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Sorry - your post did make me giggle! Hope your day gets better (I hate slugs)


And I thought my day had started out badly with very early revision for an exam on saturday! It can only get better...can't it?!


This so made me laugh - you paint a great picture in the (unfortunate) absence of photos to go with your story!! Still giggling ...


AAaah sorry Lynn, but I am laughing. Thanks for sharing, I have a visual of sorts even though I don't know what you look like!


Ha ha - that so made me laugh. It reminded me of the day my eldest started school. Despite having a week old baby and being on crutches as I had broken my ankle when pregnant (oh yes, that's another story!) I mangaged to get him to school on time. I was so pleased with myself, and it was only later on that I realised my flies had been undone the whole time!


Oh you poor thing, but you have raised a few smiles and giggles around the place with your amusing words, thanks.


Thank you for sharing.
And please, please stay on that track and give us some more tomorrow :D


Poor lamb - now everybody here is having a laugh as well!
But thank you very much for sharing - that's quite hilarious - I can hardly type becaue I am laughing so hard! I actually hadn't realized that's it's the 13th - thank God it's NOT Friday!


Oh my goodness!! I laughed and laughed...all alone in the living room and in front of the computer!


Oh. My.
Here's to hoping for a nice boring day today :)


I am howling here!
On monday I went to school with odd shoes on.One silver one white and yes everyone noticed and had a great laugh.In fact until there's more juicy playground gossip they'll keep laughing I'm sure!

Mama Urchin

Oh that's a very bad start to the day. I hope it gets better though it would be hard to get worse, I suppose.


Oh my goodness, thank you for the laugh this morning. I do hope your day improves drastically.


been there, done that!!!!:-)


I'm sorry, but I had to laugh at item number 2! I wasn't laughing at item number 1 because that's happened to me more than once - UGH!!


Poor you, sorry but it did make me giggle!


Welcome to my world!! That is so funny.


I realized (too late) that I set the egg timer for 13 minutes on the thirteenth day. I am holding my breath to see what cosmic havoc I have caused myself.

Josette Marcellino

First thing this morning I got a great big chuckle from reading Molly Chicken's Blog.


Oh my goodness, I hope your day improves!


oh, you poor thing! What a way to start out the day. I think stepping on a slug with my barefoot would put me into hibernation all day, let alone the other stuff happening on top of it!


I am sooooooo sorry I laughed out loud at this. You poor thing - bet it made that fella's day! And for heavens sake - slugs yeuch - just why do we need them? I really didn't laugh at that bit - spiders I can handle but not slugs.
Hope your day improves :)


laughing my big fat arse off here!!
hope your day gets better!


Oh My God! That was hilarious! You are by far the funniest woman in blogville!

teresa (maggiegracecreates)

Okay- so I delurk to say - I read all the time but today you are having my yesterday. go back to bed - its the best advise i can give you.

oh and go find the slug and pur salt on him. hate those things.


oh, no!!!

that is a bad day.

Caroline Bletsis

Glad it's not just me then! One less slug, can't be bad; and at least the guy told you and didn't let you spend any longer like that...cold comfort, I know!


heheheh awwww sorry. slugs are gross enough without having them squashed on your barefoot. hey, but at least that guy was nice enough to tell you about your shirt! ;) hang in there!

Johanna least he told you & you didn't make it all the ways to school with a breeze on your booty :) um...& why did your children opt to not tell you...sounds like something my son would do :)


Oh dear. Did you drink all the wine while the kids were on holiday? I do think you deserve a glass after all that. And check your skirt when you go to pick them up 8-)


Don't you HATE IT when that happens?


aaaaaaaaaaaah! I hope the day get better! (giggling loads inside!)


Oh my, what a way to start the day. At the very least, you gave that young man and any other unwitting spectator something with which to smile about all day.


Oh, ouch! What a way to start the day...

It can only get better from there, though - right???

hugs to you...


Hey, at least someone told you! My luck I would have run around all day like that!


Oh, you poor thing!
I've noticed that we've been getting loads of slugs, far more than normally, and in different colours and sizes. That one you trod on wasn't yellow by any chance, was it? Those are the biggest ones here, and they're HUGE! About 4-6 inches long.


:0) Been there.


ms. molly you have officially made my day!

Miss Sassy

Sorry to laugh but at least the young man noticed your behind...


where was the slug ??

and my granny always said these things happen in 3's .... !


maybe he took a pic with his camera phone and we could all google it and find it under 'priceless' or something ...


hehe, oh dear!!!


Oh you poor thing!


Some males like a rounded figure.
Could you tell by the tone of his voice?


Oh dear. And oh my word!


Very funny!


Hey, at least it's the END of the week. I can't imagine what might be in store for you if you started off a Monday this way.

Min Pickup

At least you are able to laugh about it. I hope your day gets better. I have those days often, I left my buggy in the back of a taxi recently and didn't notice until 2 days later by which time it was too late!

kids scramble your brain.

The Chatty Housewife

Amazing post. You made my day he he. Thank you!


We had a slug infestation at our old house- big tiger slugs! A bare foot encounter in the kitchen in the middle of the night was nott a pleasant experience. As for the tucked up to say it hasn't been an experience of mine yet...touch wood!

Miss Dot

oh let's just hope he didn't have a camera phone on you! will be looking out on youtube! kidding. That must have put a smile on your face, what was the third thing? cockroach in the bottom of your finished coffee cup? :-)


Good day then?


I just nearly choked on my tea! I hope the rest of the day went better ...


Oh Lynn,
My cousin did that same thing with her skirt and panties once while coming homw from college. She was walking down a busy street in Texas, it's very hot there so no breeze factor, and all the guys were honking and whistling. She felt so good about herself ntil she got home and realised what had been the source of all that attention! Trust me girl, those embarrassing things happen to all of us. I won't even tell you about how the first day of high school my shoe laces got tangled up together and I fell flat on my front and scraped up my hands and knees and ripped my brand new jeans, In front of everybody! Luckily that was 20 years ago and hopefully I'm the only one who remembers.


Glad you have enough good humor to share that with the rest of us. Thanks for the smile.


oh, I do wish you had a picture to accompany this day's post! I'll just have to use my resourceful imagination.

lucykate crafts

shouldn't laugh at that but can't help to!, i'm sure we've all flashed our pants (and more!) when we didn't mean to, i know i have!.

something to cheer you up, i met julie arkell yesterday, she has a stand at the knitting & stitching show at the nec. have updated my blog about it this morning : )


Ewww...on the slug. And, poor you for the unfortunate knickers happening - at least, you'll probably never see cute guy again (or if you do then that would be the next bad thing!) :)
I love your blog...I just made the chicken/chick/egg (which comes first) tutorial last night & it is SO cute...thank you! I sent it off with my preschooler for show & tell...and, I told her to 'tell' that I hatched it last night while she slept. lol.


I'm still laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You are so funny!


Oh hysterical! And it couldn't have been a sweet little old lady...had to be the cute young guy. My goodness.

Dorian  Fletcher

Good lord...bless your heart. Oh well...we've ALL had days like this. Carry on - it will give you a good story to tell your children each year when they start to school!


I know from personal experience the slug goo is almost impossible to remove from human skin. How did you do it? We should have a whole seprate blog for us women to share are traumatic slug experiences.


I know from personal experience the slug goo is almost impossible to remove from human skin. How did you do it? We should have a whole seprate blog for us women to share are traumatic slug experiences.


I know from personal experience the slug goo is almost impossible to remove from human skin. How did you do it? We should have a whole seprate blog for us women to share are traumatic slug experiences.

sara luzia

oh my word!!! Still laughing!


You're not only a very talented crafter (artist, really), you're also incredibly funny! Thanks for this good laugh.

Elaine (Bloomin' Myrtle)

Thank you for you wonderful blog, it always makes me smile. But when I read this I just had to laugh out loud.

Hope your week is getting better.


i stepped on a giant slug once! at night! uck!! i can totally sympathize. your knicker story is a hoot. :D it would be a handsome young man who caught it, right?

Monkee Maker


Clicked here through Lucykatecrafts and I've enjoyed catching up with you :)

I was especially pleased to see that you had 69 comments on this particular post .... mind you, I have had a couple of glasses of "the nectar of the gods" - hope that's how you put it .... wine induced memory loss is a terrible thing - anyway, I think you're the very helpful lady who told me I couldn't accept anonymous comments a while back, and if you don't mind I'd like to link to you .... tomorrow. Definitely not tonight (refer to above mentioned grape juice).

ps. I hope your mum will be feeling better soon :)

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