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So it's unbritish to be thankful and unbritish to be emotional. Think you've just about covered it all! :-)

New York!! You lucky old thing! I am desperate to go. If you get to the airport and feel you can't possibly leave your little angels give me a call, I'd be more than happy to help you out of your "what to do with the ticket" dilema. :-)


You will LOVE it. Have a wonderful time.


Funny, In Poland people complain a lot too :) I thought that is polish feature of character :) I didn't know, that in UK people also complain so much :) And I'm really sorry, that we don't celebrate Thanksgiving to - it's a nice holiday, isn't it? and we have so much to being thankful - and we don't appreciate this.
So, happy journey - I envy you - it would be so much fun to see all that distance places! :) And send you warmest wishes from Poland :)


Thank you for having a blog. I always love to visit.
Have a wonderful time in NY. I'm across the river in Hoboken and you are going to have a great time!
Try to get over to Brooklyn too if you can...


YAY New York! Have a great time, and I hope you have a list of all the wonderful places you can go visit/fabric shopping. I live here, so if you need anything, give us a holler!

Caroline B

You lucky, lucky person! Have a great time in NY - now you've given me something to complain about 'cos I'm not going too!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Have a lovely time in NYC - what a great sister you must have!!! Lucy x


I *love* your blog! Thank you!!

Safe travels to New York! I know you'll have a great time.


Haha!!! Thank you for your message! In France we also complain a lot, but we do have real strikes ;-)))
Have a nice holiday up there...

Jessica Hood

I always enjoy your blog. Have a fabulous time in NY. It is terrific this time of year!


We only discovered you yesterday.
My 17 year old daughter laughed and laughed at your David Tennant comments, I think she knows just what you mean:P
Have a lovely trip!


Have a super time.


Thank you for your blog, very wonderful. Have a safe trip and have lots of good adventures--so you can tell us all about it. :-)


Happy "complaining' Day to you!! LOL

Have a BLAST in NY- you'll love it there!


You lucky, lucky woman you!!!
Hope you have a fab time and enjoy the lovely shopping!


I was just thinking about how nice Thanksgiving must be.To be honest though I don't think I could do with another 'must fill the cupboards to cover the one day the supermarket is shut' stampede we get at Christmas!


Have a fabulous time in New York. Love your blog... always makes me laugh.


so, u coming here to the us? thats good mabey u can visit me ;) and teach me how u make those lovely dolls! (Ruby)


Have a wonderful trip!! Cocktails do indeed help, the fancier the better.

I love your site and your crafts and your wonderful sense of humor. So thank YOU for putting them forth for us to enjoy!


I´m sitting here in Sweden, reading and enjoying your blog. THANKS for that!


Complain? Us? Really? (tongue in cheek of course)
I love your post and nodding my head in agreement with everything you said.
I stumbled across your blog a while a go and the Brit post prompted me to delurk and comment.

Have a lovely, lovely time in New York!!
Fantastic blog and will be back again soon.


The way you described the British sounded as if you were speaking about Germans! It seems we are very much alike - minus the humour ;-) Did you read "Watching the English"? If not, you'd enjoy it!
I hope you enjoy your trip! I wish I could go, I'd love to go to the garment district...
Oh, and thank you for being here and so much fun!

Susan Jonsson

I am grateful to you....I visit you daily and am cheered by your comments and your whimsical art. You should know how much it means to me to have your blog to look forward to. One just never knows the good they do...for a stanger half a world away. Have a wonderful time in New York with your sister.



Have a great trip! I like the idea of celebratibg Thanksgiving, we here in Finland don't do it either.

Thank You for the inspiration! I just made two Mouseys and I just love them!


Oh I am SO jealous. All those shopping opportunities. Save the fancy cocktails for when you get there - boy do the NYers do good cocktails. And good cocktail waiters too!
Have fun. Can't wait to read about it.


Love your blog but rubbish at commenting. British are not the best at moanning, oh no...we the french ARE the best!

Monkee Maker

Well! I sincerely hope that the weather is better for you there than it is here at the moment. I hope that you don't run into any of those god-awful adolescents while you're there. I hope customs won't clobber you on the way back in (as close to taxes as I could think of) and I hope you won't have channel after channel of crubbish on the telly.

But mostly I hope that I'll get over this insane jealousy I'm feeling!

Oh, and *sigh* .... have fun :)


Three cheers for everyone and a very happy Thanksgiving trip to you!


Wow, wonderful! You'll love the way folks complain here...with gestures and other unmentionables. Actually, it's a very, very friendly place, just be careful and street-smart. Have a great time. xoC


Oh, you have cracked me up again!
Enjoy your trip! NYC is a crazy busy city, but this time of year it's so pretty to look at with all the windows done up. There is so much to see! Have a great time!


Happy Non-Complaining Day to you too!! Hope you have a great trip to New York and check out all the crafty goodness alongside all the other general goodness on offer!!


Having lived in the UK 10 years I now know how to do all of the above very well - especially the bit about the weather - I try hard not to mention it on a daily basis.

Visit the Guggenheim while in NY, a Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece, the building alone exquisite - the art it houses, divine.

When you get on the plane home life will be a distant memory, have fun.


Have a brilliant time!!

I had to laugh at your post. My mum is British and Dad, American.
What's the saying?
I'm loud and offensive but totally appauled by my behavior?
Something like that. hahaha!

Love your blog!


I love reading your blog, so thanks to you for being here...I almost always laugh out loud. I need more of that in my day-always! I laughed at your description of British people. you are hilarious, woman! have a great trip to NYC.


Happy Complaints & Compliments Day to you! :0) Don't worry about not having the time to respond to everyone. Some of us like to go without response. It's probably related to the 'unable to take a compliment' gene.


In Canada we complain loudly and sarcastically. We also hold Thanksgiving, but do it much earlier in the autumn, so we can have a good complaining stretch in between the thankfullness and the good cheer of Christmas. We're crafty that way.

Thanks so much for your blog; I've really enjoyed it.

And have a great time in New York! It's unique! Unique You Nork!


I love your blog. It's one of the few that I loyally read. You have great crafting taste, a way with words, and a fantastic sense of humor. Thank YOU. =)

The Vintage Magpie

ohhh Im soooo jealous... would love to go to New Yoik! Have a fabulous time, go and be very British !!


I am British too and I like to make the effort to not complain. Complaining people can bring you down and most of the time it is such petty things they complain about. I love this time of year in the UK and I think we all need to start smiling more ;)


I only found your blog a few days ago, so I'm going to be typically British now and complain that I wish I'd found it sooner!
I've really enjoyed looking at your craftwork, and the wonderfully warm and witty way in which you express yourself - ooh! now I've come over all gushy too (not to mention aliterative) maybe its contagious!
Have fun in New York.


Have a lovely time in New York, and I agree about the Thanksgiving - we are far too caught up in the lives we lead that we don't often pop our heads out and have a look at the beauty that is around us all the time, that we don't see x


Sisters rule!!! Have a wonderful time. Your blog is so funny and entertaining and you are so clever too!!


Enjoy New York - I can't wait to hear about your trip!


I took the Dorling Kindesley book of New York with me when a blagged a freebie trip there. It was brill for maps and what shops were where. Do do do go to FAO Schwartz toy shop. It is wonderful! The pound is high against the dollar, so pack minimum so you can stock up on fabrics. Enjoy it! The Chrysler and the General Electric building are well worth looking at too. Sorry I could go on and on. :-)


have so much fun in ny-there is so much to see and sooo much shopping to do!! love your blog!


ah, ah, ah, ah!!!!
so, after all, portuguese are similar to british!!! :D

There's no thanksgiving here too!
But thank you! ;)


this explains import duty.


Have fun in NY. There might be snow! We have it here in Wisconsin.


Lovely and very funny post Mrs Mollychicken! Hope you have a lovely time in New York. Cocktails will help you cope every time :)
Happy Thanksgiving/ Unthanksgiving - please delete as applicable.


Happy Un-Turkey Day from here in Maryland! We've been having some unseasonably warm weather so I hope it holds true in New York for a day or two for you. Have a great trip!


Love your blog and I soooooo understand where you're coming from with this post. It's so hard to teach your child to be "winner" in today's world. How did excellence become a shameful thing? My son's eighth grade graduation ceremony was cancelled because "it would've made the kids who didn't graduate feel bad!" I'm still trying to figure that one out.


I hope you have the most wonderful time in New York. I went there with my sister six years ago and we had the best time. It is such a wonderfully vibrant city, and with the dollar being more that two to the pound now just think of all the bargains you can get.


I love your thanksgiving post - you put it perfectly. Have a fab time in New York Lyn.


I love your thanksgiving post - you put it perfectly. Have a fab time in New York Lyn.

Lil' d

I hope you enjoy New York - great exchange rate for shopping right now.

As for the American Thanksgiving I went to yesterday, um, not much thanks was given after my sister-in-law lost her dad's keys (we were celebrating at a regional park covered in fallen leaves...). Turns out that Americans are pretty good at complaining too! Especially when their car had to locked in the park overnight...


Oh my God is The Big Apple ready for you? Hope you have a really wonderful, marvellous time and by the way we love you too!

Veronica TM

have a wonderful trip, lyn!


great scott! um, I think New York is ready for you......LOL. Have a great time! and no feeling guilty. We love your work and blog!


damn. had i know this earlier, i'd have insisted on having that fancy cocktail with you. i know THE place. i happen to be in nyc for a visit, too!!


Have a blast in NYC, travel safe, and visit Purl Soho if you have time, very cute shop, you would love it. It's an incredible town.


We probably rubbed shoulders in the airport! I was leaving on the 22nd to head home.


you think you complain too much in the UK... you should go to Portugal... besides complaining and sitting without moving the ass (sorry), we say that the other countries are much better... still I like our climate and our culture and the country... still we could do something more about portugal!


New York! Without the babes! I can't wait to hear about all your adventures. And cocktails.

Much love to you!

jemima bean

Have a fabulous time! We're lucky to have you visiting the states (and I hope we behave ourselves whilst your here!)

ps...I'll share the sick bucket with ya. I'm grateful to have your blog to visit, you're always such a hoot!


Have a wonderful trip when you come to New York. But beware! Not all Americans are that fantastic! LOL.


hmmm, yes, lets all stop and say THANKYOU instead of, no ... ! not really !!!

if it helps you not feel so bad just add a link to my blog making it bootylishious and it wont be too much bother, and you will feel less bothered ...

im expecting my 4th baby and im only a sporadic crafter and, cough, blogger !...

madame bigorneau

enjoy !
i love yout blog !


Give my regards to Broadway & enjoy my old neighborhood. Wish I was going with you. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Johnny loved that place.

julie at BV

I love your blog. it's just so inspiring. Thank you for all the gorgeous posts.

lucykate crafts

nowt wrong with a bit of complaining, my husband says i'm quite good at it (obviously, living with him, i've had a lot of practice)! hope you had a great time in NY, and exactly how many craft book shops did you go in??

mama lieveheersbeestje

Hmm,.. it sounds like you are speaking about the day-and-night-complaining-about-everything-and-everybody-DUTCHpeople! Haha! But I read in the comments that this complaining-virus is spread all over Europe, how come??? Lets try and be optimistic! I am sure that you'll have a wonderfull time in NY!

Elizabeth Holcombe

I'm an American Southern woman. Our nature is to help everyone and refuse help ourselves. Then we pass out from exhaustion. I hope you have a lovely, lovely time up there in NYC! I hope you got to the garment district, esp. Tinsel Trading Company!~~~XXOO, Beth


I agree, Thanksgiving is a lovely holiday but us Brits wouldnt be that good at it. My very Britsh, Bah humbug, grumpy ole husband (love him to bits!)snorted and mumbled something about slushy american nonsense when I mentioned I liked the sentiment of the day!hehe. I do love your blog tho!Thank you for all the laughs and inspiration.

carol Eldridge

just found your blog...I am relatively new... I love England and have visited there many times...everyone complains about something...but we should be happy with this wonderful connection in the blogging world we have.

please stop by and visit my blog.

carol eldridge


popped in thinking you were angrychicken but you are not angry at all. not even complaining. what is wrong with you, doll? haven't got the brit spirit proper today?

lovely blog anyway. i will probably have to come back even if you are not angry.


Well I for one think you do 'unBritish' very well.


Oh do have a fabulous time!


oooh, ny! just in time to see all the festive decorations. have fun, see lots and enjoy!

looking forward to hear your european perspective on u.s. life. ^^


Ooooh! Fabric fabric fabric! (And loys of wodnerful other things too!)

Monkee Maker

Heavens to Mergatroid - you've been in the Big Apple FOR AGES!!!

Hope you're having fun there :)


I've just come back after a long hiatus to reading your blog--this is wonderful, Lyn. It's been three months in Nottingham for me so far and I love it and I love that I can see the Britishness of the people I know in your words. I'm so pleased you loved New York. xoxoxo

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