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So creative! Lovely blog, and such great inspiration, thanks for the tutorial, Happy Easter to you!


Oh no, you just gave me something else to distract me from the cleaning that MUST be done tonight, my poor mother will have a fit when she comes to visit tomorrow and all she sees it dust, rubble, dirty dishes and a pile of bits of easter birdies! I hope your kitchen is behaving now, sadly ours is not yet finished, 10 months and counting-try beating that for procrastination!

I love, love, love the birdy! I remember once trying that idea for a Kangaroo, unlike you I had little success. As always, you blow the rest of us out the water.


thank you so much!
you're so creative and generous, this is great stuff!


Gosh - that's completely adorable. Thanks, kind Chicken Lady.

Mama Urchin

So totally cute. I love how your softies almost always have a little friend or baby.


thank you lots for sharing. Popping the birdy baby into egg is such an adorable idea! :-)

mimi k

I love this little bird! And it is fantastic to see how someone works, how it all goes together. Thanks!


so cute!!!!! thanks so much for the tutorial!!!! :)


i love the little chick and egg idea, really sweet


They are just perfect! And unbelivably adorable. Thank you for sharing your talents. I can't wait to make one of these for my little girl, scratch that, umm, for myself ;-)


Thank you - i love it and will have lots of fun making it I'm sure. Hope you have a Happy Easter and survive the school hols intact!


Thank you very much for sharing this. What a very cute idea... I love the baby bird and the egg pouch!


This is so cute! Thanks for sharing this tut. Off to make one with my boys!


Ha! That is so adorable, I can't even hold it in. Thanks so much.

missy ballance

OMG! I saw it on flickr first! SO cute! I'll make one and send you pics! And I LOVE the tail :)


Super duper cute.


Eeek! My favorite line in the tutorial "Pop baby into egg". love it.


Gah! You are killing me with all the chicken cuteness! This is so very adorable, and you are so very generous for sharing, thank you!


VERY cute :)


Just popping out of lurkdom to say hello and thank you for this gorgeous post. I've made your panda softie and your patchwork purse and am a great fan of your work in general. Will definitely try to make one of these - unfortunately have 3 children and am not sure if I can take the strain of making three.


That is sooo cute! I just want to make the egg and baby and carry it around in MY pocket!


oh dear. This is making me broody which is a REALLY BAD THING. So lovely. I just hope Mama chooks apron pocket is more wholesome than mine - I seem to have a lot of bits of old pastry in mine. But that might be child 2 putting them there not me. I hope.


Oh, Molly, thank you!!! I will be up all night making two of these utterly adorable pairs!


Great tutorial, thank you.


This is wonderful--thanks for sharing!


Can't wait to try my birdie! The egg and chicklit are sooo unexpected!


Nicky Fraser

chick chick chick chick chicken, lay a lil' egg for me! how fabulous! Happy Easter x


Incredibly cute! They make me smile! :) Thanks for the tutorial, I'll have to try to make these two.

Happy easter! :)


So sweet, thanks ever so and have a good Easter.


You are wonderful!!! I absolutely love the egg. And your timing is perfect. I've been trying to decide on a little something to put in the pocket of a little felt purse for my daughter.


she is just delightful what a wonderful little Easter treat!! thanks so much for sharing!!! Hugs Linda


thank you, thank you!
what a cute little easter treat!


I...musn't...look!!! Ugh! Too late! The force of cuteness is pulling me in. lol! I'm all over this adorable chikah and her little chickie. I'll definitely find time to make this one. Thank you sooo much for sharing! And have a wonderful Easter!

Rebecca F.

Thank you so much!!


Oooooh, birdies.

Better yet, Chicken-birdies!

Thanks for the Easter giftie!


love it! want it!!!might have to try before easter! Thanks!


i'm back to say i made one of the chick and eggs for my daughter yesterday. she insisted the egg was red with a pink flower on it (and we have 2 chicks as the first one was too small for her to pop on her finger and use as a puppet!)


Just back to say I did make three! Last night! Bed at 1.30am! Had to do it last night for reasons too boring to go into. They are unbelievably cute and if my kids don't think so I'll keep them all for me. Thanks again.

Monica Huete

Thank you for sharing this lovely pattern, it's so cute ...
Thank you again


Madison Avenue

You are unbelievable! Too cute for words.

Veronica TM

thank you, lynn! it is the most adorable easter thing ever!!!


Thanks for the rocking chicken mama pattern! Love your blog and your humor..thanks for bringing me smiles :)


I loved this chickie so much, I made one for myself

I couldn't print out the pattern, so I improvised. But it was simple and fun to make, and a nice change from what I usually do.

charlotte lyons

No end to your brilliant designs and creations. Love the chick in the egg the best. Darling!


That is. so. cute. :) I love it!


ooooo...i have so much on my to do list, but this must come first. thank you :) xo


So cute! Great of you to share your gifts with all of us. Have a great weekend!


Cute, cute, cute!!! Love it!


Oh, it's wonderful! Thank you!


So lovely, thank you!


Thank you so much! I have my first chick almost finished. Can anyone help with a tutorial for hidden stitch? I can't make heads or tails of the one on craftster. I'm stuck!

with thanks,
a clumsy beginner


Thank you so much! I have my first chick almost finished. Can anyone help with a tutorial for hidden stitch? I can't make heads or tails of the one on craftster. I'm stuck!

with thanks,
a clumsy beginner


Thank you so much! I have my first chick almost finished. Can anyone help with a tutorial for hidden stitch? I can't make heads or tails of the one on craftster. I'm stuck!

with thanks,
a clumsy beginner


What a delightful idea and gift. I do enjoy visiting your blog. I have the little Julie Arkell book as well, the pictures in it are so yummy. Happy Easter!


Thank you so much for sharing this pattern. Just the thing to make for the weekend...


How absolutely darling. I love the little chick in the egg, and you're right - the pocket would be sooooo much easier than the womb! :)


Tweet! I mean "sweet"...Thanks for the tutorial...SUPERCUTE!!!!


That's just about the cutey-wootey-est thing I have ever seen in all my born days.

Makes me wish I had the patience to actually make it.


Holy Crap! that is too dang cute. I am going to have to make one right now! That is an awsome tute. You did a fantastic job with the instructions. Thanks.


Those are some mighty cute chicks! And they look so easy to make--thanks for a great tutorial! Happy Day & Happy Easter to you & yours! :o)


My two children and their friends got crafty and made the baby and egg yesterday for easter fun...thank you!!!(My daughter(12) loves your blog and has been inspired to make many things.)

Wendy Leow

Greetings from Singapore!! Thanks so much for sharing!! I love reading your blog!! Am going to try this NOW!!

Tanya B.

Thank you Thank you Thank you for sharing this! It is perfect for me as a beginner, and my daughter is THRILLED....the two of us are basking in happy craftiness because of your generosity! Thank you - and best wishes for a lovely Easter weekend.


Way too cute. It's so nice of you to share. I'm sure these will be popping up all over the world.

The baby chick - to die for!


Way too cute. It's so nice of you to share. I'm sure these will be popping up all over the world.

The baby chick - to die for!


That is so stinkin' cute - I can't stand it! Thanks for sharing this bit of joy.

Niki's Ventures

Love the tut! Thanks bunches sweetie.


Such a wonder - love it! I followed the link from Kleas after seeing Kristin's cute chicken. And such pocket love, you always know where your little chickie is then. I'll be a reader now!


Oh! Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us! I will have to give it a try . . . although I doubt that it will be as cute as yours! Thank you!

Happy Zombie

HOW CUTE! Absolutely adorable and great tutorial. How nice of you to share too. :o)


Thanks for this little how-to. I had a blast making a pair for my little ones, and today the chickies got to go school with the kids.


Great tutorial! You rock!!!


Just darling! I especially love the baby in the egg!! Thank you for sharing.

Sarah Jayne

Love the chick....
I’d just like to say I’ve been looking at your blog for a while now and wanted to let you knopw how much I like it. It’s even got me to start up my own:


Where do you come up with the idea for such wonderful creations! Thankyou for yet more kindness and cuteness. The best idea yet. Oh what i would give to lay an egg and incubate it in a pocket! Amen!


Thank you for sharing!


LOVE this little chicken!

Majeak Ann

oh..cute cute...
thanks for showing the process!


How adorable. Do you hand sew most of it and do some on the machine? Can you recommend something for someone who can't sew, but who would like to try to make a simple one?

Hilda May

Love it.......back into the sewing room for me then!!!

Jodi Renshaw

WOW. How incredibly generous of you to offer this tutorial!!!


rOuge biZoux

Merci pour ce tutoriel, le poussin est vraiment trop trop beau (too much in english ;-))

Rebecca F.

Boy, it has been so long since you've posted. I hope you are doing okay.


Incredible Lynn!

Sarah Jayne

Love the fabric...


Thank you for sharing your awesome tutorials (we use the little dress a lot in our house). The baby chick is so precious -- your details are perfect!


Very nice tutorial!


This is a wonderful tutorial. Thank you so much.


i missed this before easter! if i start now i might actually manage to finish it before next easter! way cute. thank you.


thanks you for this tutorial. gorgeous littles birds.

cry it out

My wife made a chicken, too -- and we love it. I'm so proud of her, and thankful to you! Thanks!!!

(It's at the bottom.)

Mel Goodsell

This is really sweet. Thankyou for sharing the pattern, I've just created one :O)


How adorable! Thanks so much for sharing the tutorial.


Hello there! I found your pages accidentally - and I love it! Your tutorials are so inspirational, ideas are great! and the way you show all tips and tricks and way-to-do-this is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing the patterns! I will be look in at your blog! sorry for my bad english :) and greetings from Poland


I just wanted to let you know that I have added a link to your blog from mine. I love reading your posts and I have made a few of the fabric flowers from your tutorials.


Beautiful! I love this creations!!! Thanks again from Italy!


Brilliant, thank you.


I wanted to thank you for this tutorial, I just finished my bird (yes I know, it's not Easter time!)


Thanks, thanks, thanks :D


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