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lucykate crafts

all the best people have blogs ; )

did you see the wedding dress embroidery he designed?, stunning!


Isn't his work wonderful? I've been watching his site(s) for a while and am happy to see more frequent postings lately.

Caroline Bletsis

His work is lovely - have you ever tried to do this? It's so HARD!

Biff, I think I have seen a necklace by Rob Ryan in 'making stuff, an alternative craft book'... thanks for sharing all the other stuff tho. His work is all so so beautiful! Another blog to watch. Crumbs I never get anything real done anymore as there's just so much to see!


Rob's stuff is fantastic, love his stuff - always reminds me of lovely woodcuts. If anyone gives it a try I suggest blades, blades and more blades! Dull blades = bloody fingers :(

The Shopping Sherpa

Thanks for the info - I ripped a picture of his wedding dress out of a magazine and tucked it away then was happy to see is work on the cover of Erasure's Nightbird CD (and associated singles). Which makes discovering his blog a very very happy occassion indeed!


Oh dear... now look what's happened! I had to buy this for my daughter... ah well!

Thanks for the tip off.


i love rob ryan! i'm so happy that he has an etsy shop.

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