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Hi there. I saw the same programme, it was fascinating to see that teeny tiny work wasn't it? I'd seen The Zimmers before - excellent! I do wish people in this country would realise the worth of the older generation, but I won't get on my soapbox here!


Both of those are amazing. But the old people with the signs that said they haven't left their flat in 3 years and are bored? Oh so sad.


wow. those sculptures were absolutely mind-boggling!

Christine Kelly

Thanks for these two fantastic links.


The ant guy was amazing and such a sweetie - i could happily have listened to him for hours - the interviews are never long enough.
As for the Zimmers - more than cool!!
Tracy x


Willard is truly amazing.


Those little tiny things are just amazing!!! I can not imagine doing that, or having hands steady enough. And the fly comment is the sweetest thing I have ever heard.


Those sculptures are amazing. I've never seen anything like this..unbelieveable!!


how amazing

Mum and Dad sent me a youtube of the zimmers, and it made me laugh, it also blew me away that my technophobe parents knew about youtube!


Diversity in the human experience is so, so amazing! The sculptures and the attitude are almost unbelievable. A beyond unbelievable sesitivity! And, learning about the world and those in it trough blogs is pretty cool too!


Wow, the work of the "ant guy" is incredible! He must be so patient, not like me...

janet clare

I adore eccentrics!


WOW! how teeny tiny is that Artwork, I don't think I could work that small without going bosseyed.
Eccentrics ROCK!


Out our way, we'd say 'mad as a cut snake'.

I'm not even sure, exactly what it means.


I can't wait to show these mini works to my children... I can't imagine the patience it would take to manageg what he does. Thank you for sharing this.


Ah, you watch Phil and Fern too! I love them! And the Zimmers rock!


I can't wait to hear the Zimmers' version of the Prodigy's 'Firestarter'!
I watched the BBC2 programme on Monday and am now panicking for my own parents + in-laws. I'm going to have to sell a hell of a lot of bags and purses in order to get a house big enough for them all to fit in as they are NOT going into a home. Although if they live with me, I may end up committing large scale euthanasia...
I've seen that tiny art work before. It completely does my head in. Where does he get the patience to do it?! Mind you, I have no patience: when playing Jenga, I usually start my go by knocking it over whilst mumbling 'stupid game'.

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