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I love it! I was thinking Gee, I want to make one! But then I read 972 ends...hmmm, I think not. So enjoy your beautiful blanket and know that I am jealous.


it is gorgeous! congrats on persevering!


It is very pretty though and looks very snuggly! Ends are the worst.


It really turned out awesome and I would love to have one for myself, but seeing how much work this took I'm sure it would never get finsished.


It's gorgeous! Lovely, I may have to embark on one of those once I've forgotten how torturous the end weaving is. I did most of Blankie watching MY DAVID too.

I don't know I was willing to share and some people get all obsessive! I will just have to take him back!

By the way did you see. He is going to be doing Hamlet at the RSC. I am asking for tickets for Christmas!! David, in the FLESH!!!

Caroline Bletsis

That's one beautiful throw - worth the end-weaving! An internet friend's hubby had David filming Dr.Who in his office block yesterday - he was having his clothes dried with a hairdryer 'cos he'd splashed himself washing his hands - bless!!!!


Sorry for posting again but David was in her husband's building!?!?! Did he not call her so she could run down there!?!? And help him out of those wet soggy clothes? ;-)


This is a super cute, fun granny blanket!
But the ends - Oh No! Weave those ends in as you go and you wont have anything to weave in later! When starting a new color, lay the tails along the top of the previous row and just crochet over them as you work. When you've covered about 2-3" just cut the tails and no more worries.

teresa (maggiegracecreates)

I weave mine in as I go. That way I don't have hours of doing something I hate. I just finished a doll blanket 50 squares x three colors x diagonal rows. Lots of weaving too.

This is beautiful - have a great day.


Ack! The ends might have been a nightmare, but your blanket is gorgeous! I bet in ten years you'll love it all the more for the torture of the ends. :)


Awesome awesome blanket! Beautiful! And I know what you mean about weaving in ends. It's my least favorite thing and probably the whole reason I haven't attempted a blanket like that myself. So good on ya! You did it!! Be proud.


It is a work of art as well as a testament to your endurance and patience in weaving in the 972 ends.


It's so beautiful! I'm now learning to crochet but think I'll stick to scarves for now ;)


it is absolutely gorgeous! what yarn did you use?


Ah, David! My son's school friends used to live next door to David. I was always VERY keen that he should go and play over there. And even keener to go and do the pick up. Funny how often a playdate seemed to coincide with a trip to the hairdressers.
Lovely blanket. I bow in admiration as the ends have always put me off.

Lucy Locket

That is beautiful! Congratulations on getting it finished!


Erm hang on a minute you and erm Miss Gemma, your timelord, did you say your timelord? Do you really think you can win your way into the tardis with a granny square blanket? No I don't care how beautiful it is. I don't care how many sodding ends you had to deal with, if he's anyones timelord, and that goes for you too Miss Mary Jane I've got K9, he's mine. So there!
(Only kidding, bet you could win a timelords heart with that blanket)


Erm hang on a minute you and erm Miss Gemma, your timelord, did you say your timelord? Do you really think you can win your way into the tardis with a granny square blanket? No I don't care how beautiful it is. I don't care how many sodding ends you had to deal with, if he's anyones timelord, and that goes for you too Miss Mary Jane I've got K9, he's mine. So there!
(Only kidding, bet you could win a timelords heart with that blanket)

Mama Urchin

I'm facing a much smaller weaving in nightmare but a nightmare all the same. The afghan looks fabulous though. Maybe it will be like childbirth and your memory will blur out the painful parts.


Beautiful, I'm very envious of your tenacity!


I love it. It turned out perfect


I was trying to work up the nerve to gently tell you about the crocheting-over-the-ends-as-you-go thing, but I didn't want you to smack me over the 'net now that you've already gone and woven in all 972 ends. So I'm very glad that some other kind, braver people than I, have already mentioned it. Just in case you ever get bitten by the granny bug again...

Susan Jonsson

I love your afghan....I made one very similar to it....and commiserate with the pain of all that weaving. This was my first project....self-taught. To my horror....the @#%@#%#! thing is unraveling....It has been banished to the dark corner of an unused room. Guess I need a weaving lesson...or something :(



Ohh but each and every single end is worth it - it's absolutely stunning!


well, it is spectacular and the work is done (I hunt them down at church sales so I won't have to make one). thanks for the chuckle reading this and even more so for the link! much appreciated!


Oh goodness, it is gorgeous.


good work mrs chicken! that is a beautiful blanket


Yeah! The weaving...

Good result though! I wonder if I should start one soon...



Ooooh - I love it. I know just how much time and work has gone into that - I've been on square 4 for 2 months!! One day when I am a granny it will become a granny blanket!!!


This is gorgeous! I've always wanted to make one - I have plenty of WIPs and UFOs to keep my busy for now, though.

lucykate crafts

wow!, will be worth it though, just imagine the kids wrapped up in it in the winter, all snuggled up and warm. my mother in law knitted a baby blanket for my two that lucy has claimed as hers, she loves it, takes it to bed with her when its really cold.


Fabulous!!! Stunning!!! Gorgeous!!! But I wouldn't want to do those ends either.

janet clare

love the colours- I REALLY want one of these, but keep telling myself about the ends.'re not going to thank me for this, but...when I am knitting in lots of colours I knit the ends in at the same time (no darning in ends, problem solved) now I am no expert at crochet, but why does no-one crochet the ends in whilst they are making the thing??


It's beautiful & well worth all the end weaving!


wonderful blanket


Oh my, but it is gorgeous! I'd definitely be willing to weave in all those ends to get that end result! Great work. I am truly envious!


It`s so gorgeous!!! I wish I could do a granny square blanket too, but even reading about all the ends you had to weave in makes me dizzy... I`d never finish the blanket. But it`s lovely to see yours!


OMG, that is fricken gorgeous.
Sorry for the headaches but ooooh is it pretty.


Woah there. I thought he was exclusively mine...


Amazing! It's like you went into my closet and took the one my grannie made for me decades ago. Seriously, I am resisting the urge to check that it's still there. The pattern is exactly the same and the colors-it's like you're her reincarnated. I can't get over it. Though I bet your's isn't scratchy post war wool! And though it was a lot of painstaking work, I promise it will be not only loved now, but be revered as a precious momento of who you were long after you are gone. Mine is very, very special to me as it is such a reminder of my grannie and all that damn crocheting she did!


wow! It's gorgeous! and massive - no wonder it was so much work. Seriously beautiful :)

Dee Light

Impresive!!! I am not so good at this kind of thing!!! So I admire anyone who is. You did a wonderful job!!!


Congrats !!! Really a lovely crochet work - so beautiful ... :D


Wow. I'm not so much into the granny square thing, but you have changed my mind. That is gorgeous! The colours are great, and the squares are so even and perfect-like. Wow.

louise Papas

Ahh the benefits of blogging. Now I know to crochet over the ends as I go! It reminds me of a jumper I knitted in the 80's - I just gave up with those ends, they were all on the inside anyway!

Your blanket is beautiful!


Hola, te quedó fantástica. Felicitaciones. Cariños. Andrea.


I said the same thing after I finished a couple of these. Huge work, great beauty.


You must be in a state of shock and unable to recognize what a crazy, gorgeous thing that is!!!!! Once you come out of it you'll see. I love the colors! And, wow, I am definitely behind on my Dr. Who episodes. What happened to the curly hair and long scarf????


i think this is just absolutely gorgeous. stunning.

that said, i am not looking forward to the weaving in on mine...not one bit.


AMAZING!!!!!!!! Love it, love it, love it.:) D


AMAZING!! Love it, love it, love it!! :) D


I am proud of you and LOVE your wonderful blanket - I was so waiting for it to be revealed.
I tried crocheting over the ends and do not like it. Not working for me. Really great you have been weaving them in, must be a good feeling.
Regarding that David of yours, I have never heard of him, yes, that is possible, you may keep him. At least for the time being, I will try to catch him on Youtube...


i am also making a granny square blanket. i have decided to weave in the ends as i make each square - it's not that I'm an anal control freak, it's just that if i don't i will either have 49 squares hidden in a corner somewhere or one very hairy blanket! lol
l xox


I'm french, so excuse my english ...I like your so nice blanket. Les "carrés de mémés" (Granny squares) begin to be fashionable here in France ! I think I'll make such a blanket very soon.


vraiment superbe !!!


it must have looked might fuzzy before you wove the ends in.

that is one bee-you-tee-ful blanket. that will get you cozily through many chilly evenings.


aaah! I know what you mean - I 'm in the middle of a granny square blankie myself, and I feel exactly the same. Yours looks wonderful, and it inspires me to finish - but I won't do the math on the ends to weave yet ;-) Congratulations!


Tough luck, girls, but there's only room for one laydee in that TARDIS and that's me. Sorry and everything, but that's just the way it is.

That's a gorgeous blanket, though. I'm a keen knitter but I've never learned to crochet. I must put it on my ever-growing list of things-to-do.


Stunning! So worth the effort, because you have a new family heirloom that will be cherished for generations to come :-) Gorgeous colors, beautiful craftsmanship.


BEEEEAUTIFUL! and worth every sodden(is that the same thing as soggy??!! - sorry, I'm American!)
thread! Thanx for sharing your luscious, happy prize! Hugs, Laura


You don't ever have to do it again - you've obviously mastered this!

Truly - so amazingly gorgeous...


However -it is a lovely, lovely blanket!


What a great work of art.


Oh, there´s still hope for my granny squares will one day become a blanket then: I have done all the ends - but have to join all the squares together. I don´t know why but for some reasons the pile has been stucked at my table for the last 3(!)months....


Lynne, darling, good grief, you crochet them in as you go.

Any other way will, most definitely, send you bonkers.


I had to commente, because I'm still making courage to put together all the triangle I crocheted... :)


It's beautiful, a real heirloom, and I hear ya about those ends..maybe a dolly blankie or scarf! Lovely work, and great colors..

tracy x

david in wet clothes!!!
i am truly sorry but the beauty of your blanket is second in this post to MY David....
you and missy Gemma will have to wait in line BEHIND me with your hairdryers!
tracy x


Wow. Gorgeous result for such hard work. It's really beautiful.


Lovely blanket! But there's no way it can win My David away ;)




Pain in the arse, isn't it?

But it was well worth it. Looks awesome and I particularly like the ridges.


What a beautiful quilt - Well done!



***** That is beautiful! *****
J'aime beaucoup votre créativité et votre sensibilité.
C'est un bonheur de se balader sur votre blog.

A bientôt


my grandma done the same and is so sweet to see the same in someone else house....

this post is for me a good occasion to comment on your blog that i read from longtime



Oh wow! That is some blanket - brave you!

Any can I just say that no matter what anyone else says - he's my David (and we share a birthday - well, same day, a couple of years out, but hell, I've no problem with a slightly older man ;)

Nicky Fraser



nice work, Lynn! I am impressed that you finished something so lovely. the colors are so "you".

dana Rogers

it's beeeeeaaaaaauuuuuutiful. hopefully the memories of the sewing in ends will vanish.


You have a wonderful ability to put colours together - it is really, really beautiful :-)


It so cute! a sweet dream!
Have a nice day!


That is such a beautiful blanket! I have made one this year and started the second, I decided to crochet blankets for my nieces for Christmas!! Also have wool to make one for me ;)


ha, i love you for saying all that! xxoo


well, but it sure looks fantastic!!

Karen Hendrix

banket is gorgeous - so is david, but he is SO mine. I hooked my rather simpler blanket on Saturday evenings too.

(funny all these crocheting, Dr Who loving women out there...)

The Chatty Housewife

It looks so so so good. I want one! I just don't want to have to sew all those loose threads in or I would start making one today. :)


Okay, you're killing me. It's a beautiful blanket! I think I'll pass on the Granny though thanksverymuch. It's seriously beautiful.


Er, just to be clear here (fingers got ahead of me on that post)- I will not be trying to crochet a granny square blanket anytime very soon. No. I will come here to look at this one instead or another perhaps.

corine@hidden in france

This crochet blanket is a DREAM. I too said never again once. That was the first time I gave birth. But one forgets...


Wonderfully done! It's amazing.




well its freakin' gorgeous! worth all those ends. i too have just signed mine off. a great big heavy beast of a thing and just as we are heading for summer! i just got out the calculator - 208 squares, 4 to 5 colours a square so say 8 ends a square =1664 ends (not to one up you ar anything!) a lot of those ends, i have to say, were helped along with a glass or twenty!


Congratulations! The afghan is gorgeous. Beautiful coloration.


Fabulous blanket - definitely worth all of the weaving in although that must have been a pretty epic task!


Oh this is FABULOUS! Well worth 972 ends!!! Very inspiring :)


It's beautiful. I love the colours you've used. I would love to make one but I don't think I have the patience for all that weaving in. As I learnt from knitting a cot size squares blanket for my nephew two years ago, just the sewing together of the squares is enough for me!


How funny - I laughed out loud at your post. Yes, weaving in those ends is the worst part - not that I've actually made a blanket from crochet or anything, but I have knitted things. Why is it always the unwoven ends or the unfinished hem of a skirt that keep me from actually completing a project?


Beautiful! I love the shade of blue that ties it all together.


!!!!!!! YOU ARE CRAZY!!
it's beautiful !!!


Girl don't give up, you did beautiful work. As a knitter my tip (crochet is different I know) but as a knitter I grab the dangling yarn and hold it with my yarn I am about ready to knit then its weaved in already. Hope that makes since Then there is no ends to weave in later :) I think you did a fab job and should be proud of yourself!!!!

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