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too funny--your description sounds perfect!


It's New York. It's just New York. One time I was returning alone from a trip to Ireland. Customs was stressful.After customs I didn't know where to go to catch my plane for home. All the people I would ask said something like "Yakka Yakka Yakka" very loud and impatiently. Finally a very kind cleaning gal showed me how to get to the regular United terminal. It was an unpleasant experience. I've never visited New York but I'll be prepared.


Be careful, once you let New York into your blood it's damn near impossible to get it out. I lived there for 4 years and miss it dearly, that lovely, shiny, grimy old place. I'm glad you had a good time ;)


I have to laugh because I felt the same way the first time I went to London. (Except without so much telling off. People were quite friendly, but I didn't know what to do at customs, or what in the hell a "Sachet" of ketchup was. LOL) But man do I love it there. I am dying to return. London is *always* calling.


What! All the way to New York and No pics! Hey lady, show us some visuals!!!
Glad you are home safe and sound. BTW, What, you couldn't hop on over to the west coast to say hi before you left?


Oh my! I was surprised when I read that you liked it! I am from the other side of America, a state called Idaho. It's kind of rural here. I felt ashamed at your description of New York...I've never been there but it did not sound pleasant. I'd rather visit the UK, I always imagine it being much more friendly, not to mention absolutely beautiful. But I'm glad you had such a good time, phew!


spot on. i wanna go back too.

corine@hidden in france

New york and I, it was love at first sight. (Okay, it was a one sided love affair, I don't think New York ever noticed me. ) The city pulsates with the most amazing energy. Now I live in L.A. and it feels tame in comparison.


New York, there's no place like it. I have lived in Philadelphia for 4 years now,but I will always consider myself a New Yohrker. And whenever I order a cohfee and chaulklate donut,I am reminded as such.


You really had the New York experience! I lived there for 10 years (and I'm now just a bit north of the city and work there several days a week), and I sure found out that you've got to be prepared for the pace, the bigness, the tallness, and those great crazy New Yorkers!


o, I was getting a little worried there reading your tale...told off that many times? That's no way to treat a visitor. I think folks here in the city just come across cranky sometimes, most people are softies at heart. Glad you plan to come back.


So agree! I love New York, too. Oddly enough, your trip reflects the one I took. Fancy that!


It's such an amazing city - intimidating, expressive, full-on, big, friendly, and every street there's something different. I'm glad you had a great time!


Glad you enjoyed the real NY, knew you would.


I am glad you had a good time! I'd like to hear more - no shopping done?? You know, I didn't make the same experience. I wasn't told off even once and I always thought the New Yorkers very friendly - that's compared to the people in Berlin whom I consider very rude - well, most of them anyways...


I'd pay the price of the odd telling off to go! Haven't been since I was little, but it is calling me...


Now I'm telling you off! Wot no pictures?

Lisa thedomesticdiva

Glad you enjoyed my city!

Us NYers are so fast paced and impatient...everything moves FAST here. Luckily, I live about 20 minutes from Manhattan in suburbia Staten Island--so I have the best of both worlds. If I want great shopping, I head to Manhattan...yet in Staten Island, I have a huge yard and even raise giant Koi fish there.

Let me know when you plan to visit again and I'll treat you to a nice dinner at The Palm restaurant after some shopping in the Fashion District (the shopping is on you...LOL).

With friendship,


New Yorkers cranky? nah...they're just headstrong & they respect a good comeback time just tell them to "foget-abowt-it"

Honestly, the last time I was in the City it was a sunny warm Spring day & I was impressed by how safe & sane everything was after watching umpteen episodes of Law & Order :)


It's a rare person who can resist her charm. We lived there for 3 years (out in the boroughs), moved home to Australia for 2, missed NY so much that we're back...just a little futher out in CT. NY has a vibe that just makes you feel ALIVE.


I LOVED your description of New York! It made me want to go see New York all decorated for Christmas is the best of all worlds!


glad to hear that you enjoyed your visit.i have never been there myself, so I guess someday I will have to.

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Glad to hear you had a great time! I'd forgotten you were going and was wondering where you were! Did you buy any nice things? Lucy x


Only went to NYC once but it sure was great! Went just after Christmas and everything was still all lit up! Glad your trip was fun.

Chris Howard

On behalf of my countrymen, I'd like to apologize. New York, it's attitudes and personalities, has very little to do with the rest of the nation. Next time, come down to Atlanta, and we'll show you a little Southern (and American) hospitality.


I had to laugh at your post...I grew up in New Jersey (15 mins from NY) and spent a lot of time working and playing in NY. I give you credit for being anywhere near Macy's on Black Friday. I took my husband (from Calif.) to NY for the first time on Black was the first and last time I was ever in there on that day. Only tourists would be crazy enough to do that!

Funny...when I moved to Calif., I missed the friendliness and honesty of the people of NY/NJ. The only place in the South I ever experienced true hospitality Chris was in Jackson. Mississippi. Nicest people on earth. Atlanta, not so much.

the pesky bombolino

so funny! I actually enjoy that kind of up-front rudeness- or at least i prefer it to 'have-a-good-day' niceties- I respond well to the 'treat 'em mean' approach!


I've lived in NYC for over 12 years now, and I can tell you that Christmastime is that harried and unplesaant even for us.It's the time of year more than the city.


Thank is the perfect description of New York. I chuckled my way through and agree with you every word! I am glad you found it exciting and stimulating.

Yet, I bet you're glad you're home.


omg. it is so hard for me not to let my ny out all the time. (i know live in denver, colorado.) i have to remember not to honk here the second a light turns green and the car in front of me isn't moving. i still get annoyed when things don't happen now!

Ram in the Thicket

I've been to NYC twice, and I seriously don't care if I ever go again. I guess I'll always be a country gal ;o)


It is nice you enjoyed your visit :)
I wish someday I`ll go to New York...
Bye :)


I love this post! Very hilarious. I love your honesty, humor and grace under fire. I visited NYC from Montana, USA, and probably felt just as foreign as you did! I loved it too. It is an amazing city.


It doesn't take long to fall in love with NYC. The city exudes energy.


wow! glad to hear you enjoyed yourself even though you got told off so many times.

i live on the west coast and my visit to ny was not so impressive as yours. maybe i need to try it again.;)

post pics! would love to see what you did!


You definitely must have a sense of humor, and not take things too personally when visiting New York. I've lived here for 15 years, and love it more then any other place in the world, but it can still get on your nerves if you let it!


It's hard to explain how invigorating the rudeness of New Yorkers is but it is. Try going south to Virginia where everyone is so polite, I just love being called Marm!


Now I want to go, more than ever.


I want to go back to NY... Right now!!!


I LOVE new York....... and your little story is very funny.............tall is the perfect way to describe New York.
It makes me want to go back!

Lil' d

I've still yet to make it to New York, but the American Immigration Officials are a scary bunch at every point of entry...

Glad you enjoyed your trip!


I'm glad you liked New York! Your reaction reminds me of my hubby's cousin when she visited last year. She hails from a small town in Italy and she couldn't get over how tall our the buildings in NY were.

I hope you get the oppurtunity to head back! Happy Holidays!


Well, I'm glad you liked it! If you come to California, it will be the opposite-sprawling, low and everyone will be super nice! Hmmm, maybe you won't like it!


Welcome back!! and I'm laughing at your New York stories.

Monkee Maker

Wow, it sounds fab .... although I don't really want to go to a place that sounds a lot like my Mum!!


That's exactly what I love about my hometown... the good-natured heckling. It's just how people are -focused on getting things done, not afraid to tell you you are hindering them, but not holding a grudge or expecting you to either. Glad you liked it!


I'm so glad you loved New York! I've worked/lived here for the past 10 years and there really is no place else quite like it. What I've found is that even though people might not hesitate to talk to people in a brusque manner, most of the time they won't hesitate to help you out either. And just as Janel commented, it's really hard to get it out of your system once you've had the New York experience!


ha ha ha! I love New York too, there is no place like it on earth!


New Yorkers are a little... demanding, aren't they? Glad to hear you had a great time though. Happy Christmas!!


If its any consolation I too have no clue about the easy eggs and I live here (not NY - on the other coast). Baffles me too - just give me eggs, regular - runny eggs. Glad your trip was super, with plenty of laughs and happy memories. Sounds as though it couldn't have been better.

Karen in Brooklyn

Darling, if you were outside of Macy's on Black Friday, those weren't New Yorkers giving you the trouble...real New Yorkers wouldn't DARE go anywhere NEAR there on Black Friday! ;-)

Samantha R.

I was in New York for the very first time around the same time as you were. It was pretty crazy, and near the end you just learn to stay out of people's ways. I was travelling to be in the Thanksgiving Parade, and I absolutely enjoyed NYC. Surprising, as I'm a small-town kind of person. I love your blog!


I love when people love my hometown. Perhaps it's Brits who really "get" NYC? I've always thought the Rolling Stones song about NYC is the all-time best, er, spot on. It's definitely not Americans, as anyone reading the comments can see! But if you want a real rush, even more people dense and verticality, I'd recommend Hong Kong--and they're not as impatient as we (NYers) are.

maize hutton

HA! I LOVE NYC! You'll have to do the marathon the next time you visit. I did it in 2003. You run through every borough ending in Central Park. It's a great adventure.

Ahh...I miss it...such a mix of people...going again in April...


New York is New York. And it is great. Why are all those people from other parts of the USA apologizing for it? New York is great. I won't say it is better than those other places mentioned...I don't need to say it. Everyone knows it! Plus, the people might be crabby and cranky but they are a loveable bunch and will help you out in a jam. Which is more than I can say for some of those other states.

Tanya Whelan

I love this post!! I from NY and as much as I complained about the constant rudeness when I lived there I really miss the "realness" that is NY.

Account Deleted

i have lived in New York all of my 36 years and will never leave! i think i'll go play "New York, New York" by Frank Sinatra now...thanks for your post!! it made my evening reading it!! come back someday!!

Jodi Renshaw

Even though you enjoyed it, I want to apologize for some of my "countrymen". For a kindler, gentler experience, come visit us in Maine. You won't regret it. Our license plates read "Vacationland" for a reason :)



HAHAHA, the first time I went to New York on my own I was like 19 years old. My good friend was very animatedly telling me a story, on the train ride into the city, and a little old man turned to her and said. "I'll give you a dollar if you SHUT UP!" She was so mortified that she did. And at the end of the train ride he tried to shove a dollar in her face and kept saying "Good job!" Oh gosh...


Drink it all in! Have a lovely time--cranks and all! Have you petitioned any of your readers to give you a tour of their neighborhood of New York? I know it's strangers and all, but it would be a unique way to do the "tourist" thing. I saw some YouTube videos of people who traveled Europe by staying with people they found on MySpace. Went famously.


Oh, it just sounds delightful! I love going there, and I love LEAVING! Home always feels great upon my return. Glad you had fun!


LOL! Ah yes, that would be my city. And many of us who live here get told off by vendors and bartenders and the like, too. So don't feel special! ;)

I can't believe you were at Macy's on Black Friday. You are braver than I!

Cheers from New York!

the creatist

well, you are NOT an idiot.. maybe sum ppl need lessons in manners - but it's not you...


haha, i got tickled about your comment on crack cocaine! It seems that way, doens't it? LOL! I"m from SSSlllllooooowwwww Texas! NYC was a adreneline rush for sure and i LOVED IT TOO!


Brings back a lot of memories :D

I have to say New York drove me nuts and I couldn't live there permanently, but living there a few months was interesting. My one piece of survival kit was learning how to yell "The sign says WALK, asshole!" at every yellow cab that tried to kill me. Traffic lights? They're for schmucks.


There isn't anywhere on Earth like New York. :) I love your description of it.


I am glad you liked it. New york is a grand, grumpy haven of great food, wonderful shopping, interesting sites and to top it all off, it is a walking city. You can walk the length without getting tired, though you might want to subway back.

ellen Crimi-Trent

ohh too bad it was that way for you! I remember the first time I ever went to NYC and it was an opposite experience. I went to school there and live there until 97' when they found an arsenal of pipe bombs around the corner from my apt! so back to Massachusetts I went with hubby! Anyway you just go those horrible people who are not making money and have not had much sleep!
I remember once I got my keys locked in my car on 6th ave and about 20 people and then the police helped to get my car open!
I think NYers just can't deal with the everyday bla bla bla people give in other places, they do not want to waste time. If you were in need I am sure there would be a dozen to help anytime!
give it another chance! I love it for it the honesty and craziness!



That's NYC! (sorry this is super late and not on topic, but I just randomly found your blog and this post made me laugh) When you aren't in midtown it isn't so bad, and new yorkers are nice underneath the crusty surface. Although I have to say you're braver than I am. I do NOT mess with that part of town during the holiday season and I live in Manhattan!


Great post! What a tribute. Makes me want to book a flight :)

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So agree! I love New York, too.

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