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I think your cardis are lovely I knitted simular ones for my daughters when they were that age they are Debbie Bliss and do take effort to knit but the result is worth it and I have kept a couple to pass on as heirlooms or something (my husband shrank one in a hot wash and got a pink shirt to boot)


I find it very interesting how our craft interests change. I have been quilting for 10 years plus...I took a couple years hiatus in there somewhere and I'm back at it again. I find my fabric choices have changed as well as how what types of patterns appeal to me. Long ago I was partial to the quilts of yesteryear and now I'm more attracted to the easy peasy let fabrics speak instead of the patterns.
Your knitting is beautiful! what lovely treasures your children or child(?) will have for the future.
Big hugs to you and your mom!


Those cardigans are lovely, but my favorite one was the blue one... it looks like an itty bitty riding jacket!!! Where did you get the pattern for that one?

karen (toronto)

wow !!
your knittings are so cute !!
sorry but I don't think it's boring at all, especially when it is beautiful to see....


Such great news your Mum is on the mend. Your knitting projects are awesome, and I have just had a thought. You should send one of those 'wrist' warmers to David Tennant.


So glad to hear your mum's feeling better :)


Omg, those cardigans are gorgeous!

Jenn : )

Those sweaters are beautiful!


Lovely, lovely pix. :0)


So glad your Moms doing better, I love a feisty lady.

Your sweaters are all so beautiful. What a wonderful job you did.


Not boring. A visual delight!


I'm glad your mom is doing well. It's so difficult to parent your parent. It's good you had your knitting to sooth you through some of that. I have been an avid knitter, and will always knit, but I'm really loving your site and getting my sewing machine running again.


I think these cardigans will still be beautiful in 20 years or more, real classics.
But I know what you mean, my taste and interests change all the time (is this a correct sentence? Forgive me my bad English...).
So funny, your mothers stories, I think all the families are the same, quarreling at a wedding...


These cardigans are sooo lovely! Very unique and perfect for a sunny day in early fall.....
P.S.: your ma really is some sort of movie character, I can almost hear her voice asking for those nice wristwarmers ;)


You never boring! If you have 5 min to spare I would love to know which DB book the first cardi comes from. Celine

Pink Sky

Not boring for a minute. I love the cardigans! I notice my crafting preferences change too - sign of growth (at least I hope!)

I'm glad to see your mother is doing better. :)


No crap photos here and it isn't boring at all. Glad your mum is on the mend. Those cardis are beautiful, I can only manage scarves and that's only if someone can cast on for me!
Kim x


Not boring at all and lovely photos. I love the cardis you knitted. I could never do that. Not even once. At least you can say you did. (~_^)v


Glad to hear your mom is doing better.
And those sweaters are so beautiful. All those details!!! You did an amazing job on them.


I'll continue to keep your mother in my thoughts and prayers.

Your knitting is beautiful and beyond what I have the patience or even skills to do.

jenny b harris

Glad your mum is on the mend! The stripy cardi is adorable. All of them are way beyond my skills and patience!


Brill that your Mum's on the mend. You know they're getting better when they have a serious biach about the family. :-)

Love your little knits- you have brilliant tension- not too tight or too loose. The last multicoloured bit I did was a tad tight, so I was kicking myself but didn't have the heart to undo it as it sort of added a bit of unusual shaping.

tracy x

not dull at all x
glad your mum is on the mend and able to tell rude jokes!
tracy x


So pleased to hear your mum is feeling better.

Beautiful knitting - you are obviously being very modest. I suck at knitting. I started a Little Badger blanket for my son - get this BEFORE HE WAS CONCEIVED and i only finished it *just* in time for his first birthday ROFL!! That was only because i gave it to my mum to complete. So you see, compared to me you are a real pro ;o)


Glad to hear your mum is on the mend, she sounds a real character. The photos are fine, the afghan makes for a super backdrop.
I had to finish knitting my sons jumper before I could leave for the hospital whilst in labour, I knew I wouldn't finish it otherwise. On a high from that adventure I knitted myself a Edina Ronay cardi...... it took me 5 years to knit. I wore it for several months, then gave it away.LOL!


Amazing knitting, I've never had the patience for more than a not very good scarf. Glad your mum's on the mend and boring, you're not!!!


Wow! Those are amazing sweaters!


Glad that your Mum is recovering and has her vulgarity intact! Love the knitting shots especially the cardis that you made for Molly. I'm just like you in that I love knitting but don't have the patience to knit big stuff anymore - any row length longer than 60 stitches has me getting fidgety and restless. Knitting is great though for being able to lug around and get on with just about anywhere. Let us know if you get in touch with Susan - sounds like there's an interesting story there!!!

Kitty Jimjams

Oh, I am delighted that your mum is feeling better.

Those cardies are very sweet - and to my untrained eye they look pretty complicated too.


Glad to hear your mum is doing better. We've missed you!

Frieda l'écuyère

I, say thank you. For your webblog. I'm not able to say more (I'm French) but I'm able to read ant to look at lovely pictures. So,THANK YOU.


So glad to hear your Mum is on the mend. I love your cardigans - I enjoy knitting for my daughter right now as she's just 6 but I'm sure that will change when she gets bigger as I like small and manageable knitting. I thought your photos were lovely xxx


Great news that your Mum is recovering her profanities sound hilarious but I rather imagine that is because we're not there! Love your cardis, why is it that little girls can have the most adorable carigans and look goreous and I end up looking like some kind of bag lady?


Glad to hear your Mum's doing better. And no, it wasn't a boring post at all. And neither were the pictures crap - those little sweaters are adorable. And I'm sure Molly will remember them in a way that she never would a store bought sweater.


Miss you!


So good to hear that your mother is better. I am in love with that blue-checked and flowers sweater. It is just gorgeous.

Passions & Distractions

Your mom sounds fiesty! If I ever make it over there, can I hang out with y'all? I'm a bit of a boozehound, but a loveable one! ;)

Monkee Maker

Beautiful cardi's and I so wish I'd been at Susan's wedding .... I'd love to known what went on!


What darling sweaters- your color usage has always been one of my favorite things about you! Glad that Mommy is doing better.
P.S. You are Never boring.


Beautiful knitting is never boring!

And I'm glad to hear your mum is recovering and back to her old rude self.



Great that your mum is getting better. The things they say when their older cracks me up, just like the things little kids say sometimes. I love your knitting, and they all look beautiful. I dont like wearing wool either as it itches me, and I much prefer to wear cotton.


Bellissimi lavori. Sei molto brava
Un saluto dall'Italia


Lyn, I love you. Really I do. I can be having the crappiest of all CRAP DAYS and I come here and you make me laugh.

If you were a rich man, I'd marry you! :P

Glad your mother is doing better!


These are so cute. I haven't had the patience to knit anything bigger than socks yet. Maybe one day. As for the crafting preferences that change: Is anybody else's head so full of ideas and things one might make, that they change crafting preferences every ten minutes, or is that just me ?


You & your work are so inspirational!!! <3




Wow! Those are great! I only wish I could knit so well.

Holly in Virginia, USA

My heart goes out to you so much, my mum is also in the throes of dementia, being diagnosed at the young age of 23 and now at 73. At our daughter's wedding last year, she drank way way too much, and on the ride home with my brother, said, "well, what the h.... was that all about?" She lived with our family for over 10 years and spent every possible moment with my five kiddos....and she's made many other 'humorous' but highly inappropriate remarks....there is a special place in heaven for all healthcare workers for the elderly!
happy days with crafting are ahead,


My crafting interests change too.

I love the cardigans.

Racheal x


I love the cardigans!So cute. Oh and i agree, Rowan Cotton is the best and you can wash it at 40!!
So glad your Mum's on the mend....Oh do share her comments, the last one had me in stitches!


Hey! I was just sneaking a peak at all the japanese craftie things on your blog and then thought I would check you site out properly .....I'm loving it!!! Just wanted to say that for someone who 'doesn't knit' (or very often at least) you do it very well :)


I haven't knitted myself in years, but looking at your lovely sweaters could be enough to inspire me to take it up again.

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