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Sorry your Ma's not feeling well. I have a shocker in the family also. :0)


Your Ma just made my day!
Best wishes for her.


God, I wish my mum was like that too! Don't get me wrong she is very ill too but not so funny!

Karen Bell

Best of wishes for your mom. She certainly put a giggle in my afternoon!!!


Oh my, at least she knows how she likes her men! I hope she feels better.


If it would make her feel better, I have an antique peter heater that I would gladly share! I don't get to say that too often. (click my blog to see the pic)


good grief! that is so funny! I'm sorry your mom isn't feeling well.. but she certainly hasnt lost her sense of humor!
Hoping she is feeling better soon!


That's both terribly funny and sad both together. Look after yourself as well.


Oh dear!


oh dear! i bet you'll have a whole book full of stories for us when you return. you'll be missed and i wish your mother well. xo


sorry to hear your mom's not feeling well. try to take good care of yourself while you're taking care of your ma.


I'm sorry your mom is unwell, she sounds hilarious!


You have to keep your sense of humor....glad you and your mom both have! Sending you good wishes!


I thought I had the only mother who said things like that! Hope she feels better very soon. Wonder what she says when she's feeling her usual spunky self.


Oh, I love her already.


Aww, sorry your mom is not doing well but sounds like she is still having fun!


If you can't be inappropriate in your eighties then seriously when can you be? She's earned it!


Such a lovely lady!
Hope she is getting well soon.

Anne Marie

It only goes to show that we should never forget that inside our "olding" bodies there is always a little girl, or should I say a young woman with desires! How wonderful of your MA to embarrass you the way she did. Power to the old Ma's and grandmothers around the world.

I hope she is doing better.

janet clare

Oh dear! But it must be lovely to say and do exactly what you want, mustn't it!

My friend Charlotte's Gran got banned from 'Dial-a-ride' from being 'uncouth'. We shall have to get them together.

Joking aside, I hope your Mum is safe and happy and that she is easy to look after for you.

Tracey Dawkins

I aim to grow old disgracefully and your mum sounds like a good role model. I am usually a lurker but wanted to wish your mum a speedy recovery and to say I'll miss your blog its appreciated and enjoyed by myself and my daughter so hope to have you back soon. warm regards Tracey

melissa Halfpenny

It gives me fond memories when I was a kid and my aunty made one for my pop for a joke, I'm glad to see she still has a sense of humour. I wish your mum and yourself all the best-I'm lucky my mum is 53 and cheaky too. All the best Melissa!


Hope she's feeling better soon, the cheeky minx! Medics must love little rays of sunshine like her. (Look after yourself, too.)


I hope your mum will be better soon. I really do love your stories about her - they would make a hilarious book!
Best wishes for yourself, too!


Sorry to hear your Ma's not feeling so good - she sounds exactly like my gran ;0) Hope she feels better soon.

lucykate crafts

hope your mum gets better soon, i remember your stories about her from your family wedding post : )


I shall think good thoughts for your mother.


this reminded me of a favourite poem:
"When I am an old woman I shall wear purple, with a red hat that doesn't go and doesn't suit me, And i shall spend my pension on brandy and summer gloves, and satin sandals and say we've no money for butter...." Jenny Joseph "Warning"

Good luck with tlc, wishing her speedy recovery. (first time comment but long time reader - thanks)


That is too funny. I have a grandmother who pulled a similar thing on me in a recovery hospital earlier this year. thanks for the laugh.


Ah-ha! Now, I see that it runs in the family! ;-) Sorry your Mum is ill, but a sense of humor is the best medicine. Be well.


I'm sorry your mother's not well, but, oh, thank you for sharing that! I needed a laugh this morning, and that did the trick!

Mama Urchin

Oh my. I hope she's feeling better soon.


Best wishes to your Mum... hope she's better soon. What a wonderful character! Hope I can be like that at that age.


Best wishes to your ma for a swift recovery, great to see her sense of humour!


I love your Ma so much.


Girl I bet you were shocked. Yes my grandpa was that way when he was getting older. His ended up being mostely meds!!
My grandma had alztimers so this can also be possible and it is heartbreaking!!!!


I haven't laughed this much in a long time. Your Mom is sassy!

caroline bletsis

Hooray for growing old disgracefully! Thanks for giving me a great start to the day and hope your mum feels better soon.


Your Mum sounds great. Hope she's feeling better soon.


Oh how mortifyingly funny! Just think.... years from now you will be telling this story at family gatherings... er, perhaps not. Popping over from Blue Mountain Marys blog because she recommended you!


Ha! The docter must have been floored!


All best wishes to your mum who sounds brilliant.


omg. *snort* My husband's grandmother once told a doctor where he could put the glasses he kept trying to get her to wear. They didn't fit and she was fed up. She also said she wanted to sit in the hall in her wheelchair and trip people coming down the hall with her crutches!


I love mad old woman - I have to... I am one...
Love and light to you and your family. Don't forget to give yourself a bit of TLC in the midst of caring for everyone else.

mrs recycle

To dear Molly Chicken and the rest of your brood... look after that old fowl she is a real delight to have in any flock........and when YOUR ready do fly back into our lives.

Thank you for the fun so far.


Reminds me of my friend's very religious, God-fearing Catholic mom who blurted out to her daughter one night at the ballet when the male lead came leaping out: "He is hung like a BULL!!"

Good luck to you all and stay safe.


She sounds like a fantastic lady. I hope she is feeling better soon.


May we all have such a great sense of humor, and may we all want a male nurse with that kind of heat when we are 84.
You are in my thoughts!

Nicky Fraser

We can only hope your mum can see it being modelled to help her feel better! Best wishes to you both, take care of yourselves x


Sorry to hear you're Ma is poorly, it hasn't affected her sense of humour!lol.Take care.x


How funny! I can see that she has her mind very much intact!!!



Hope all goes well and your Mum is soon better. She sounds totally precious. My ambition is to be a shocking old lady :)

Kitty Jimjams

Gosh, well best wishes for you and your mum and the rest of the family. Hope things get better soon.

Kris Hurst

My mom doesn't have a filter either and I'm terrified at her comments at the time, then when I'm safely at home in another state I laugh out loud and pray to God that I age with grace like my sweet grandmother!!!


Oh my god! My mum would NEVER EVER say that!!!!!


Hope all is well soon. My hubbies grandmother used to tell us jokes with vulgar terms for the female privates. We werent sure if she even knew what it meant.


your mom sounds cool.
when i am 84 i hope i feel free enough to say such things.
:) hope she gets better soon!


That's hilarious. It must be fum being a naughty old lady!


Hahaha I can imagine my mother saying something similar reminds me of an incident one year in ann summers =O.

I've been looking for some wrist warmers for the longest time I really should just make my own... but reading that does quite put you off hahaha.


Oh my, I think your mom is my new favorite person!


Oh how we like your Ma!!!! I think she's been teaching mine!!!


9 inches. Well!


Aww, I hope she gets well soon. xo


Would you believe my friend actually saw that type of...uh...warmer at an art show? Someone actually makes them for that purpose! Craziness.


Would you believe my friend actually saw that type of...uh...warmer at an art show? Someone actually makes them for that purpose! Craziness.


Sorry she doesn't feel well. But what a woman!


I won't be able to make weiner roll-ups from now on without visions of knitwear...


Hilarious! With a sense of humor like that, she may outdo all of you!


All in your site is wonderful, congratulations!!


All in your site is wonderful, congratulations!!


You made me laugh so HARD! :)))))


Your Mum really is a character isn't she? Hope she is soon feeling better.


Too funny!! Hilarious!!! Hope she is well soon!


Oh! I am so glad I popped in. I hope your Mum's well soon. This made my day! Take good care of yourself as well.


HA! what a wonderful spirit about her! wishing her well and you all some wonderful together time.


take care, all of you. hope that healthy sense of humour brings good health all round!


I hope she's on the mend. Take care and keep smiling x


I hope your Ma feels better soon.
It was very wrong that you made me spew on the monitor, oh my heck!! ;-)

Your mom rocks, that is hilarious. We all knew those wrist warmers had other uses, hmmm.


the apple doesn't fall far from the old tree! look after both of yourselves x


oh my goodness bless her heart!!!!!!
that is too funny-
i am amazed that your family and you can make a sad / hard situation funny like that-
hang in there, all the best wishes to you and your mum.


I'm sorry to hear about your mom, but that story is hilarious!!!


I'm sorry she isn't well. It's always so awful when it happens. Part of me always thinks my Mum is indestructable.

Hmmm, maybe I shouldn't be knitting wrist warmers in public then!!


Lyn, I hope your mom gets what she wants! Every gal should! Hope all is well.


All the best to your Mum. You should one-up her and add some jingle bells to the ol' dangler--I mean wrist warmer! Who can't love a spitfire like that? I know Docs could use a good laugh or two.


I don't even know her and I love her.

Hope all is well soon. Very best wishes. x

melissa Halfpenny

I'm glad to hear that your mum is feeling better!!The cardies that you made are fantastic, I love them you are a talented lady....... Take care love Melissa!!!


That is one of the funniest things I've heard in a long time. Sorry for your embarrassment, but it makes for great blogging. :>


Mortified or not, she cracked me up!!!! Made any doo dad warmers lately??? Hahaha!!!

Alicia P.

Oh dear, best wishes to your Ma, and you.

I read this to my male-nurse husband and it's possible that he's now more embarrassed than you were.

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