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Congrats, nothing quite like the first pair, I promise it does get easier.

Caron Mosey

Oh, that is just WAY too funny. Thanks for the early morning laugh!

The socks are beautiful, and I don't see big holes anywhere in them. Great job! Molly loves them, I'm sure!

Reminds me of third grade when Mrs. Thummel was teaching us how to abbreviate. Then, next lesson, we were learning about land forms. I abbreviated "peninsula" in a way that made Mrs. Thummel VERY angry. She even called my parents!

I'll let you guess the abbreviation.


very beautiful socks. I began one two months ago but i stopped it because i have difficulties to knittel with 4 needdles


Oh you really aced those socks! And will there be a second pair? I have to admit, I can't wait to begin again. The bug has bitten and your yarn looks very enticing.

You reminded me I need to harvest some more kiddy drawings before recycling day. Love the willy tale.


Your socks are absolutely gorgeous! I love the new book too.... I'm a bag-a-holic. Not only is it a great way to satisfy my favorite accessory urge, but a cute way to show off the kiddo's designs. Thanks for sharing!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Those bags are gorgeous and I love the tale at the end!!! Soo funny!

Lucy x


Love the socks -- extras make them special. Socks are my favorite thing to knit. When my husband was little and in science class, they were talking about organisms. He began his answer with "Orgasms are...." He just didn't understand why the teacher started laughing and had to leave the room for a moment.


Beautiful socks! I love the ideas for the children's pictures and have a page of Minx's pictures ready for such a project :)
Your little story at the end is too funny - definately cheered up a grey afternoon!!! Poor child will never live that one down ;)


They are fabulous socks! Very well disguised holes and ladders!

The bags are gorgeous - pity my boys are too big to be producing cute pictures - I'll have to have a rummage through the boxes in the loft! Love the story at the end... will make an interesting bag!


Great job on the socks. The colors even line up to match. It makes me happy when mine match, but I have many knitting friends who like them however they turn out.
Have you made bags with transferred pics. How do you transfer them?

Katie J

Wow - you knitted socks! I'm still on my first pair after about 6 months... I just can't seem to understand the pattern when it comes to turning the heel, so I have great admiration for anyone who manages to finish knitting a pair (holes and all hehe!) In fact I have great admiration for anyone who manages to knit their first sock ;-)
Keep it up it can only get better.
Katie J xxx


LOLOLOL I can just imagine the teacher when she saw *that* creation.


That would be so like Josie.She is really into boobs,bums and willies at the minute.Not literally but you know what I mean!

Caroline B

Excellent socks! They look pretty good to me.
I remember when working at a pre-school one little girl drew her daddy in full anatomical detail - her mother didn't know where to put herself when we showed her, all of us laughing like drains...!!!


Well, no wonder you've been kinda quiet... those socks are totally awesome! The stripes all match and everything! How cool are you? And you didn't skimp and make little footies for your first pair, you went and made long, full-calf-and-shin coverage, honest-to-goodness socks. Yay, you!


I LOVE the bags! Are you sure you have the ISBN number right though? I tried to find it on Amazon, and came up with nothing. Please double check, I'd love to find this book.


You're hilarious, and I love your site.

Your socks look fabulous. I can't see any dropped stitches from here.

You inspired me to make a granny square blanket. I'm in the thick of it now. I heeded your warning and lost the ends as I went, but it's still a big endeavor. It's going to be beautiful, though. Thanks for the inspiration!


ROFLOL about the "male parts". indeed that would make an interesting bag.


Brilliant story! I think the socks are rather fabulous, i wish i could dare attempt something like that but i know my sanity could never cope.


That´s so funny... I had to laugh trying to imagine the teachers face!!
Very nice post, I invite you to check out mine, even though is in spanish, , i have you as favourite I hope you do0n´t mind.


Hand knit socks are the best! I am sure Molly will be asking for more.


Yes, be sure to get back to us with the 'male parts' bag. I think we all want one


Baahaaa! Cripes, that is funny.


I often think of these sort of books--I've seen another one on making quilts with kid's drawings--when mine draw something that's really rather bizarre. Such as the detailed drawing my younger daughter drew of a wolf standing over a bloody deer with x's for eyes.


bwaaahahahahaha! that story about your friends' daughter is hilarious LOL!!

LOOOOOOVE the socks too! I'm really trying to get the guts up to try to knit a pair!! I doubt mine would be as beautiful & complex as yours though - they're lovely!!

I'm also running a recipe contest on my blog, so stop on by if you get a chance and check it out :)


Well, once seen NEVER forgotten, lol.
The socks are gorgeous. Knitting bug hasn't bitten me yet, but I know the idea has been growing on me a bit. I was wondring where you had gone to. Now I know when I see the socks!


LOL ! What is it with kids and willies/bums/boobs.. how funny! I dream of making socks like those one day... maybe if I start now for this Christmas... ahh maybe not.


Wow amazing first pair! Cute ideas.


You'd definitely get a lot of looks with a bag like that! LOL!

I love that book though, it's a nice way to incorporate all the drawings kids come home with.

And congrats on the socks, errors and all!


The socks rock!! They rock my socks!! Totally jealous!


Love the socks. I tried kintting a pair once, the first one came out OK, but then I just couldn't be arsed to do it all again!!!
The bags are gorgeous, just another thing I must try when they get around to putting 28 hours in a day.


That's a hilarious story, very funny!
And I am really impressed - the socks look great, so well knit!
I really love hand knit socks but totally lack the patience to finish them! Thank God that I have a sister who likes to knit them for me and the kids!


Beautiful socks!

Rebecca F.

I bet she loves the socks. I certainly would!

And the "male parts" made me chuckle right out loud.

Rebecca F.


Love the kids' bags! Maybe I can still do something with my 24-year-old's kindygarden drawings?

And thanks for the morning laugh. I am picturing it -- would make a great bag indeed, and probably a popular one in some quarters.



Those socks are Whauw!! You are some claver girl! The little bags are great as well!


Excellent socks!! Looks like a very complicated pattern to follow. At the moment I think that I will just stick to my patterned squares! Hilarious story made me smile in what has been a bit of a dull day.


ROFLMFAO!!!!! - oh yes it would make a cute bag indeed. Hehe



The socks are fantastic!!!


The socks are great - so much funnier and more interesting to read about than the 'perfect' kind.
And the last story was a perfect example of why I keep coming back to your blog. Very few other bloggers have the balls to write so matter-of-factly about such funny topics. =)
Looking forward to your next post.


The socks came out great and I love the kids bags and totes. I miss making them but we'll have a bday coming up and I'll get my chance to make one for my niece :)


Those little bags are so cute. I love the doodle bag with the little girl in ponytails! Hilarious story too!


Your socks are great! I am just about to finish my first hand knitted scarf and have a long way to go till I am ready for socks!
And the bag ideas are fab too :)

Facile Cécile

de toute beauté!!!


Gorgeous socks! Thanks again for sharing adorable zakka images!

Kathleen Rietz

LOL! I love the socks SO much....and then I read about the "male parts" and my tea almost came out my nose!


i love this. I made a quilt for my son using his images. he takes with him to kindy or just in the car on rainy days. It has monster trucks on it.


This is such a cute book its everywhere here in Japan. I keep bumping into it. I think I need to buy it so it stops stalking me :)


We're going to have to see those drawings.


What a fantastic idea - I can not wait for miss two to get older and start drawing things other than circles!


*cough* that is great! this was just the laugh I needed. It would be interesting to see that drawing crafted up into a bag! rofl. I love the socks. congratulations! i'm off to check out Kristin's recipe contest, but before I go I'll plug mine too. It's about sharing creative breakthroughs. I'm in desperate need to get through some Valentines orders, but I think this post gives me just the laughing push I needed. Thanks! Fun and inspiring as usual.

Haylee's Gifts

How that is so cool, I love them!


Love your blog.
How do you transfer kids pictures to the bags?


Oh, my gosh. I just found your blog via my friend Visty (the rinrins on Typepad). You are HILARIOUS. Consider me a regular!


wonderful ideas-those bags...your socks are beautiful! I haven't ventured the courage for socks yet, although I have the makings for them.


These bags are so adorable - such a great gift for a child! I especially like the bird one!


Your socks are beautiful! You couldn't tell this was your first pair. Believe you me I have been knitting for years! GREAT JOB!!!


whilst i just pick myself up off the floor and wipe my eyes at the same time... CLASSIC STORY.

but maybe not quite the thing for one of those cute japanese bags.

those bags are utterly sensational, btw.


i can't find this magazine anywhere! can someone help me out? i've checked my usual japanese mag resources, (is ISBN incorrect? and i don't know the name of the magazine) and no luck. any info would be appreciated! thanks


I was totally inspired by this post to finally use my son´s drawings in usable and beautiful stuff... and we LOVED to do it!!! I finished it and posted some photos in my blog. If you want to take a look, I´d be glad! Sorry, it´s in Portuguese... but you can see my dino!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

petites recoltes

It seems to be marvelous! But I would like to have a french translation!!
Well, this way I can improve my english......


Hi, You are too funny about the "male parts". I do love the socks. Linda

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Well, no wonder you've been kinda quiet... those socks are totally awesome! The stripes all match and everything! How cool are you? And you didn't skimp and make little footies for your first pair, you went and made long, full-calf-and-shin coverage, honest-to-goodness socks. Yay, you!

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bwaaahahahahaha! that story about your friends' daughter is hilarious LOL!!

LOOOOOOVE the socks too! I'm really trying to get the guts up to try to knit a pair!! I doubt mine would be as beautiful & complex as yours though - they're lovely!!

catimini uk

Love the childrens print bags. What a great idea..!

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