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Lesley McCormick

You sound like the perfect fun friend!! Hee Hee

Lucy Locket

I think you sound perfectly normal!!!

Nancy Cook

love your 7 things. i wish i had a friend like you when i was 6. what fun! and f ii ever need a good secret keeper i know where to go!


I may not have wanted my daughter to be friends with you, but I want to be friends with you! :)


My goodness, who'd of thought it! Sounds like your friends must have a lot of fun.

I like your number 6, I really relate to that.


you sound wonderful. :)


I love this list. Almost as much as I love your wedding recap. There's nothing like an inapropriate best man's speech. Ah. So good.
And #6? Oh, I get that. Except I start running my mouth out of nervousness and say completely inapropriate and senseless things. Good times. ;)


And you, like me, probably ran with scissors, too (metaphorically if not literally :-)
When my daughters were little, my mother-in-law admonished them, "Your mother didn't teach you to play with your food!" They grinned and, in their young sing-song voices, told her, "Oh yes she did."
Thanks for a wonderful post.


Geez... Now I realize my childhood was so boring...


Ooh, yours are one of the most interesting Seven Things I've read! The traffic cone thing made me laugh so much...and I'm SO with you on the not answering the telephone.


Your list is one of the most interesting I've read - and you sound like a fun friend... I remember doing the shopping cart and police cone theiving when I was in high school myself - although, no one got caught, that time. LOL


stay away from my daughter - but won't you come play with me??? :)


I love this list. You are funny! This list made me laugh and it is nice to know that you are so unique. Sometimes I feel like I am the only person in the world that does not fit in...xo


I get so intimidated by social functions I talk very little--unless drink is available. Then I just cannot shut up. It doesn't take much, just one or two beers and I go on and on.

I detest the phone. Email has been wonderful in finally allowing me to keep in touch with people. I am one of the few people I know who doesn't own a cell phone. I had one for a few months and could never remember to use it.


This is such a fun and interesting list!

Lisa K.

Ooh! Lynn! That last one gave me the frissons!!

Very interesting list. I had no idea you were such a rebel. Like Little Ruby.

Vallen Queen

I knew you'd be a lovely lass, but never quite so fun. May I borrow your mom from time to time? She's just what I need for boring school get-togethers.


"a law-breaking, loyal, neurotic, basket-case" but we love you none the less!

Chara Michele

I love your list! So fun:)


a law-breaking, loyal, neurotic, basket- case.

That would describe most of my friend's, including me!

Mama Urchin

What a wonderful collection of facts about you.


You sound like you were/are a real pistol! That is meant in the most complimentary of terms.

I especially like number 7, about your sister. I lost my brother, and like to think that the weird things that happen or I feel are truly him in whatever form that may be.



Thank goodness, you're human!




Go Gurl!!!

You seem quite rational and sensible to me...

However, I find it quite hard to type with just the one finger free of the cosy jacket I have to wear when we have visitors... They're coming to take me away aha...


What a fabulous list. It's quite obvious why you are so well loved!


Actually you sound like a lot of fun.......


Number 7 sounds so interesting. Care to elaborate?


That's cool about your sister!

amy wingate

Girl, you are hilarious!!! Amy W., Ann Arbor, MI


Got choked up on that last one.


I've been reading your blog for awhile, but have never commented. Today, I just couldn't resist - I think your last post makes you sound positively charming. =)
The blogs that I have always enjoyed reading the most, are the ones where the writer isn't afraid to be real, and show their less-than-perfect human side.


So did you think it was a dream or a premonition or some other kind of experience? Very interesting.


Yep, but that's why we love you so much!! That, and the fact that you have awesomely talented fingers!


that was great - so entertaining, and after the wedding post and all. I fill the silent gaps with inappropriate, nervous laughter! not great.

janet clare

I think your mum might know about the motorbike now...


How did such a little hellion grow up to make such cute little bears and such?? ha ha

#6 - I'm with you!
#7 - what did she tell you? I had a similar experience (without any communication though)

Love that you shared with us!

Anne M.



you forgot "honest" and "open" in your list of adjectives. All a perfectly accceptable combination if you ask me.


I think that was the most entertaining reveal I ever read.


you are really special!
I like # 3 and 5, I can really picture it!


Just discovered your blog and have fallen in love with the first post I've read. What a great pace to your revelations! I look forward to returning again and again.


oh you really are naughty! so amazing about your sister, thats the one that struck me most.

oh, and loved attending the wedding thank you very much, just wished there was lots and lots of bubbly here but then its 9.30 in the morning and that just might be naughty. but then if someone offered......!


HAHAHA! Walked with it on your head, that cracked me up! And WOW what a wonderful gift from your sister.

Majeak Ann

:) It's funny elder sister happened to ride a motocycle when little, but she felt and broke her anckle, my family of course knew about it, I was so afraid too, I cared for her. It was nice to read your '7 things'.
Hey, girl, I have a new blog, stop by and say hi, you might find sweet things there :)
Happy friday! (also linked my name)
Marjorie Ann*


sounds wonderful. let's be friends. i'll bring the champagne.

Kathleen Rogers

You are a beautiful and very talented woman! All your childhood experiences enrich your life today.
Thank you for sharing # 7--yes, thank God, there
is a some-place after this!


It is all true. You are wonderful. And funny. And you are MY sister. All mine. No wonder I love you so. No wonder Harvey call you " MY Auntie Linnie" xxx


You sound like a "top chick" to me! Fab post!


Well hurrah for basket cases!


I love that you didn't crack in the interrogation! I once knicked a lipstick - have never stopped felling the guilt!!!!


i have to tell you i laughed my way through your seven things and your fantastic family wedding. you sound like a hilarious person and your family sounds fantastic, especially your mom with no knickers on at the family wedding! your blog is fantastic, inspirational, fun and delightful! i am so glad i found it!
i am so inspired i have to get work now!

Carole Meier

ROLF - I can read how good you are at keeping a secret! LOL Hope your mom doesn't read your blog! Thanks for the laugh!

jessica ward

Just had a week in your neck of the woods (Salcombe), and had a great giggle on my return - great wedding photos we were on the beach that weekend (keep Devon quiet!)Jess

Harvey's Grandma in Provence

Lynn, what a great read, you have certainly brought back many memories from my life on the estate, much laughter and many tears. Harvey is a lucky little boy to have his auntie Lynn, fearless, loyal, and full of fun! Thankyou for putting Kay in touch with blogging, it really does mean such a lot to dad and I.


Hey there, I too hate the telephone something terrible. It was so great to hear that you avoid the phone as much as I do.


My kind of woman.

esther Veereschild

I think I love you!

Kitty Jimjams

Telephones are awful, aren't they? I love your list - I think I would've been scared of you at school, weakling child that I was, but I think you sound enormous fun now!


You sound as though you were loads of fun as a child. Spirited? Those facts were great.


hi found your blog for the first time today! love it! hilarious! have spent two hours reading and laughing have not done ironing or hoovering as intended so will look screwed up and have messy home but what a nice two hours.look forward to reading again soon! Tracey


Fun, fun to read more about you. You sound like you are a very shy extravert! Like me. :)



I admire your ability to have a perspective about yourself :) great read and it just makes me think what my "7 things about me" would be... thanks.


Tell me again the story about Shirley--and you know what? I once stole some jumping beans too...
;-) 'cause they are so much fun.


First time at your site. I love, love, love it...did I mention I love it! I can't wait for my little ones to be napping 'cause I'm really gonna check out your blog. I am absolutely, positively dying to know about #7. Very intriguing...can you elaborate?
Blessings to you and yours.


first time on your site, "cute"

You must be a gemini

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