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Mama Urchin

Seriously, beyond adorable. How do you think of these things?!?


Awesome detail and such a wonderful, sweet and funny pair. I'll be giggling over pickled pants for the rest of the weekend! Truly unique and amazing work.


Precious! I've e-mailed you.

Passions & Distractions

That is so frickin' adorable!!!! I think I especially love Simon's travel case!


ACK! Stop! Stop! You are killing me with the cuteness and the details. Good stuff.
And so nice of you to donate the proceeds. Good Karma. :)


love, love, love them! And the little books and travel case - how precious! How do you think of all the details? You really are amazing!


OMG I just emailed to buy him and then it popped up he's gone. Sigh. The ONE day I don't check first thing.

Nancy Cook

hi lyn

love your bear and all the accessories. your work always makes me smile. i love the fabric you use for your bears (what is it?) so soft and vintagey.


ps- it is good to balance a little sweet with a dash evil.


Another wonderful creation. I'm not sure which I prefer more, the story or the softies. You really are truely amazing to come up with such fantasic ideas!!!!!

amy rue

I laughed out loud when I saw Simon; that's exactly what I look like when I wake up in the morning. Well, almost!

I'm so glad that they've been adopted, and the money is going to such a good cause.

You are a right good egg, Ms Lyn, and I love your creatures.

-amy rue


Oh my, it is all too precious for words!! The sock puppet, the school book, the little suitcase! A good deed indeed :)


I don't know how you do it - each time I see something you've made, I don't think that there could be anything more perfect, that I could love anything more. Then you come out with the next, and top yourself!

My hat is off to you (and Simon and Presley, too!)


dang it! i wanted to take them home with me. they are absolutely precious!!!


He is so cute! I love the suitcase. Great details!


Fantastic, adorable, so absolutely cute.


You are amazing! He made my day!


I've been reading your blog for a while and just thought I'd say hi and that your bears always make me smile! I especially love the tiny accessories and friends that go with them!


How cute is that?! The amount of detail you put in is astonishing and wonderful!


Great details!
I love your work !


This is the first time I have come across your blog( don't even know how I got here:). Just had to let you know this has to be the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!


This is fantastic. I love your sense of humor and cuteness - the details of this exquisite creation boggle my mind! you are such an artist - and sooo funny!!!
tons of admiration, Alison


LOL! CUTE 'lil story to go w/a CUTE 'lil guy!!

What a great cause too...

Kitty Jimjams

Simon and his tiny case! With a HANDLE! And his hair! And the book of pickled pants!

... I can't even look at it too long or I'll explode. And it went for charidee, too - just marvellous. *dances*

Sarah Jayne

How funny - i kept on giggling for ages. Thanks


You never cease to blow me away with your creations. They have more life in them than a lot of people I know ;-) I would beg you to make and sell one to me one day, but I know deep down that I could never be worthy of posessing such sweetness!




You are so amazingly creative! I love looking at your little characters and their props. So cool!!


So, SO precious! And hurray for a good cause!

Angel Jem

Love the felt case! They are soooooo cute!


Adorable I love all of the little details you put into your projects.


oh that sock puppet! You take the cake!
I can't believe we didn't even get to say Hi before he was gone!
Love your stuff!


That deserves a much MUCH bigger price tag than that!
You should've doubled it!
Next time eh?
So much work, so much love and hilarity.
Great stuff.

hilda may

Truly wonderful.....after reading your blog for a year now and seeing the wondeerful things you create, I have decided tostart a needlework club at my son's school. Ive wanted to do this for a few years now but have never had the courage. So last week I made a decision and asked the headteacher if this was o.k...he was delighted. I'm going tho show the kids your blog on the first day so they can see what they may be able to achieve...thanks so much x


You're so gifted, Lynn.

You should auction these bears, and see how much they're REALLY worth.

Sarah S.

Absolutely amazing and hilarious - and for such a good cause. I love the way Simon's eyes seem to pop out as he practices "pickled pants". I don't know how you come up with these ideas - I am in awe of you. LOVE your blog to bits. I look forward to each new post.


presley is darling. and his surname is, of course, perfect.


i love presley. simon and that book, lol! "pickled pants"?? "wibbly wobbly"??! LOL. simon's travelling case. oh this is all too funny, and too cute. what a precious kit of wonderful, one-of-a-kind cuties.


aagghh- I can't stand this level of cuteness.
what a wonderful little package. you're very clever.


Hi, I came by through Carson. Presley and Simon are really cool! I wish more mothers tapped into their creative needlework skills; it's better than all of the over sweet baked goods and bad candy, I'm normally subjected to.

lucykate crafts

he's so cute, love the little book too


Amazing - I love the little travel case for Simon!!


I completely COMPLETELY LLLLLLOve your lovees! This bear is just beautiful.


too cute for words!! ^_^


Ooh I love the little bear, and the story too. Isnt it great to do a good deed, and it always makes me feel much better too. You always make such wonderful bears.


This is so adorable. After a long and completely annoying day, it eases my mind and soul to read your beautiful blog.


I hope that you were drinking a decent glass of red and giggling away to yourself as you constructed this joyous box of gorgeousness. Are you going to make some more?


OOh your just soo eevil!


My hard old heart is melting looking at those two, the accessories and the story, everything is just perfect. I kind of wish they had their own show.


Your teddy is so cute! i like it!! I find that your blog is very nice and interesting!! I like it!


Wow! I've just found your blog and am in awe of your amazing creations. I just love Presley and Simon - particulalry Simon's carry cot! Can't wait to see what your next creations are. Good luck with the funraising!


I just love your creations...found you through Manda at Tree Fall. I have added you to my side bar hope thats OK.
Take care,


Adorable! I love the sock puppet in his valise. What a nice way to help the teacher raise money for charity.
Do you do all your stitching by hand?


you make the best bears ever! and where do you get the boxes that you put them in? those are great too!

thank you for always having lovely things to show us.





I love the characters you create
and I always enjoy browsing your blog. In fact your blog was one of the main reasons that I started blogging myself.
So thank you for all the brilliant posts.

Alicia P.

Every time I come to this blog I have to make sure I'm not drinking my soda, or I'll surely blow it all over the screen, cracking up. You do crack me up so. Every time.




Too cute! You are inspiring me. Perhaps Curly will have a new friend some day!

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