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Mama Urchin

Eek! that lion!


Who needs words with cute pics like these?:) The baby lion is so sweet.


uh oh I just bought the month before and now I want this one for that lion! how adorable!!!!!!!


Hope you had a good day at the beach. Just wish we had this weather at the beginning of the hols instead of the end. We've just got back from Pendle and "Witches Galore" shop. I know I'm early for Halloween but for once I'm trying to get ahead of myself.

I love the way "Cotton and Paint" use such subtle colours with a pattern as a "highlighter". Those comfy slippers look just the thing for winter with wool socks or a Christmas present.

Dee Light

That little lion is just too cute!! Thanks for sharing!!! Hope you had a great day!!!


Must agree with some of the others...the lion is tops! ( could make him and do a there's a thought!)


Miss Sassy

Can't find this issue anywhere. :-(

I love, love, love the lion and the serged baskets.


I'm in love with that lion - have fun at the seaside.

ei! kumpel

the lion is too cute! thank for the lovely images! :)


oh, i love the look of those little journals (?) with fabric covers. thanks again for so much great inspiration.

I just love those Japanese pattern books - they have the freshest designs.


I want that LION!


Love all these patterns,especially the lion.


Enjoy your time at the beach!

The popcorn bags in that craft mag are SO adorable!! It gives me many gifty ideas...

Gabriela Delworth

I love these fabric flowers!

Gabriela Delworth


I've just been google-ing Japanese craft books I a stumbled upon your blog. That lion is just too cute. Can you recommend a good place to buy things like this online?



Looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

I'd like to urge you and other crafters out there to join ; it's a great social networking site that allows you to create a catalog of your OWN library books -- for free! You can use to bring in Japanese books. It's a great way to share information and learn about others' books, although you can make your catalog public or private. There are a few crafters using it for J-craft books and a few (mostly inactive) discussion groups. I'd love it if more people shared information on the site. I'm not in any way connected with it, just a happy user.


Oh boy, you just inspired me to get this issue too. That lion is too cute!


merci de m avoir montré ce livre , il est magnifique , je vais essayer de le commander car j'ai vraiment été séduite , merci beaucoup


I can't tell you how many times I've been inspired by you! I've given you the Nice Matters Award. Details on my blog:
Merci pour tout! :)


Goodmornig, I'm taking a look to your wonderful blog. Here there are so many wonderful things and I've saved this blog in my favourites!! =)
Please, I'm looking for some Japanese crafts book and Cotton & Paint magazine (especially n. of November 07), used as well. Could you tell me who can sell them and ship in Italy? Thanks so much! Giuli in Italy


hola, felicidades por tu pagina me gustaria tener algun patron de estas manualidades son fantasticas te felicito



You've probably replied to this question a thousand time but I couldn't find my answer anywhere, so here it is : where do you get cotton paint?

I'm obsessed with Japanese sewing and craft books and I can't get enough!!

Also, I really like your blog and what you make and it is now in my list of favorites!

Have a brilll day,


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