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The game is fabulous! (says a 40-something who played it from beginning to end!!!)

Mama Urchin

I love the drawing of you, the witch.


lol. i love your sign.

i'm afraid you may be tempting people to find out what will indeed happen if they do knock on your door.


I played the witch game a little and I had to giggle, it's way too cute and funny! I'm 34! lol

Hyena In Petticoats

Bah Pumpkin?

I love that picture of you as a witch.....
I live in a cemetery, but because we don't celebrate Halloween in Australia I haven't seen a SINGLE person in there causing trouble tonight. How lame is that?



Man I wish I could draw like that. What a great sign.
It does get annoying when the older kids come in their jeans for candy. Bah Humbugs.


I'm not fond of halloween eiter--glad to know there are others out there. I say get on with it and let it be the real holiday season already.


It's "Get lost you lousy kids!"


Lynn, I think it's

"Boo, Humbug!"


You are too funny! We had to Trick or Treat with the kids last night (we're in the States) and they had a ball. Where I am in the US, they have a strange tradition of having the kids tell a joke before they get their treat. We handed out treats, and after a while, we were like "No, really. Please don't."
But having lived in the UK, it is certainly a tradition that jumped the pond so to speak. I lived there some 20 years ago, and I think in the 4 years we lived there, there was but ONE small group of trick-or-treaters. I think we gave them breath mints from my mother's purse.

Happy Zombie

Great sign - cracked me up. I'm mixed on the whole T-or-T thing. Seams like organized begging... but so much fun too. My peeve is the parents who bring babies. Really? You're going to give that sweet little one toothed bebe sugar? And that's why I give out gross healthy stuff to baby-treaters. I don't contribute to bad eating habits AND I get to piss of greedy parents in one easy swoop.


HA HA HA! That is hilarious!!


Ha ha ha, love the sign, after giving away a whole bag of sweets to kids who didn't even bother to say 'trick or treat' I wish I'd done the same!


And did the note actually work? Halloween is my birthday. I get the serious Boo-Humbugs and would love to crawl under the house until its over.


We should join a anti-trick or treater's club.

Check out my blog entry for my feelings on the subject.

BTW, I love to lurk on your blog and read your child's comments.



what an adorable sign... I feel bad for granny!


speaking as another who hates halloween, i love your sign.

what's with the teenagers trick-or-treating in big mobs? bleah.

Kelly H

Trick or treating is (barely) glorified begging. Especially for anyone over the age of 12.
Some kids just stoll around with a bag and don't even have a costume!!!


Boo humbug? I'm in the same boat-halloween does not ring my doorbell so to speak. I just can't get into scrounging up costumes for my 2 picky ones so they can beg for things I don't want them to have. And I love your sign!


well, i tihnk its HAH-BUMHUG !!!
how are ya lyn?
and how old is billy? i was trying to work it out from his questions ...


Heh heh - good idea! We get teenagers with hoods over their heads in mid-september ringing the doorbell and saying "tricka treat like*" nearly every year.
Hope you had fun scaring poor old ladies!

*this was an attempt to type in a geordie accent


Not like Halloween? Guess I won't put on my Halloween Queen get-up when we meet.
Thanks for the game links--me and the boy played them all. Such fun! He was too scared to play the witchie one without me by his side though. I do like the skiing one a lot.


are you the witch? You must keep this sign, its so fabulous!


I do love your sense of humour!


What a wonderful sign! I only wish I had made one of my own...


That is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. Our oldest is at the exact same phase with her writing...I am going to miss all the notes and notices we are getting too.

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