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My Dh and I redid the floor and the walls in our kitchen, and it was almost the end of the relationship. No other room engenders hatred like the kitchen. When we can finally replace the cabinets and countertops, I'm moving to a hotel with the kid and the dogs until it's all done.

Mama Urchin

Ahh... remodeling with the spouse. Challenging to be sure.


Oh, you can be soooooo wonderfully square sometimes!!!! YAY for square!!!!


Gorgeous quilt, Lyn! The red & white looks fantastic.

Good luck with the kitchen. We're redoing ours in June. Thanks for the heads-up... I'll remember to find good hiding places for all the potentially harmful utensils. ;)


I came acroos your blog and just wanted to say how much I enjoyed scimming through...such neat and fun ideas!



Love that mosaic, the colors are so vibrant.

susan sobon

i am loving this quilt!! i am so in love with the color red right now. which is strange because up until 6 months ago i hated it!!


That mosaic birdy looks so wonderful! The colour, the cut, everything is brilliant!


All lovely! LIke you!


I love Billy's Quilt, very cosy and calm and Swedish in a way. It seems similar to the one peeking out from under Billy's ... and I love those simple square patterns.

Nicky Fraser

Gorgeous quilt... Im not brave enought to attempt one yet. I love the different sizes and shapes of the red materials. Im another one for charity shops.... oooh the bargains to be had. Love the mosaic too. What a wonderful gift.


Pop round to Topps for Tiles or whatever they call themselves these days, and get some odd tiles (virtually free), break them up with a hammer (good for the aggression) and do a crazy mosaic on some thin marine ply (NOT mdf). Phil could stick it on the wall (and take all the credit!). And then you could come round and stick a poker up MY Phil's ar%* because he has never tiled my effing kitchen, 3 years after doing the counter. I have expanding foam to look at as I sullenly stir the dinner. :-)

dede warren

just think, if you had all of us dear blog friends (who do chug beer) to help you with the kitchen, i imagine it would be all fun, and no fighting. the only thing we'd need the knife for would be to cut the cake and admire our handiwork when done. keep at it, you'll enjoy it in no time.

Vallen Queen

Oh dear, re-doing a kitchen, or anything for that matter, is really a test to everyone's patience. Good luck with that. Also, I would hang out in pubs if we had any decent ones here in the states. It is really a lovely tradition.


Good Luck on remodeling, this is our second house we have had to re-do and I never ever want to do it again. They should have anger managment help in the home improvement stores. :)
The quilt is wonderful. Red and white are so cheery and happy.


Such a wonderful quilt.Love it.


I love the quilt! My mom just brought a bag full of quilt blocks (and strips) home from my grandma's house... some really great old vintage squares, but they are in four different sizes! I am a big fan of the making-it-up-as-I-go method, too. This is a great inspiration quilt!


How do you know I don't hang out in pubs with a rough crowd? (Drinking very fine wine, of course.)


Your post made me laugh!!
My Boyfriend and I are in the middle of designing the internal space in our new house - it has amazed me how we have completely different views on things - after spending 18 years together thinking how our tastes match it has come as a bit of a shock!!
Stand your ground - us girls know best!
Have a great weekend
Tracy x


Looove that quilt. The clever way you've photographed it, you can almost feel the aged softness, which contrasts wonderfully with the crisp colors and angles. It's so lovely I've a right mind to come over there and push that Billy right out from under it. Unless, that is, Billy is over 21 and looks something like Tony Leung or Clive Owen or... (Hmmm, better get a grip here, there was mention of a carving knife?).


I was going to make a very witty comment about hanging out in pubs but it seems Jane beat me to it. Isn't she supposed to be working on a book or something!

Love the quilt. I am at the stage of trying to hand quilt mine and I think it's a rather stupid idea. I'm impressed to see you machine quilted yours and I might have to get the machine out again and give it a go otherwise I don't think I'll ever finish it. first quilt you see.


I just love your quilt. It looks so cozy, red and white are such a wonderful color combo. Very fresh and clean looking!!
I love your make it up as you go attitude

Passions & Distractions

I think the quilt looks so cute! And I'm not bored by the kitchen reno. talk. Just a bit envious. Oh how I long to no longer be renting so I may do as I please (and maybe finally not have a postage stamp kitchen).


I adore mosaics ( hence the studio being built in the garden). I recently made a bird bath out of blue and white chinea and the backs of plates with the manufacture's names just like in your link. Thanks for some more inspiration.

You may not have the time to do whole splashbacks etc...but you could easily do some small panels....go on!

Dale Anne

CONGRATS on finishing that GREAT quilt!!!

Veronica TM

that quilt is gorgeous! you are going to take photos and show them when you are done with the kitchen, righ? i can't wait to see.


I really love the quilt too - I was thinking swedish sort of too. and do you mean it's bad to hang out at pubs?! I'm done for!!

charlotte lyons
another mosaic option here that might work on walls...and everyone can contribute to the WIP. love your blog, and humor!


Oh I trully adore the quilt - it's perfect! And it will have so many stories to tell

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