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Arnold is adorable!
I think yesasia And and the like should be giving you a cut of their feature all these great japanese books and magazines, and then we all go out and buy them!


Ha! Ha! i'd like to stamp my kids' hands reminding them to FLUSH the toilet. Arnold looks like he's up to something... are you certain he'll behave when he and Alfie are hanging out together? Better keep the bail money handy, just in case. And hide the candy. I'll bet Arnold will be an absolute maniac when he's jacked up on sugar. I've made a few stuffies that went on to become quite sinister in their dealings with the children, cloloring on walls and such, and looking all the while perfectly innocent... I love seeing all the cool things you make. You've got me hunting all things Japanese; I've even got a pal involved in this madness (her family lives on Okinawa) Love the peeks you provide, thanks again! Cami


I just came across your blog and it's so lovely! Thankyou for sharing all your amazing tutorials, I plan on trying out some of the fabric flowers today. Also thanks for sharing the Japanese books images! They are so inspiring.


Arnold is brilliant-what a smile! Stamp books is sooo cute-love it!

Mama Urchin

Love Arnold!

Passions & Distractions

Arnold is so cute! I love all the stamping pictures!


Arnold is very cute, and I am oh so glad to see that someone else is very bad about giving gifts and cards and whatnot on time as well... I am chronically late!!


You're not the only one - I just gave away a cot quilt that was intended to be handed over at birth and baby is now six months old...
Arnold is great - love that cheeky grin; he's up to something, you can tell!

Vanessa V

I loved your previous post! And this post! Oh you were a naughty girl!!! What fun!!! I just adore your creations! And stamping little children? What fun!! :)

Mrs G

I think Arnold was def. worth the wait :)

I just grinned from ear to ear when I saw him...


how do you make stamps? wich is the easiest way for selfmade? yours are so marvelous...




arnold makes me laugh. he's too cute. i really like that fabric in the background too. 6 months is definitely worth the wait.
that book looks really cute. i gotta check that out.


Arnold is great! I certainly wouldn't mind if he was my present and 6 months late ;)

lucykate crafts

arnold has great teeth, i am jealous : )


Ah see, now there you go again, just when I was set not to order anything for awhile 8-) As always, thank you for posting so many images from the book. Can you tell if they are carving the stamps from erasers? The first word in the title--keshigumu--means eraser. Some of those would make good embroidery designs as well.

Chara Michele

Arnold is cute! That book looks great...

janet clare

Don't you mean 6 months EARLY! That's what I would say...

Joyful Abode

These are absolutly darling! I don't think I would be interested in carving stamps, but I agree that they'd be fantastic for embroidery.

So cute...


Oh please let me know if stamping on your children's foreheads works - we could do with a bit of speeding up on school mornings! I am in love with Arnold and his wonderfully big smile - lucky old Alfie!


My daughter needs that Hurry Up stamp as well. Maybe if I stamped it on the breakfast plates and as well as on her forehead the message might get through. Arnold is lovely.


Great grin, Arnold! :-)


Arnold is such a cutei! (I LOVE that Japanese background fabric too!!!:)


very cute book indeed!!


Oh, Arnold is adorable!


i carved my own rubber stamps too~~

rOuge biZoux

I love Arnold!


Arnold is really gorgeous. And he's not six months late - he's six months early for the next birthday!

The Queen

Oh my lord Artie is soooooooo cutsie. Also... I noticed that you order from Asia a lot, how does that work you are getting some REALLY great stuff that makes me feel like I need to move there and buy lots and lots of craft books.


o my gawd these are the cutest little satamps ive ever seen!


Hi, I found your blog through a link on YarnStorm and came to visit today. I used to live in Japan, the katakana portion of the book title reads "Gomu Hanko" (literally, "rubber stamp"). There is a tradition in Japan of making your own unique design to stamp onto New Year's postcards that are traditionally given out each year to a long and growing list of people. I've seen the postcards but never the actual stamps or how people make them but it is a common practice in Japan. "Hanko" is also a term used to refer to what the Japanese use to 'stamp' their name onto legal documents in Chinese characters. You can even have one made for yourself using your own last name but converted into a Japanese character alphabet used for foreign words (katakana).


oooh, this is soo lovely, I want to try this!!

Jo (DIY Obasan)

Hi! Found you on Flickr. I'm addicted to rubber stamp carving too! I've posted most of them on my flickr album under DIY Obasan. Thanks for showing me this lovely book! :)

Maman Champignon

Hi !
from France, thanks for those really cute pictures !

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