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thats really cool, wish i could buy a copy


You beat me to it. Just thinking I should post some pictures from some Norwegian Christmas crafting magazines... I haven't yet though because I have wondered: is that allowed - or is it against the law? Is it ok if you credit it? In any case I have been reading your blog for ages and love the adorable, happy things you make!

La C.

Thank you for the pictures. I must make the coasters. And I am kind of curious as to how long it took you to finish your ironing (coming from a woman who NEVER irons).


Great inspiration, I am ashamed to say I had already started to think about 'C crafting, so I am going to have to get hold of a copy.

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Gorgeous magazine - but I don't think you should be showing me it! (Cue very grumpy husband when I spend even more money on crafty books!)

Anyway, that's not Mrs Santa in the photo. It's Mrs Pepperpot - definitely!

Lucy x

lucykate crafts

that advent calendar is rather nice isn't it, and, yes i saw the one on allsorts too. did you see her previous post about the little shop she'd found?, kind of wishing i hadn't seen it, it's about 20 minutes drive from where i live and is sooooo expensive, but absolutley lovely.

i've started making christmas presents already, don't want a repeat of last year, up till all hours on bl***y christmas eve, bl***y sewing!!


I like those (felt?) motifs dangling from the branch in front of the window.

And my Festive Season juices are already flowing!


I must have one! Thanks for sharing :)

Anne Marie

I LOVE the cozy coasters! Thank you for sharing the pictures!


Oh oh oh... I love the little Christmas trees!


Wow, those coasters are just adorable!


I've been on the look out for Christmassy inspiration, these are all really gorgeous. I love Jenny's advent garland but this one looks equally simple and cute.

Jenn : )

My copy is in the mail - can't wait to see it in person!


Brilliant book. I just got back from Japan and went nuts buying mags and books - worth every Yen.


Lovely book!
Kind regards,

Sonnja, from the Netherlands


Please, we are all jumping on the Xmas bandwagon earlier and earlier, I'm worse than anyone I know. I think it's because we are all so busy. I just bought 'The Crafters Companion' and I love your section. You make the cutest stuff.


Ooooh - beautiful book! Another thing to add to my wish list. I just love Japanese craft books and Christmas, so that issue of Cotton Time looks like a really winning combination to me :)


I don't think you're boring at all and I do appreciate your post about the Christmas issue of this magazine. Thank you so much for sharing all this and I'm going to go over and order the magazine.


lovely! especially all those shades of light brown & the advent calendar !!!

Monkee Maker

Mmm, lovely pictures, but I'm desperate to know ..... how long did that pile of ironing take??!


Lovely pictures of Christmas goodies! Now if you want to talk ironing I'm your woman - I could winge about it for simply hours xxx


I've been missing your inspiration. I check your blog everyday. You are not boring. I love your tutorials. I hope things are going well for you. Thanks for sharing the book, lots of inspiration there.


So cute just discovering your blog and loving it !
I'll be back !!! LoL


hee- i am thinking about that devilish word already too and these are such inspiring little projects!
thanks for posting them!


Love the coasters and little tree.

Studio Christine

would you believe....stores in Australia have had decorations since the end of SEPTEMBER!!


Lots of inspiration here, maybe I should get a copy for myself then I could prop it up near the ironing board and browse as I iron!

Dee Light

Thanks for sharing!!! So many cute ideas. I love the advent calendar


oooooooooh the crafts they're so pretty!!!!
I really love reading your blog... not only do you always have something amazing to share with us but I love your sense of humour!
Just wondered how you found out about all these amazing japanese craft books and've got me hooked


I've got to make that advent calendar. And I want to make one of those little thinging ma-bob hanging in the window, I can't remember what they're called??? Anyhow, so cute.


I got my copy that day at a nearby japanese bookstore - Kinokuniya. This is my 1st book on Cotton Time and I love it. Good and great ideas. Seems like a like cotton time more then cotton friend now.


Hi Lynn!

What a lovely website!! I've just looked through some of the photos and your blogs - like the supermarket conversation with Billy :o)

Really inspiring - you make some brilliant things, hope to see you all soon.

Love Melz.xx

Melz and Mum

Mum loves the website too :o)



There are always lovely things in cotton time. It's a pity not to have enough time to do them. I'm going to decorate my tree with my usual christmas tat too.I've fallen in love with the advent calendar.

Stephanie Dosreis

oh I love the window hangy thing! Christmas is my favorite holiday and I'm so glad we have the TIME to decorate properly..the last 2 years we have moved to new homes in Dec and the year before those my husband was overseas and I didn't even bother decorating!

Alex Hughes

Thanks so much for the link to Jenny's tutorial. It is just gorgeous and I am off to buy the felt tomorrow. I love your images from that gorgeous magazine ~ very inspirational. Thanks heaps for sharing.



Hello from Japan!
I found your site while surfing on net.
I was very surprised to find this magaine in foreign site.
Actually, I used to draw some pictures for this magagine.(about 3years)
Your handmade things are so cute!
I'll come again. Thank you.
(Sorry for my terrible English!)


Thank you for these lovely magazine but could you please give me the ISBN number ?
Thank you again.


I LOVE it! Wonderful ideas, as always.

Allison Rosen

I am pretty late on the comment train - but these are so fabulous! I have a few Japanese craft books that I WISH I could understand!


Lovely book!

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