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Ooooh, I think I will be the first to comment!! You absolutely make the sweetest things of all bloggers - I'll take all three of them, thank you!
Have a lovely weekend!


What, what, WHAT is that second fabric from the left in the bottom picture??????? Can we see more of it?

Mama Urchin

Those dresses....


Hi!Im a fan of your blog since last year,you are in my list to visit your blog daily,lucky weekend!


Yes, I find the expression very appropriate for my part of the world. Although I would capitalize the word Bush. ;)


Love those adorable dresses. Do they come in my size?


the fabric stash is fabulous!

Rebecca F.

I love the fuzzy little bellies. I can't wait to see them dressed!


squee!!! i can't wait to see them all finished! they look adorable! you make the most wonderful creations. so much care to detail. i love your entries on them. each little guy is his own make them come alive :]

lucykate crafts

i'd love to know where you got those fabrics from for those cute little dresses. looking forward to seeing them finished : )


So cute, your things are, and so creative, a great, inspirational blog..happy weekend!


Super cute! I wish my dresses would stand up like that...


seems a shame to cover such gorgeous fluffy little tums but if it has to be done then you could not wish for a more beautiful set of dresses!


Haha - I second Andy's Bush comment.

Oh God. Must remember to obsesively check blog on offchance girls come up for sale, er, I mean adoption.

Yum. They look delightful...


oooh, love the fabric and of course everything else! I just finished making one of your fabric flowers you posted awhile back as a tutrial, i'm hooked and can't stop making them :)


Ooooh! Cute tums and dresses, you have a lot of patience sewing such tiny things. You're a talented lady. I had a go at sewing 5" bears last year but hand sewing tiny stitches strained my eyes.

You're right he is completely bonkers!

Account Deleted

i have just added my own contributions to the group - thankyou for bringing it to my attention, mama chicken.
oh yes and i prefer "mad as a bag of badgers" xx


I'm LOVING those dresses! And looking forward to going mad as an old lady!


lovely fabrics.....can't wait to see the fashion show when they are all dressed up!


I also love those dresses! I would love to be a little teddy too because they seem to get so pretty dresses made by such a talented lady! Today I should sew a dress for me and I feel me lazy just now.


Aaah! Small child on lap has just said she wants the pink dress please. One for her and one for a teddy! And matching shoes. I asked her what about her brother and she replied 'Oh mummy. Boys don't need those things!" So true ......
Lovely Lynn. As always.


Oh my goodness this really is an overdose of cuteness. Lovely.


those little dresses, those little girls - just too cute, it is all too much!

Anne M.

Ohhh.. your teddies are the cutest Lynn! I don't know how much longer I am going to be able to resist bying one :-)


These are adorable. What is the best way to clean toys made of mohair or wool?


You're the best! Those dresses are so cute I would eat them. But I shouldn't eat them, right? Beautiful bears and lovely stash too!


In my family we find it totally appropriate to talk about the mad "crazy" Bush in these on! And I do love those little fuzzy bodies (not Bush related:)


Oh I love those sweet little smiles and those gorgeous dresses. You are so clever and talented! Thank you for sharing your beautiful creations - can't wait to see the little girls all dressed up in their pretty frocks and cheeky smiles to match ;)


I discover your blog and I find it very pleasant.
I will return to see you with great pleasure...
Have a nice day !



Those bears look adorable!! I can't wait to see them with their dresses on and dancing about your house!!


Merci, those fabrics are divine.


Judi Brayman

Your little girls are so darling...and such cute little dresses too! :o)

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