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Oh! This is lovely!! Always such a great work!


Oh!!!! They are so cute!!!!
I love it!


Super cute! I'm sure he'll go to a good home. Nice work - as usual!

Caroline Bletsis

Well done on raising so much cash for him - that's fantastic!


He is such a cute little fellow. Actually he reminds me a bit of one of my ex-boyfriends.


didn he do well? is that your record sale price? HUGS WILLIAM ... sorry i thought you were a mouse ... well i am a rat lady ... come check out my kitty. a touch of whimsy. just working on a softie version of my tompot blenny ... well done on his auction, again, and for braving the beach with your tribe. how old are they all lyn? is molly the baby? do tell us ...


Huzzah for one in ten! (I was the one with the fuzzy blanket.) Yours is so adorable!


He's absolutely divine - he's about as big as my new little puppy Mouse! Hope he's gone to a good home by now!


He is gorgeous, I'm sure his new owner will potty train him and then he can wear his pants just for fun!
From Lily


William is just adorable! I love all his toys and his little food plate!!

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