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Such lovely critters!!


Cute! nice work! I just l-o-v-e Julie Arkells work,but they are too expensive for my price range. Perhaps I should make my own Arkell inspired piece.

lucykate crafts

have you met julie arkell?, i spoke to her on her stand at the knitting & stitching show, she looks just like one of her dolls! i find what she makes so intriguing, when its all together on show, its like entering a little fantasy world.


How creative! Unlike your first two commenters, I've not heard of Julie Arkell before but I shall go and see about her work. Thanks!

Mama Urchin

These are too darling.


Love these, they are fantastic. I'm a fan of Julie Arkell's work as well.

Passions & Distractions

Cuteness! I've never seen Cissy and Ada, so I'll have to give that a watch when I get home!

Miss Boule

Excellent! I just LOVE it!!!!


"Britney and Paris"- I'm still laughing!


soooo freakin' awesome!


AWWwwww how cute!

I'll have to go check out Julie Arkell too.


Those are really cute! I discovered this blog through looking for japanese craft mags, since I'm just getting into the whole japanese crafting malarkey - you show some amazing stuff!! good luck with your family stuff as well.


hehe excellent! and so cute


I love all you do- these cuties are adorable!!!

Nicky Fraser

just wonderful! though much more loveable than the real britney and paris!


Well done Mummy & Molly brilliant stuff!


Those are gorgeous! I'm a huge fan of Julie Arkells work too... so quirky and fun!


You are so good at giving your toys character and charm, never mind Julie Arkell, I think you should have your own show.


Oh, I'm going to go on an inkle search soon. My son thinks he's already seen one under the log in the park. *


I am glad you're back and your mum is getting better! I haven't heard of Julie Arkell either and will go and check her out. Britney and Paris are brilliant!


@ who's interested: I just found out that you can make your own Julie Arkell doll at a workshop:
It's quite expensive though...


Thanks for introducing me to Julie Arkell too - am off to learn more about her, but I can't imagine how her work could possibly be cuter than your lovely creations. Thanks Christine for the above link too!


I love them!!

katie jones

adoreable I love your humor.

rOuge biZoux

Excellent! I'm lol!

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