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Kim (Ragged Roses)

I love Hattie! Friday means chocolate and wine here too, so does Saturday and Sunday ... Enjoy your weekend,


This doll is so adorable! It must be fun to make clothes for her!

Kitty Jimjams

Happy Friday! Hattie looks ace. & plenty of glitter and dancing = excellent. Have a good weekend!


Oh, she looks so sad! I'd be mighty happy with such a fine apron!


Beautiful! You are too talented. Happy dancing!!

Tania Ho

Hattie is lovely ! A happy weekend to you too :)


Hattie is adorable and thankyou for the links, I found the French site adorable but you were definely right difficult to navigate. I never would have worked it out without your instructions! Pass the wine....


I feel the way Hattie looks. Friday means cleaning for me >=(
Maybe if I could borrow her lovely, lovely apron I wouldn't be so grumpy.


Hattie probably just needs a good glass of wine for indeed she does look a little perturbed.


You are just amazing... Love the stuff you make, you carry something truly precious within you. Thanks for making my days a little brighter with your lovely artwork!


Sigh :)
Finally, somewhere in the universe where grumpy looks sweet.

Mama Urchin

I'm sure the gardening is still waiting for you. Love Hattie, even if she is grumpy. Such a nice apron she has.


I love your result ;)
Thanks for the week-end, have a lovely one you too, and I think it will be super funky ;)


I don't know which I love the most - your "methods" with children or your crafts. I love you all the way. Thanks for the most inspiring, entertaining, glittering ;) site in the whole Blogistan.


Hattie is lovely.Not so much grumpy as slightly camera shy and keen to get on with her baking! Thanks for sharing.


Hattie is awesome and you are too funny. :)


So cute! It's hard to get a face with such cute personality. You did it very sweetly.


Here in Australia, she'd be called Jemima, from a doll on telly in the 70s that we all grew up with.

Beautiful work.

As always.


I love the embroidery on the apron!


love it! twice in the same week!
can't wait to see your gardening, too!
thanks for being the Blog Queen


oh my god that site is turn your life around material. it is gorgeous. oh loosen up thine own work (me that is) hattie is great but a tea totaller didn't you know!
i hope your weekend is spiffing!!!


Hattie may be grumpy, but she is a sweetie! I love her hair. And her little embroidered apron! ♥ ♥ ♥


I'm sure she just isn't keen on all the housework waiting for her and I can understand her completely. Nevertheless, she is a sweetie and I love her apron - nice work and such a funky name! Did you use felt for her hair?
Have a sunny weekend!


You're so clever! Happy weekend! :-)


i adore julie arkell and your doll in a drawer and the doll you made through inspiration from the doll in the drawer!


Cheer up Hattie - its the weekend!
Love her even with that grumpy face x
Dance your socks off!
Tracy x


Thanks for the link to the wonderful French site. It takes patience but is well worth the wait. Thanks again.


What a fun doll. Thanks for sharing the glimps into your creative process. Wish I could draw to put my ideas down like that. Looks like much more fun than weeding and planting.

Veronica TM

i love your creations and you make me laugh when i read your posts, i can't ask for more.


Pensive, not grumpy.

And totally gorgeous.


Oh Hattie is lovely and I can't think why she is looking grumpy when she has such fine attire, perhaps her children refuse wine too!

I love to think of you dancing in the kitchen, I still love Fridays too even though they are not quite the same when you don't go out to work there is still that wonderful TGIF feeling, (I didn't put TGIF the first time, had to retype that!)



The next time I hear my weeds calling, I think I shall follow suit and try my hand at one of these. Simply lovely.

rOuge biZoux



She looks very indignant - but a bit guilty at the same time (those blushing cheeks). Wonder what she did...?

Hilda May

lovin the doll....thanx for showing your creative process....fridays also meanwine and choccy in our house too...and saturdays!!!

Nicky Fraser

Oh Hattie why so glum? I would love to have been inspired by the fabulous Madeleine from Bagpuss, she takes me back to sickly days spent on the sofa watching her tell tales to the mice whilst being spoilt rotten and fed lots of hot chicken soup... ahhh, those certainly were good days indeed!


I love her, grumpy or not! Utterly adorable.

I loved Madeleine too as a child - but not Professor Yaffle.

Everyday is wine and choccy in this house...see what home educating those pesky kids drives you to ;O)


wonderful link to the french site, glad i speak french, so cute. and hattie---you are killing me-- so cute!!! but all your things are sooo cute!! and i love your humour, reminds me of my best drinking buddy over there in good ole england, how i miss her. thanks for such wonderful laughs!

Min Pickup

Hattie is lovely. I think she lookes pensive - maybe she is thinking about your inspiration.

i hope Monday is as good as Friday!


cute. cute. cute.


adorable, absolutely adorable.

Mrs Miggins

I've just discovered your wonderful space - I was looking for a picture of Ruby that they used to use in the Body Shop campaigns - long story! - and found myself here. I love the things you make, truly inspirational. Love & beautiful things, Mrs M oOXOo


LOVE Hattie! She is so pretty! I think she looks more sad, wistful, than grumpy...Your inspritaion piece is a wonder too! Happy Days1 :o)


You do make me laugh. And your talents make me more than a little envious! Love the blog x


I love her! She'll come in handy for babysitting, too, I'll warrant. : )


New commenter, frequent lurker. AnnaH sent me... And I've just bought and read The Crafter's Companion cover to cover after sneaking peaks of it at her cozy pad. I'm only aspiring to some day have the audacity to try something visual. Usually, I work only with words. I love the spontaneous quality of your work; it reminds me a little bit of my favorite poets.

Thanks for blogging!


Hannah Trickett

Oh my goodness I loved Bagpus when I was little, and therefore Madaline, my favourite were the mice though "Marvelous Magical Mouse Organ"!! I'm going to find an episode somewhere on the web now and watch it!


I love your little sweetie!! She is so cute.


Oh Hattie is just adorable, her little grumpy face reminds me of my own when things are not quite going my way, and it's too early in the day for wine, and I've already eaten all the chocolate! Thank you too for the french web link - patience was rewarded with inspirational work. and I also have to say I loved Molly's little cafe too, wish I could have dropped by for some 'soop'!

Evelyn Lum

I LOVE! Hattie. She is adorable, especially that face!! You scored, girl!!


Hello. I've been strolling along, going from one creative, lovely blog to another... I always like to say hello and thank you when I've enjoyed a nice visit. You have a wonderful blog. Thank you. And I adore Hattie... she looks like she could use a hug.

Lucy Locket

love Hattie and love your blog. I'm newly into this whole blog malarkey and I haven't seen my husband and children lately because of it! Problem is - when to find time to craft if too busy reading about other people's skills!


Hi there just found your blog via......someone! Sorry I press buttons so quick I don't know where I've just come from. Anyway about your blog. I love it especially the bags - divine. Mary


Oh! Beautiful Hattie :)
Love the french site, as usual your links rocks:)


This doll is so cute! I just got the book by Julie Arkell. She's such an amazing artist. Very inspirational. Someone who collects my Wee Creatures sent it to me recently saying it reminded him of my work.

jemima bean

Hattie! She's so cute in her grumpiness. (And brandy works SO much better on the sleepless small fry, dontcha know, LOL.)

rooby tuesday

I love hattie! I might try something like this too. xXx


I just LOVE her!! Cute, cute, cute.

Reminds me of "Jemima" from "Playschool".


I love it! It's a very good idea and it's a very beautiful doll!
Anaïs in France

Júnia Izabel

As bonecas são lindas!

catherine talbo

so cute !!!!!!

trop trop joli ce que tu fais !!!!

so beautiful ( correct my english write ???? ) sorry !!!!

Claudia Kuba

Wow, sooo cute ! What a lovely face and dress you make. Love your blog, I will pop in again to see what else you have been up to. I´ll be happy if you take a look at my cloth dolls...
Your brazilian fan...


very adorable...well done!!!

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