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Mama Urchin

See, I avoid that section on superbuzzy because of a potential self control problem. But now I followed those links and I'm imagining everything I can yo-yo-ify. You are such an enabler.

The apron is deliciously cute.


The apron is fab, can we see Molly modelling it please!

lucykate crafts

love the apron!. there has been a little discussion on prairie mouses's blog about yo-yo's and about the different names used for them, suffolk puffs and cornish puffs were the other terms that came up.

Joyful Abode

I love the little fellow peeking out of the pocket!

Such a darling thing.


Ooh, thanks for these links - some fantastic looking projects there. Now if I can just get the Japanese language pack to install properly...

Passions & Distractions

Cute! I love the wee one peeking out of the pocket there!


Hi - thanks for the links. How do you even find these websites?? Do you read Japanese??!!


These are lovely and your apron too! we are all going to be yo yo crazy. I made a bag and put some on there.


Just making sure you've seen this instructional page with yo-yo usage.


Love the polka dots carried through... hmm, an easy way to make yo yos? Another way to use up that growing stash...


That apron looks lovely. It's inspiring me to think about making one for my daughter's birthday. I'm off to look at my fabric stash.


The apron is super cute - lucky girl! I got a couple neat yo yo makers from japan - thanks for the links! and the inspiration...


Everything is just too darned cute! But seriously, how do you go about finding all of this amazing information with kids out of school for the summer? I can hardly blog!
You're just amazing, that's it.

Mary HAINAngel2000

I only dream I knew how to read this beautiful language. I adore your website!!!


that's beautiful, I love the little bear! My daughter is even more difficult - she wouldn't wear anything made of "girly" fabric, that includes dots, flowers, even the tiniest embroideries. Of course, no girls's clothes like skirts, dresses, blouses - she's soccer-mad, so she favours sportswear...

Dee Light

I love it!!! and aprons with jeans are just too cute!!!


Ooooo--that is a super-cute apron! Love it! Happy Days! :o)



I love that apron, so cheerful.

I really love those links too!


Bonjour * Everything is so cute ! Congratulations, it is such a pleasure to see your blog. Greetings from France.


Loving that apron. I've ordered similar polka dot fabric to make a smock type top for DD. If she sees your s though she'll want flowers and a creature!


That's my girl! Skirts are so yucky.




Hey, thanks for the links to the free projects! Makes me think ahead to Christmas...

nita  from red tin heart

This is one of the prettiest little aprons I've ever seen. Nita

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