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Cruising the blogs this afternoon and saw the aftermath of the birthday celebration, love the curtain fabric - I have some just like it as a summer outfit. LOL.

Liza the Blogless


Rocky is simply adorable - and I want to eat his wee lil bear right up (who knows - might taste better than the Hello Kitty cake?)

As always - I just love the things you create!

Happy Belated Birthday to Molly!

Account Deleted

This carrycot is the cutest thing ever!

Happy Zombie

The carrycot is adorable, as well as the snuggle photo. BUT OMG... I MUST HAVE the HK cake mold. I wouldn't care if my cakes tasted like lima beans and brussel sprouts in Hello Kitty form! Now it's going to be my life's mission to find that mold...

- World peace
- An end to world hunger
- A cure for AIDS, cancer and all diseases
- Be debt free
- Hello Kitty cake mold

Victoria May Plum

Looks like my house after a toddler attack/tantrum (that's just the one toddler mind you). Looks like they had fun though! Little Rocky is so cute, bless him.


Our weekend sounds similar - birthday party for 7-year old girl, 8 children going beserk in our disarray. Yes, quite similar. I'll have to find the stateside equivalent of the Nail Fairy before next year.

Happy Birthday to Molly!


nice to have you back x


I was only thinking this afternoon, where is Lyn, and now we know! The Hello Kitty Cake looks fab, but why not in pink?!? That would have been perfect for my 5 year old, and thats a boy too!!!

Rocky is wonderful, and is the carry cot, how do you do it! Nice to have you back :)


Oh the panda's so cute holding is blankie. He looks so huggable.


1. Love the Hello Kitty cake mould.

2. Your kitchen table looks like my studio at the moment. only mine is the whole room and not the table.

3. the carry cott is fantastic. actually its amazing!!

Mama Urchin

Organized chaos, right? That little guy is just darling, in his bed, oh he's sweet.


cutest cake EVER!!


I love Rocky with all my heart...


Haha! I could not help but laugh out loud after reading your text, seeing the image of chaos and imagining the birthday party. Haha! This great! I too was wondering where you have been. Your blog is one of my daily pleasures. Have fun continuing with your home project. :) Cheers...


Rocky is so cute in his carrycot.

Kim (Ragged Roses)

This post has really made me laugh! We've had so many parties like that, beautiful cake that looks good enough to eat but isn't, well-behaved kids that lull you into a false sense of security and then they just seem to explode! I'm sure Molly had fun though and you can relax for another year. Good luck with all the decorating!
Kim x


ah yes the world of crafting in a building site. I have been in the lucky position of doing this for the last 7 (count 'em) months. Good luck to you!


Rocky is so cute!! and i love the idea of having the Nail Fairie at the girls' party!! they must have had loads of fun!! =)


I just wish that I was your dear friend... I love the whole arrangement with the polka dot carry cot - adorable!
Your kitchen table looks like my flat btw, oh dear


I don't know how you manage to Lyn, all your creations have so much personality - Rocky and pal are adorable.

Belated happy birthday to Molly - my little girl will also be 7 this year EEEK! The cake looks fab, n'er mind how it tastes ;o) The fact you made a cake at all whilst in the midst of a kitchen re-fit is quite an accomplishment in itself i think!


thanks for the chuckle and the inspiration lyn! i hope for your sake it was a good day in that kitchen so we won't have to cover our ears! (hee hee)

Angel Jem

My kitchen table would look like that (if I had one).


Your crafts are so precious! I enjoy your tutorials, too!

Don't let the kitchen get you down! =)

Nicky Fraser

Gorgeous cake, never mind what it tasted like. Rocky is to die for too. Love the carrycot. Beautiful. All that, and a kitchen makeover. Blimey, you put us to shame. Get a glass of wine dear!


Oh, he is just so unbeliveable cute!

Lynn in Tucson

Oh, that carrycot is sublime! As for the (de)construction, I feel your pain. I've postponed MY (40th) birthday party until the studio is done. I just can't deal with the sheetrock dust/smell of paint/general chaos everywhere.
Now, must procrastinate longer by searching for HK cake mold....


Oh, Rocky turned out so lovely! You do such wonderful work.
And seeing your kitchen table makes me feel better about my kitchen table (similarly piled high with who knows what), so thank you for that.


Hi! I LOVE your bears! They are the cutest things I have ever seen! I wish I could make bears like that, it must take a lot of skill and talent! Do you sell your bears or do you just give them to friends b/c I would absolutley love to have one :D !!! Thanks, -Robyn.


i can't get enough of your little animal creations. this guy is so cool with his little blanket swatch.


Looks like gorgeous Rocky was in the right place while all the party mayhem was kicking off. There ought to be a birthday party manual that advises against gathering eight 7 year old girls together in one room at the same time - we had a similar experience at Amy's last party - it was not the same as when she demurely turned 6 - what happened in that year??!!

Kitty Jimjams

The cake LOOKS fantastic and I'm sure it had enough sugar in to keep the infants happy! And Rocky is very cute, peeking over his little shaped quilt.


hello. i LOVE your stuff animals. would you please sell one to me? i wrote you an email a few weeks back, but have not heard back. :( please email me. thank you.


hello kitty cake !!!!!!!!!!

ivy (lynn)

Your curtain fabric looks so familiar. They made me think of my old apartment/pre-kid days. Was that a popular fabric in the late 80's?

Adorable bear!

vicky kocur

What a lovely blog! I just randomly found this journal and this is the first entry i saw and giggled a bit because my boyfriends name is rocky and that bear is cute, almost as cute as him! i love how the name is more popular as a animal name rather than a person name!


Rocky is illegal. So cute! Our kitchen tables are nearly identical. I don't have the excuse of 8 girls and the nail fairy though. Just a 6 year old and a 6 month old. I'm sorry this is my first post after more than a year of reading your blog. This is where I come when I need to count to ten. Thank you so much. I really enjoy your work and you inspire me to dig deep to find good mohair for less.


Hi Lyn
What a lovely blog! Thougt it looked a bit like my place used to when my girls were little! You have a lovely home. It was such a pleasure being part of Molly's birthday and they were all so polite and well behaved! A credit to you! I loved the little panda - he is sooooo sweet. Hope I will see you again soon. Have a lovely Easter!


Loved your blog and all the lovely things in it. Reminds me of summer. Thought you might like to look at this lovely little site that I have found.


sorry my little ones distracted me and forgot to put in the address!

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