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It's lovely to see your workings and such very pretty ones too, my sketch book is full of Country Living inspirations too, I love that magazine. The Grandad Sweeties picture is so cute, I love the helpful pointer to the sweets.


I love all those sketches - and I wouldn't mind seeing the sketch of David Tenant with no clothes on - heehee!! I just started a journal project - except I haven't started yet because I can't draw and don't know where to start - better get something in the book soon as I have to send it on to someone else in 2 weeks!!

Mama Urchin

I love your sketches and Molly's too. I hope you have sun soon.


really enjoyed seeing your sketches and molly's are very fun as well.


Wow. No, no sketching here. It is a sad sight when I do, but yours are wonderful! Should they really be just sketches though? How about hanging them? They are lovely! And the cat! Very patient!


I love your sketches! But that picture of your kitty is so cute! Reminds me of what my girls to do our dog.


Your sketchbook is simply wonderful! Such a work of art!
Thanks for sharing!!


Lovely sketches!

I wish you'd posted the Tennant ;)

ellen kelley

Your sketches are fantastic. I wonder if I could do that? I'd probably want to burn them or bury them, they'd be so bad....but I think I want to try some. Thanks for sharing.


What wonderful sketches - I try to keep sketching but never seem to find the time but having seen your lovely little drawings has inspired me to have another try.

Now why not share the David Tennant...?


I love sketchbook snooping, thanks for sharing!
Mine aren't nearly so pretty to look at.


Your sketches are so inspiring. I haven't done much sketching for way too long, I think I have an episode of Dr. Who saved on my Tivo, maybe I'll have to try the naked David Tennant sketch myself tonight.

While emptier than I would like, I do really like the sketchbook I made myself:

Monkee Maker

What brilliant sketches. But I'm afraid I'm with the others on this one ..... you were the one who mentioned David Tennant so it's only fair that you share your 'secret' etchings!!

Passions & Distractions

I always love your sketchbook peeks! If Iever actually draw in mine, I'll gladly share a view!


What fantastic sketchings! That ugly duckling is so cute!


Great sketches! I love drawing pictures of other people's art too (OPA)! It seems to solidify ideas of what you like yourself. It's something I've done on and off since college--thanks for reminding us!


First let me say that I think it would be FANTASTIC to make some softies in the style of those drawings of Molly's. I love how simply kids can draw sometimes. Second let me say that you have given me new inspiration (not for myself- although I'll have to pull out my sketchbook now!) but I think that those sketches at the top are a great idea for my (school) kids to do next year. I always struggle to find something for them to draw every week. Maybe I can just have them pick 1 or 2 objects every day, draw and color... it's a beautiful look! Thank you so much for the inspiration!


I think I'll ship my kitten to you so you could teach her a lesson (or two). PLEASE feel free to email me the naked sketch of David Tennant! (You were right about me not missing Eccleston way back when)...Looks like a fun weekend, in spite of the rain.


your sketchbook is simply wonderful!!! I love it. thanks for sharing.

I love your kitten torment cute.


Wow! Those are great sketches. My favorites are the pear, the peas, the feather, and the first cute little girl with the pig tails.


WOW! You are so talented. I love your sketchbook-thanks so much for sharing and inspiring :)


Love your sketchbook pages! Its always fascinating to see the initial creative workings of others. Ooh, I've been lurking here for ages by the way, but you've lured me hello! :-)


No pages to share but you have inspired me to have a go myself ... those are really gorgeous sketches!

Tracy your sketchbook pages! I daren't show's too hodge-podgey...Your's is neat. How do you do that? Very inspiring! :o)

Kim (Ragged Roses)

Love your sketches and Molly's are fab. Just wanted to say thanks for making me smile when I saw what you'd done to your poor kitty - it's brightened up another grey day here!


That is one sexy pear.


Wonderful sketches! I know what our house will be up to today! Beritt recently saw Miss Potter but wait until I show her this! Thank you for sharing!


I love the pea drawing!!! And the long legged birds are cuties. The sketch of the little girl with the pig tails sticking out is cute just as it is.

Kitty Jimjams

Man, even your sketchbooks are beautiful! Whenever I try to even keep scrapbooks (no drawing here) I give up because they go all smudgy and crappy and I change my mind and start ripping them up... I think the Sexy Pear is my particular favourite.

And that is a wonderfully tolerant cat - she must know she is safe and loved.


I always think that I am doing well, until I return to your blog and see how brilliant you are. So, I now have to attempt to cast aside my envious thoughts, pull my finger out and get with it.


Oh how I love your blog! I can't tell you how many days I've woken up in a perfectly bad mood only to lighten up and laugh out loud at your blog. I feel bad for you when it has been overly rainy or the kids have been difficult--but that is when you are at your sarcastic best! So could you please just stay miserable most of the time (but not too miserable to create beautiful things!) because I could really use a good laugh in the mornings. Sincerely, your faithful reader ;-)


I love your sketch book! You do such great sketches, I know mine wouldn't be so cute. I see the point in keeping one for inspiration, though. Why, even looking at your pages is giving me ideas! Thinking of your little softies and then seeing that great pea pod sketch made me think of these little fairies - what about making a little softie to live in a pea pod? Feel free to steal the idea - I'll probably never get around to it. Unless I make a sketch of my own...


I love your blog - the panda and bear stories are fabulous! The sketchbooks are great and seem to show effortless creativity. Although, you're right about the rain and it's life sapping qualities. I realised this afternoon that I've not sat in my garden at all this summer - but when there are re-runs of Dr Who on, it would be rude not to watch them. Was almost overcome in the last two episodes with the trinity of David, John Simm and John Barrowman... sigh...

olive brown

i love the sketch book drawings. very inspiring! i need my drawings to be more fun! what a great way to spend a rainy weekend,i am not sure the cat thought so though.


You are inspiring me to sketch again! I love that you draw with your daughter-- I always end up with sketching buddies when I pull out the paper! Also--the cat photo is too funny!!!!!!!


You are brilliant and so is your daughter. I am so glad your grandad has his hair back!!

melissa deakin

how fabulous!
love these sketches.
thank you for sharing them.


hi lynne! fantastic! i love working drawings, they have so much life and movement. molly's are great too. i have just posted a couple of pages out of my book so come on over and take a looksie!


So your kitten doesn't get bothered by the hair elastics? My cat wouldn't mind for a few seconds----maybe enough time to get a quick photo or two----

Your sketches are adorable! I do lots of sketching on rainy days as well; something I really enjoy lately is drawing pictures of nature;Also, I like to do a sketch every night of what the moon looks like---well, on the days when the moon is visible in the night sky

I really enjoyed looking at your sketches!----I love your style of animal drawings


Great sketches!


hmmm, isnt that david tenant next to that mouse? he looks a bit less paler than tenent tho ...

shared some sketches on my blog
but they look awfully dark - blame the rain ... yours look colourful and fun ... but i meant to share another sneak peek anyways so thanks for the prompt xxx

lucykate crafts

lyn, you have a lovely drawing style. i think drawing is so important, and not taught nearly enough these days in schools/colleges, its all computer done. david hockney has been in the press recently trying to get people to see the importance of basic drawing skills.


What wonderful sketches, I am so envious of your talent, as I cannot draw at all, I too think that you should frame them.





I keep a daily sketchbook of what I wear. Lots of little creatures make it onto the pages, too.

They're on my flickr here:

(if youre not signed in, it might not show up, as they're semi-private.)

I loved seeing what inspired you--I do this, too. Especially liked the little landscapes from the magazines, the idea for a painted canvas bag (I've been thinking of paint on canvas + sewing lately, too!), the huge-nosed birdies...very sweet. xo


Oh I just love seeing sketches! They are somehow so organic. Like magic! Please share more if you have them!


Cute! I love seeing other people's sketchbooks!! That would be fun to share! Hmmm...

We have been majorly waterlogged the past few days and have a handful more ahead of us. Thank goodness for creativity and craftiness! :)


rosa e chocolat

lovely sketches!
thanks for sharing!!!


Seriously, I don't think anyone would mind if you had to show your sketch of David Tennant. hhmmm a David tennant softie????


I love the sketches, especially the grandfather with all his hair. It makes me smile. ...And maybe you actually should share that Tennant sketch, reading all the comments gives me the feeling it might be appreciated...
I don't sketch, but I draw. Come by my blog one day, I'd love to know what you think about my illustrations.

sheeps clothing

Ha! Tormenting the cat!! I used to dress up my cat in Baby Alive (remember them?) clothes. Not only were they too small for him, I think they offended his Siamese "I am so beautiful" sensibilities.
To add insult to injury, I then used to put him in the doll pram and wrap a blanket around it so he couldn't get out.
After a few minutes of very loud Siamese miaowing, the pram would start to jump around and he fight is way out and take off around the backyard - usually very slowly as he was hobbled by the too tight clothing. Poor cat.


I love the sketch books! My ideas tend to be in biro with no colour in my "Blogbook". It reads more like a "To Do List" than a work of art like yours. Truely beautiful.

I think we're in for another weekend of snorkel weather. Have you got any more rainy delights planned?

I'm still repairing a ceiling where the rain got in. Bah humbug! LOL


Love your sketchbook images. Thanks for sharing. Love, love, love them.


ooo love your sketchbook! i've had a nice week with mine for company in norfolk + a mix of sunshine + rain. i'm a big biro fan too : )


beautiful sketches!! I have never shared my journals and sketchbooks thinking no one would be interested but I have found yours so beautiful and inspiring! thanks so much for sharing with us. I would LOVE to see David Tennant with no clothes on......I mean the sketch of course!!! :)


I agree that we NEED to see the Tennant sketch.

Oh to have an ounce, even just a dripple, of your talent. *sigh*


LOVE the drawings from you and Molly - you are right, the bunny in the bra is hysterical. But I thought the proper term for what the bear is carrying is "manbag" - ? ;)


Enjoyed your sketches very much - I haven't sketched in a long while, it made me miss it. You wanted to see some other people's sketches, I have a few posted here: I really would like to pick up drawing again, thanks for sharing your drawings. Very encouraging!


Those sketches are so cute. I love the duckling.


Thank you for sharing your sketchbooks. They are lovely. It makes me want to use more color in mine.


That poor kitty! How mischievious of you. ;) Love all the sketches.


Such Lovely Sketches! Your site is so sweet. I love it. Nita


I adore the guardian angels sketches!!!


Now that is some seriously good cat tormenting!


Hope you are not too affected by all that rain in the UK!
Best wishes!


It took me forever to post them, but I've put up my sketches, too.

Love yours and the blog and your dear girlie and the kitty (who is becoming a cat rather quickly!)

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