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Mama Urchin

That cloud fabric is just perfect. Actually, the whole thing is.


love the cloud and raindrops mobile.
great way to cheer oneself up
perhaps some cookies would be good too.


ohhhh, that is so sweet!!! i love it!


Hah hah hah! It's still raining here too! Love the cloud on your mobile.

Lisa K.

Well, that's the cheeriest rain shower I've ever seen! Hang in there; the sun will come out to greet you eventually!


That is such a cheery photo and darling hanging. It's sure to chase the rain away. I am in such a sewing mood today... rainy here also.
I have a GIVEAWAY on my site today! Nothing extravagant but it is my design and handmade.


Amen! What a pants summer the UK has been having..


That's the prettiest cloud I have seen this summer - and believe me I have seen quite a few!


bloody rain? bloody beautiful rain you mean! those raindrops are gorgeous

Caroline B

Pretty! We have sunshine - it must be on it's way to you soon, be patient!


Now, that's a beautiful rain cloud! Maybe you can try and direct some over to the states, I'd love a bit of rain about now.

Lucy Locket

that looks like bloody lovely rain to me! Lucy


now there's an idea. i'm not one to complain about the weather, but it's getting really, really, really annoying. some rainforests are clearly missing out on their rain season.

Pip Lincolne

Oh how funny! I just looked at this! You DID make one! After all that time! Yippee! I'll send you a photo of our window when it's finished!

Catherine L Owen

hi chicken (said with northern accent of course ...)
im glad your rain is so cheerful, im house bound with 15 month old twins who can sign 'rain'... but not sunshine..
would be pleased if you would take a look at my blog and even trade links ... you are one of my heros :-)

sarah Jayne

Yes I agree - but your rain looks much nicer

Sarah S.

It's raining here in Paris too. But your little cloud and gorgeous raindrops have cheered me up!


Love it!


Love it!


I wouldn't mind rain like that...nope, not at all.


From where I stand (Los Angeles, California) rain seems like just the thing. We're in the throes of an awful drought. Everything is hot, burning, scorching. That little cloud is very welcomed!


i love this!


Drip drip drop little July showers, lah de de dah blah blah blah.

Sodding stuff!

Love the mobile though.

lucykate crafts

i can't blelieve this rain, i'm sure this time last year there were hose pipe bans! i want to wear flip flops, not wellies!




If only real rain was like your lovely creation I wouldn't mind it so much!


We have had a lot here too in South Australia. Gives you an excuse to snuggle up and create-which is what you are wonderful at.Love your mobile

Glá Quicolli


Kim (Ragged Roses)

Bloody rain indeed! Your rain is much prettier than our rain!
Kim x


That is stinking adorable. We've had flooding here too, way over in Oklahoma.

I love all your art. It makes me giggle with delight.


i'm in love with raining clouds !

nita  from red tin heart

I love the whimsical way you did this, so very creative. Nita


That is funny! But your creation is super--very cheer approach to dealing with the rain. Here in southern Norway it's been tiddling down weeks now *SIGH* Happy Weekend to you & yours! :o)


How to make rain happy! It's just beautiful!


Happy rain! I love it!!




Hi. Have just come across your blog after reading about you in "the Crafter's Companion". I LOVE your stuff - you're very talented. Look forward to reading more. Sarah x


I do love this cloud :) I keep the idea ;)

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