arthur probably IS a bit naughty himself. And that's why all the girls love him. Especially his cheeky grin. Go Yo Ho Ho Arthur!


you'll show them arthur! you'll be the roughest and toughest of them all! (and yet somehow you will still manage to be cute and cuddly).


I'm sure Arthur will give Capt Jack Sparrow a run for his money when he's a big boy.


He's soooo cute!


So cute! Love his wee hat with the tassels. Another lovely creature.

Kitty Jimjams

I reckon Arthur might have them all fooled - he has the look of a serious Chocolate-Biscuit-Privateer.

Gorgeous as ever, Mrs Chicken!


Gaa! Lynn, that does it. I'm very sorry, but I am going to have to kidnap you and hold you and all your adorable creations hostage. No ransom. All mine. Arthur and his wee fishy and all the rest. I'm stocking up on wine and fabric now.


OK, that kidnapping thing was a tad extreme. Sorry. Hope I didn't scare you. I think it might have been Arthur's tiny sailboat-embellished sweater that tipped me over the edge. I'll just go take my meds now, shall I?


Arthur needs to pal up with Peter Pan and lick those rowdy pirates into shape. I do hope Fish is a pet and not a midnight snack to keep Arthur going while lying in wait for the dirty seadogs!
Keep up the great stories!!!!!!!!!

Kate Shuttleworth

love your work,

Nicky Fraser

Arthur rocks! And so does Finlay... Fantastic as ever.


arrgh this is so cute it hurts!


the last photo of arthur in his hat warms the cockles of my heart.


Arthur's hat is awesome!


You must be the best the little fish :)

Bea Apple

I love love love Arthur and the little fish. If Arthur ever needs a little Aran sweater to warm him on the high seas, I'd be more than happy to knit one up for him :) The teeth are perfect!


those teeth are the most hilarious thing! Very cute.


Me want, me want! If you find that you have had an intruder, and only Arthur and Finlay have disappeared, they will more than likely be in their new home in Dubai, having made it past the VERY nasty pirates in the Arabian Gulf.

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