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lucykate crafts

lol!, i'm sat here too thinking there are so many other things i should be doing, hanging out the washing before it starts raining (again!). my excuse is i've sat down and my back has gone, now i can't move!


You had me worried there.

Mama Urchin

Love that list and the piglets.


I like reading your blog... this post made me laugh :)
... and that blanket looks amazing...

Rebecca F.

Oh, no. I'm sorry but you simply cannot join the circus. I would miss reading your blog faaaar too much!

PS. Loooved the piglets.


The miniature piglets sooooo cute. Want to pick one up and give it a cuddle! Sympathise with the long 'to do' list. I have just set up a 'tickler' system to try and keep everything under control. So far it is working well but it remains to be seen how long I stick at it!


Love the grannies!! (and the piglets, of course)


I know exactly what you mean about the fantastically high pile of ironing - mine is positively teetering in the ironing basket. I'm off to make a start now - or when I've read just one or two more blogs!!


That is so funny! I think you had a glimpse into my day. The granny square is coming along beautifully, I love the colors!!


hee hee...have much the same list here. I really hate legos. Matchbox cars are also very lethal. My son likes to leave them on the stairs.

isabel f.

wow! your granny blanket looks gorgeous!
like the colours, very similar to mine.


love love love the granny, your color choices are dee-lish!


I LOVE the piglets...I have a thing for pigs- they are soooooooooooooo cute!
Your blog has some lovely things too, especially like your toy animals they are beautifully cute!


I'm sure I don't need to tell you that if you leave the ironing pile long enough it does go down, deperate people will wear un-ironed clothes.
An expert in woork avoidance.

Angel Jem

Well, did you get any * things done?


Hi! your granny squares are lovely! great colours! as for your to do list... pick one, ignore the rest for the time being! then maybe pick another one...


i love pigs! i think they are so darling.
i also am inspired by your granny squares.
gotta go, and do some house chores, but thanks for the eye candy.


o my gosh. what darling little piglets. reminds me of the times down on the farm when i was small. do they have names?

Amy Wingate

You're list sounds like just like they way Bridget Jones Diary sounds. One of my favorite characters! In my next life I want to be British!!! Love your creations-Amy W., Ann Arbor, MI.


you know, lately i'm also thinking what to blog about, I have been so busy lately and my visitors are fewer every day? Maybe I have to stop it for a while. Tidy all house is an issue on my list too, and also wash al dirty clothes + putt them on there places after doing this.

Those piglets are soo cute. They already seem so smart. Bye


More pigs!!


No no you see this is MY day - spooky Molly Chicken! And I just had to let you know that on the other side of the world there is a mother (that would be me) who now uses the phrase "You kids give my a@#$ a headache" with extraordinary regularity - a phrase I am sure will now be passed down through the generations of my family - for which I thank you !! Mary


Please call me when you're ready to leave for the circus. I'm ready to go...


I've covered my ironing pile in fairy lights and made a feature of it. Its art, darhhhhling!


I'll go with you, too! Maybe we can form a circus train - I know how to do card tricks and juggle..


I'm sure you just copied my to do list!
The piglets are adorable! I just made a sock piglet but didn't post about it yet! One of the irems on my list!


items, of course ;-)

Chara Michele

I love this post! I am avoiding my to do list right now actually:)


I call it the curse of blessings: We have so much we get to do, because we have so much! My list is long too... sigh

Passions & Distractions

Well, at least you took care of the most important things: blog and show us pictures of the wee piglets! ;-)


Just wanted to tell you I am super envious of your skill with small adorable things. And that I've linked to you from my craft blog- I hope you don't mind.



my favourite post so far, so real and honest! I'm so with you with pretty much all of them except I don't iron anymore, bored with it, there are more important things to do, ooh like decide whether I could be a juggler, clown or a bloomin bearded lady! Hello Molly chicken so pleased to have found you and I finally had to comment, always daunted by the amount of comments before me and repeating everyone but hey..... I'll be back x


I'm glad you get the huffy treatment from your Mum too. Mine seems to count the sodding hours and days since I last called and each week I end up leaving it and leaving it longer and longer.


I've stopped making to do lists because they end up as things I didn't do lists - much less pressure on myself now. Love that blue around the edge of the granny squares.


Just had to send you this link:
after reading about the piglets. It was a feature in this mornings Metro paper which for those of you not familiar with the publication is thereading materioal of choise for most commuters as it's a free newspaper available every weekday morning at every underground tube station in London, and some other UK cities too. Anyway, enjoy!


I love piglets. I visited a pig farm once and it was very fun and smelly.


Wow! nice blanket..piggies are adorable...I am going to make a granny square blanket as well. the ladies at work give me their leftover yarn I was trying to figure out what the heck to do with the many different bits until I saw your picture!! Thanks for the inspiration.


so are the piglets from the circus? and just what does a coffee drinking crafty chick do in a circus? the costumes? sounds good to me :)

Caroline B

So glad a friend passed on your blog to me - Presley and Simon kept me laughing for days. Don't bother with 'to do'lists, they just take up valuable doing time! Did you know if you tickle piglets' tummies they fall over and go to sleep? Try it, it's fun!


The circus sounds fun - you'd look good in a spangled leotard!

Monica Andrade

You are hilarious!! Is always good to read your blog!


Think I've always thought about running off to the circus since I was knee high to a daisy. I'm not exactly the high-wire, horseback riding, trapeze swinging type. However the silent all smiling brightly dressed clown with small, cute performing tutu wearing dog is perfect - care to join me on my travels? Just have a few things to do before I go, six years should do. My son will be eighteen then and anything will be possible.


even if your blog is about piglets.......*sigh*'s worth opening up the page to view that cute little banner that I have admired for soooooooooo long! =)


I'm so there. we have very similar lists, but yours is funnier!


yes, all sounds too familiar esp. the ironing & tidying bits ;) Circus sounds good...can i come with you?


ahhh - another list maker and avoider!!!
just what i am up to this week and failing miserably.....
i think i will come with you to sign up for the circus - just don't make me work with the clowns.
Tracy x


I don't know if you do the tag game but I'd love to know more about you (in a totally uncreepy kinda way). If you feel like it I'm tagging you to reveal 7 things about yourself. If you don't please ignore my request.
I'm a no pressure tagger.
Great piglets!!

you da mom!

oh, i heart your blanky. i need to make one of these. granny squares are the coolest.


Oh, good, now I don't have to spend any time making my own list. LOVE the lego line, while I'm howling they're asking me which piece it was and did it break.


Well that's half an hour occupied! LOL
I know the feeling.
Take care,
Alison x

Victoria May Plum

I have to go out and get some miniature piglets - right now!
Have a great weekend
Victoria x


love the list... when you say make something for tea tonight - would that be what you are having for dinner, or would you make something separate for dinner as well? just curious.. cooking for tea sounds fantastic.


hey.... you stole my list... *lol*



... okay, exept the granny squares. ;o)


Beautiful granny squares. They're well worth the yarn.


So cute your piglets


your list sounds familiar, okay we have no lego to step on but skateboards, cell phones etc.=teenie stuff lying around and mouse chasing cats to mix the bunch up. love your monster crochet green with envy !:-)


I would join the circus.


What a delightful animal tour :)


I love your To Do list. It's the only way I manage to get anything done at all! Love your interesting crafts too.

I've finally got a blog of my own which was on my list.

I've got to get back to the cardigan, lavender and patchwork or I'll still be sitting at the computer when the children get in from school. LOL

Kathie Webb

My personal philosophy - you can either cook, clean or create. I choose to create!

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