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absolutely, i want a tutorial or pattern for that cutsie. i can't wait for my little one to grow up. we will craft up all kinds of stuff! lol
thank you again, for being so inspiration! love that black kitty!!!


Yes, please, tutorial for little mousie. It's a must-have, must-do for me. Yes, I will make one and give it to myself. My black kitty gave me a mouse, but it was the kind that runs around the livingroom. Yipes.


And don't forget about the lack of bugs when you're indoors (well, hopefully anyway).

I just saw a whole *bag* of those Christmas tree mouse tins at a thrift shop the other week. They were asking far too much for them, but I thought they were so cute. And now I see them on your blog! How weird is that?

Your kids are quite talented designers! Must get that from their momma.

Kitty Jimjams

Oh, happy birthday! Hope it was on one of the sunnier days we've had lately.

I particularly like Mr Partridge, he looks very pleased with his lot in life.


I would love a pattern for the mouse. Very cute. My girls are starting to craft a little, but their attention span is short. The mouse is perfect. Please tell Molly we love her creation. Thanks!!


What a sweet little mouse! I would love to see a pattern. My youngest and I made a little hamster inspired by one of Molly's creations a few weeks ago.


So glad you're drying up over there. I'd love the Cheesey pattern. My little guys will give it a go.


Look forward to seeing a flock (?) of mice all created from your pattern - you will be like the online pied piper!

I only really discovered your blog lately & LOVE it!

But do you craft outside in the garden?

lucykate crafts

oh yes, i'm another who would like a pattern for the mouse. i've promised lucy a day crafting when the little one is at nursery during the holidays. we got a toy sewing machine for 50p from the school fair and she's really keen to have a go on it.


I would really love some tips on that adorable mouse and nest! My 8 year old daughter has started sewing along side of me and I could really do with some ideas that use felt and aren't too tricky for small fingers. As always, it's a pleasure to read your blog.


Your wonderful blog makes me smile!:)


yes, a mouse pattern would be nice, i have a car who loves those things(and i love them too^^)


sorry i mean cat not car woops!


Pretty quilt and pretty Mr. Partridge! :^)


my daughter has quite gotten into sewing lately and would love a tutorial just for her! thank you!!!


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your post. You made my day seeing that adorable quilt and your toys. So precious! You have wonderful talent!!!!


me too! pattern please!


Adorable quilt! I love your wonky piecing. But I have to laugh - my Beritt was hot to make a bunch of "ship mice" for sale at a craft fair. And still loves to talk about making mice. Mice? I guess they're darn cute. Molly's is ubercute. Does Molly also like the story "The Tale of Two Bad Mice?" It would be really sweet to see a Molly tutorial. We're working on a few here ourselves.


with you on the camping! my lot did it one night in the last house we lived in and i set up a flying fox and sent their dinner out to them in a little bucket. i stayed safely inside with the rouge aussi!

love the wee mouse - nice work young molly!


happy saturday - nice to see you back - blenny is finnished and cuttlefish developing. blenny went to chesil beach centre thingy for promo photo - and waiting for my copy emailed for bloggin. super crafting. 9 year old might like your mouse tutorial, thanks for the offer. now link to me and i'll show you a pattern for a cuttlefish head ...! :-D


ohhh yes please, a mouse tutorial!1 Thats so cute!


I love wonky piecing - it has charm!!! Gorgeous quilt - fab blog.


Hello mollyC, seem to have missed your blog for a while- was as depressed about the rain as you were - did you get floods? we didn't ( cheshire) lucky us! Just went through last month's posts- loved the sketch books, the rain mobile and happy birthday!


Just wonderful!
why would one like to sleep on the ground anyway!? I love my bed.


Nothing funny about not doing camping... my only holiday memories as a child are of rain and tents so I don't do camping either! Five star or nothing me! Love the cute little mouse. Enjoy your evening.


Lovely crafts...the little quilt is especially charming! :o)

corine@hidden in france

Smile and sunshine all in one. The mouse is adorable. I'm such a fan of everything you create.


Thank goodness for daddies that love camping. I like it although I want a proper bed to sleep in, no sleeping bags on the ground. I love the little mouse in the tin, and would really love a pattern to make one too. How cute, and I love the monster money holder too.


I absolutely love your quilt!!!

Helen Gillis

I LOVE your mouse!! Very cute - I look forward to your pattern - thanks for sharing.

Helen in Malden, Massachusetts

Diane Duda

I'm sure I've been here before...not sure if I've commented. I love everything I see! Lots of inspiration...lots of cuteness.
My favorite picture, however, is the kitty-being-tormented photo. Is that wrong? :)


I absolutely love Mr. Partridge. What a cute idea! :)

Passions & Distractions

I love the quilt, mouse, and Mr. Partridge! All very cute!


Another yes please for the mouse pattern please - i have two little people that would adore one :D


Oh, the little quilt on the clothes line is so precious. I love the way it looks so home made. Wonky is much better than perfect, its just too charming. You have an awesome sense of color and arranging all those different fabrics in such a pleasing way.


I like camping although the sound of a big glass of red, some peace and quiet, a bit of blog reading and the prospect of a big old comfy bed all to yourself (without snoring in your ear) sounds pretty good to me. Your hubby is obviously a brave man to risk being permanently banished to a tent in the garden! Cheesy is very cute and what a lucky mouse to have such a comfy little home with cheese to nibble on for a midnight snack and a drink to hand too - hmm, wonder where your daughter gets her lovely attention to detail from? She's obviously a chip off the old block!


I missed your birthday - darn it. Hope it was a good one.

sarah Jayne

What a sensible girl you are knowing that a nice comfy bed indoors is better than sleeping on a thin mat - over bumpy ground and possibly an ants nest. I'm for 4 star hotels all the way....


I love the little mouse and I know my daughter will too. Thanks for the future tutorial (no rush by the way).

Dee Light

Oh, Mr Partridge!!! I love you so!!! and your little mousey friend too!!! What Fun!!

I love the picture of your quilt hanging on the line. So lovely!!!


I'm French, sorry for my english!!
I have a french website, because I make collection's bears. Your website is verry nice!! Your last dog is so cute!! :D
Bye! Cousu Cousin.



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