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Lucy Locket-Pocket

Very, very funny! It's always so embarassing when they do things like that!


I'm so glad my daughter's too shy to speak in public!

Passions & Distractions

Oh God that was funny! I love the way you write dialogue






kids - don't you just love them!


he's got great questions and you've got great answers. things are going to work out just fine. :)

Anne Marie



Ha! Perfect.


Oh God I remember my youngest saying "Why is that man so fat?" SSSHHHHH!


whoooops... the worse was the endless moment of silence!

Happy Zombie

Too funny!

Nicky Fraser

aren't they just the best?! My friend's son asked his mum why the man was in a wheelchair, 'because he's only got one leg' was his mums reply... after a lengthy silence her son said 'oh, well could i have one for Christmas??'... its the workings of their minds that are so wonderful!


Yes, I remember once I was unloading my shopping cart only to have a man tap me on the shoulder and give me back the maxi pad that my son had handed to him from my purse. To say the least that trick was on me.


Toooo funny!


I see that the apple hasn't fallen too far from the tree.


Oh the things they say... When my little one asks questions like that in front of people, I seriouslly freeze! I have no how to respond!


"mummy is that old lady going to die soon?" infromt of old lady.
Even my "don't know"'s get a "try and guess why" answer. Happy keeping sane.

Mª Engracia

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haha...really enjoyed your last two posts, had me chuckling to myself.


Aaahhhh Good times.


ha ha! love it. when i was a teenager we went to stay with our friends who'd just moved house. my friend (who was a bit younger than me) was loving showing us all the new things - the house, garden, etc.. so when we went to the corner shop with her mum she was really excited and shouted out "and this is the horrible lady shop, isn't it mummy?!" in front of the whole shop, and the horrible lady.
needless to say her mum was mortified and has never set foot in that shop again.


Oh, I don't know, I think saying someone looks like a 'house's ass' could catch on. A bit like describing someone as being like 'the back end of a bus' - only funnier.


And how late can I be with this one - I love your crochet blanket - it's absolutely beautiful and I'll be coming back to see how you did the joining up bit when I get round to doing mine. So that'll be in about ten years or so...

tammyCA it! :)


Love him!!


Oh God! Don't they make you want to run away?! When my daughter was three she was always burping really really loud. I would always say, "Say excuse me you piggy!" and we would laugh. So, one day we are in the grocery store and she lets this crazy burp out. I am so mortified I don't even look up. Well, she says at the top of her lungs "Say excuse me you piggy!" So now everyone in the store not only thinks that I am the foulest woman in the place but that my own three year old has to tell me to say excuse me!!! Later it was hillarios but at the time I could not get out of that store fast enough! Luckily, she is now 7 and seems to have outgrown the burping problem.


Thank you for the belly laugh - I needed it this morning. I can only imagine you have a very entertaining life with Billy in the household. Precious!


Oh this post made me laugh and laugh. Thank you so much.

Dawn Alice Rogers

this cracks me up! your son and my daughter would really get along well!


I thought the Halloween post was hysterical but then you posted this.


oh, yes...
my daughter, when she was 3-ish, said, rather loudly, "mommy, that lady has big buns". She really did, but it sure was embarrassing!




Oh yes about as embaressing as husband finding little girl pants in his pocket instead of a hanky during a business meeting. LOL Mine also came up with "where's granma's broom"? and "where's granma's bucket"? Fortunately not while in the old bag's hearing.


Oh my god! I'm going to pee my pants. And you sound like a very amusing Mummy to have. =)


Oops, forgot to share my embarrassing story. When my daughter Sophie was 4, we were visiting our friend Lisa, who was about 48 at the time (and kind of sensitive about getting older). Lisa knew that Sophie was REALLY into princesses and all things princessy. So she said, "You know, I'm a princess." Sophie looked at Lisa with much skepticism before saying, "You must be an OLD princess." I wanted to crawl under the table.


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Billy is very entertaining--do bring him back for more posts.


o, thanks, I'd forgotten that kind of fun...he's got your wit, that one. must come from your mother ;)


That is hilarious! This has started my week off with a right good laugh...Ah, the blessing of children! LOL! :o)


Oh, yes, I know these days quite well, too. It's sooooo worth writing it all down.

The 7 Peachlings

Dear Molly chicken,

What a delightful little chick you have!! He is more like us than most of our chicken acquaintances.

And you are one knowledgeable chicken about the Humen world. We hope you don't have many contacts with Humen, though. Humen eat chicken, you know.

We are very, VERY interested on how "the human race wouldn't exist anymore" if "daddies have the babies". Could you elaborate, chicken friend? We are just curious... that's all.......

We love you,

The 7 Peachlings


thank you, thank you, thank you. So funny I nearly spluttered my red wine all over the computer screen.

melissa Halfpenny

I not going to laugh because I have had some embarrassing things happen to me with my kids and sometimes you wonder where kids get their questions from!!!!!
Mel xxxxx


Haha, that's hilarious. SOunds like our kiddies need to get together.


Egad! I am so glad I'm not the only one. My two girls always have something loud to say at just the wrong time.

The big one recently is asking how we got all the land over the the US from France for the Louisiana Purchase. Funny thought, and it beats the time she called by boss fat and scary.


I love your humour and I nearly fell off my chair reading your sons comments in the supermarket. I have so been there at times. Keeping a straight face and a cool temper really are learnt from practise arent they...



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