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omg, lol. that is too cute!!!


Only half way? You've got huuuuuuge holidays! How many months???

corine@hidden in france

This is wonderful. Thank you so much!


Fantastic, we have been waiting for this. Roll on the rain, I can feel another fun afternoon involving small children, pins and happy faces coming up. Thank you.


Too Cute!!
I can't believe you are only half way thru your summer break. My kids went back to school last week, thank the Lord!!!


Oh my, how cute!
Our schools here in the north started this week. But still I think it is a good project for involving the kids.


Thanks, as always, Lyn. And good luck with the rest of the holiday. My oldest starts Kindergarten in two weeks, don't quite know how to feel about that yet...! :0)


That mousey is super cute! I know a little girl who will want a whole gang (what do you call a group of mice?). Thanks for the tootie.


Oh my gosh! Too cute! Thank you thank you! :D


thanks so much Lyn, my 7yr old is insisting she have a real mouse, so now we can make and put this one in the cage for a trial first! cheers


What a fun little project---thank you so much!

Mama Urchin

Thank you for sharing your sweet pattern. I think these are definitely in our future.

Lynn in Tucson

That's darling! I have to ask - what's the secret for sewing such small bits on the machine?


What a cute little mousey! One could make a lot of them and end up with a muddle of mice - will that do as a term for a group of them? ;-)

the vintage magpie

what a wonderful idea... stitched up mouths... mmmm... i see a peaceful afternoon ahead. Great mouse too! ;)

the vintage magpie

what a wonderful idea... stitched up mouths... mmmm... i see a peaceful afternoon ahead. Great mouse too! ;)

Passions & Distractions

So so cute!!!! Thank you for sharing your pattern!!!!


I have two more weeks to go and then my 17 and 15-years old spoiled brats are going back to school.
Thanks heaven!
Nice mouse, by the way!


Oh My! How cute! Thanks for sharing!



Thank you very much.

Is there a shared pool on flickr or anything like that so we can all have a nosey at each others mice & see how different they all are...? & how fast they breed?

lucykate crafts

cute mouse, will get lucy to have a go at making one i think, 2 more weeks of school hols to fill, eeeek! (or squeek!)


This little guy is sa-weet - thanks for sharing the pattern. :)


What a nice surprise! Thanks for sharing-it is so cute :D


Oh thank you so much for sharing this, Lyn! You always come up with the most wonderful creations!


My daughter will LOVE making these too - she's only 5 but good enough on the machine not to sew her mouth shut. I'm thinking duct tape might be quite effective for my son though. I noticed the boiled wool blankets for the bed - I'm in the middle of using those to make a bunny if my pattern isn't too wonky. Thanks!


Oops put in wrong info on my details before. By the way, if I made them with my class would that be a school of mice?


merci, merci!
tout ce que vous faites est délicieux....
et je peux utiliser vos tutos malgré mon "bad" englisch
good luck


again, everything I love here...clever craftiness, and laughter. too adorable!


Thank you - guess what I'm doing with my two little peops tomorrow :) We still have 3 weeks of school hols to go :/


Yay! Thanks for sharing this!


OMG that is cute, cute, cute and even cuter than cute!!!


this is great, thank you! 2 down and well, you know mice!


Yay! I will give the pattern to Beritt. She will be so tickled. The gnome she made the other day will appreciate having a wee pal to chase/play with/torture. Do gnomes chase and play and torture? Oh good heavens. Great tutorial! Thank you!


I have sat down and made two mice each for my two children. I have only made two 'beds' though. Two mice in the bed and the little one said!....we even have a brown one with a grey spot. It has kept us busy on a rainy, cold, horrible day. Much appreciated


Oh he is lovely! Can't wait to make it - thank you for putting on so many clear photos.

fhiona galloway

Hi I love your blog and visit it nearly everyday.
I've tagged you-hope you don't mind. you don't have to take part of course if you don't want or if you have already done it before.
here are the "rules"
1. Let others know who tagged you.
2. Players start with 8 random facts about themselves.
3. Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts.
4. Players should tag 8 other people and notify them they have been tagged.

rOuge biZoux

Thanks for the tuto, your mouse is very adorable and pretty!!


I just wanted to say that my son (6 years)and I made your mousie on Friday. He spotted the mouse while I was reading your blog and asked if we could make it. Why not? My son did most of the sewing by hand and now has a little playmate that he's been showing off to his friends, way better than the latest pokemon or transformer or whatever else is going around. Thanks for the fun!


Thank you so much! My daughter will love making one of her own. Come see our Puppy Tutorial that she made.



love your instructions!

and mousey :)


Wonderful! Thank you, I'll be making a mousey tomorrow :)


Thank you so much for doing that for us! Do you think an eight year old girl is too old for a 'mousey in a blanket'?


Oh goodness, I'm printing out the pattern right now. Thank you. Leil is going to squeal.


wow lynn, you have been busy, well i supose i have with various bits of lobster costume - go and see - but it was a treat to pop back in here and see william and marjorie and the mouse pattern - super pics - you make it very clear- and the dear lion all you need for a perfect blog is mine in your bootilicious list of blogs ... cough, mmmm if i let louise at the sewing machine i'm sure she would make more noise now less, you know .... MMUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMM, the neelde came unthreaded again ....


bugger - can you spell needle right for me in my post, plus your name too, sorry xxxx



I like to sew some for my class in school - they just start learning letters and this is wonderful for M like Mouse, even in German :-) M wie Maus.


I love mousie!! He is so cute - thank you for sharing your creative genius!!


That is so cute. My nieces would love a little mousie. Thank you so much!!!


Just wanted to say that I love your work.




Way too cute! Thanks for sharing.

Nicky Fraser

Thanks Lyn! Made three of the little blighters on Monday, when the heavens opened on us. Managed to finish them (after several neurofen) and the kids are so proud!


that is totally, totally cute! thank you for the instructions and pattern, I can't wait to try it.

Barbara Becker

Honey, if your kids' vacation is only half over then you need to move to a new school district. I love the mousie and bed and will make it as soon as I can get A. money and B. to the store. ~Barb


Thank you so much for this wonderful idea and pattern. I have made two tonight and can't wait to give them to my children when they wake up in the morning...I can feel an addiction coming on though...they may end up with an extend mousling family!

Thank you!!!


I find your blog very nice ! I am french,I dont' speak english very well :o(
Your tutorial are very well explained and I put your link on my blog....
I have an humanitarian blog ( cystic fibrosis )
Thank you...


I just wanted to say thank you for sharing the pattern for this adorable little mouse and his bed. I've been a lurker for a while and find your creations delicious! :)


Thank you for the sharing.


this is a wonderful tutorial, my sister wanted from me a felted mice for her cat, so i am a lucky person, i found this tutorial very rondamly ;) I will do it very soon.




Wow, what a long holiday you have! We have less than a week here...

Anyhow, I stopped in to say I love this little mouse! I found him via Megan at The Scent of Water. The kids & I are going to make some! Thanks for sharing.


We're making mice in the morning. DD went to bed counting down the hours until she gets to make one! DS was trying to calculate if he didn't stop to many could he make in a day! We could be overrun! Still a week to go of holidays here...and I hear they breed well!
Thank you for the marvellous instructions. The kids are SO excited.


It's very funny!!! thank you so mutch for the tutorial...


OH HOW CUTE! Beautiful tutorial for a ultra cute mousey


Hi - I have peeked at your blog for a couple of months now since stumbling across the wonderful world of crafty blogs. I used to sew as a child and teenager and always had a project on the go but it all lapsed for ooooh too many years. I am now inspired and my 6 year old twins couldn't go to sleep the other night before their mice were ready (and one for their friend that was staying over). Thank you!


if I didn't loathe mice so darn much I would make one of these.


thank you! I have already made 2 as gifts. I just LOVE the teeny beds, so cozy for the mouseys.


Hello. Last week I finally had the time to sew my own mousey and its bed. I think they are supercute!

Kris Suthe

Cute mouse. Do you think he'd be cat safe, or would he need different ears/tail? I don't have kids, but I do have a mouse crazy cat...


Your comment on stitching our childrens' mouths closed is LOL funny! I have 3 little ones 7, 5 and 3. My three year old boy out talks my both of my girls put together so they can throw away the study that says women talk more than men (: There are times I would be tempted to stitch any of their mouths shut, but they are just saying the funniest things right now. I might have missed my 5 year old's comment about the "Smoke Shop" beside "Ralphs" (she reads at a 2nd grade level). After reading the sign she said, "Mommy, Smoke Shops are good because you can make money out of Smoke!" (:

I love your blog - is there a tutorial for that cute Japanese lunch box - that would be great for my kids to take their lunch to school and then wash. I would need about 7 of them b/c they would constantly be in the laundry! (:


That is so cute - my 2 year old daughter Mhara is in love!


I found you from someone else's blog and love the mousie!


it's very nice!!


These are sooooo adorable! I have made some of my own mice this morning, linked to you, and posted pictures of my mice...thank you so much for the CUTE idea!


es hermosisimo


Ah! Thanks for the little mousie tutorial! My granddaughter has been so upset - they have a pet mouse in her class at school and at the end of the semester SOMEONE gets to take mousie home BUT not her - mum says NO! :( Perhaps a little felty mouse will make it better? TFS!


This is great info to know.

Melissa Gaggiano

I love it! The mouse looks so cute poking his little face out of the little bed.


How nice it is!!!!!Thank you for this tutorial.


i love this little mouse.....i made mine wiht a mouse pattern and it turned out sooo cute


I love these little mice! I'm going to make 30 of them for my friends 30th b-day! Thank you for sharing the pattern with us!!

sooooooooooooooo cute its the cutiest thing i have ever seen the kids are going back to school and after schools done thell have somthing to do thank lord

Zoe @ Playing by the book

So very cute! I've linked back to this from here:


It is 3 a.m.
I am halfway a period of desperate attempts not to panic, having heard that I might have lungcancer in a terminal stage, and having a 2 year old son. So, I can't sleep.
I have drifted on the sea of sleeplessness and stranded on your website. And thank you, thank you, thank you, for making me laugh out loud and grinning so much.
It helps. I am going to eat something completely senseless and read and laugh some more. Life is good! With dark humour and dark chocolate.
alex from Holland


merci pour ce tuto

c'est mignon tout plein !


Oh I must make a mouse in a bed! So cute - thanks so much for the instructions.


Lovely...!!!! Thank´s, she´s so pretty....

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