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Hoorah! Wondered where you had got to.

New Year Resolutions stink.

Thanks for Barney's PJ's!

Christine Hembling

Hee hee, I did make some "resolutions" but I like yours best "make more stuff!"
Yay for fish and chips day, think I may have to have some tonight :)


I think your resolutions are perfect, the adjusted ones that is!!!! Top bird :D


Your resolutions are spooky! Why? Because they are me to a 'T'!!

I absolute love your baby presents they are all so pretty. Also yes please on the offer of the lavender baby tutorial :)

Have a great weekend.

Lesley xx


I love the resolution list and the baby gifts are so so good.


I enjoyed this post very much. It could have been me, giving my resolutions for 2008 and the respective answers.


I just love your list ... it could me mine ...

lucykate crafts

hey, long time no see, love the baby gifts, the little booties are so sweet. have got to ask, what is 'knitting wine', it sounds like something they used to brew on 'the good life' : )


Very sweet baby stuff. I'd love the lavender baby tutorial, so, yes please if you can. More people should make resolutions like yours, at least then they'd probably keep them :o)

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Good resolution decision there! I think I may have to go for your version too! Lovely goodies you've been making! Lucy x


Great resolutions, funny with the strike throughs. Regards, John


omg. you're a hoot. love them resolutions.

Caroline B

Hooray for you putting a line through those resolutions! The last one is the only one worth keeping.
Those little shoes are to die for - can you make them in a size 7

La C.

I tried to come up with some resolutions this year in pencil, seeing as how I don't like to commit. I didn't really like any of them, and actually was annoyed with how much about myself I felt I needed to change in the new year, so I came up with a good one. One that can only make this the best year of my life. "Start doing the things I love more often and with gusto!" I love wine, I love food, I love chocolate, I love sewing and blogging and picture taking and spending time with my husband and running and riding my bike. I love a lot of things, and if I show them equal attention and enthusiasm everything should just balance out. And if it doesn't? At least I'll be having fun.

Sorry for the ramble, love the lavender baby. The best wishes for your new year. I look forward to you posting more often.


I don't even bother to make resolutions anymore! Gorgeous shoes, the soles.......sooo sweet. Kenneth Williams diary is great isn't it? So dry...sad too.


They are the cutest baby shoes! Love the resolutions (after modificaton) - I'm all for a bit of swearing!
Good to see you back - have enjoyed your blog for a long time - one of the first ones I ever found and it has continued to entertain and make me laugh!


They are the cutest baby shoes! Love the resolutions (after modificaton) - I'm all for a bit of swearing!
Good to see you back - have enjoyed your blog for a long time - one of the first ones I ever found and it has continued to entertain and make me laugh!


I am IN LOVE with this latest project! All good!

Tricia Sagen

Now THIS is a New Year's resolutions list that I can get behind! I have been reading all of the fabulous and intense resolutions on other craft blogs and feeling a wee bit...pathetic. I do fully support your goal to blog MORE,though! How will I get my daily dose of laughter if you are nowhere to be found?!
Of course, the crafting is gorgeous!


lord how funny, secretly I love cussing, too, although I always act like it's a regretable bad habit that I'm trying to break


I LOVE the quilt, booties, and lavender baby! So simple and cute. I'm looking forward to the tutorial. What a lucky mom and baby to receive these!


Yay!You are funny - so glad you are back! Happy New Year!


From the look of those new year resolutions you are obviously a women after my own heart!


I love the items you made! I think I may have to open up a bottle of wine tonight too. Loved ready your post....made me smile on a dreary rainy day :)


Lovely baby things! I'd love a lavendar baby tutorial as a friends baby is due in 9 days!!!



For a woman who makes dolls like you do,

you can say and do whatever the F#$% else you like.


Please post a tutorial! There are a lot of babies in my life right now and I am always interested in new ideas for gift. And I love the simplicity of that little lavendar baby.


So funny! Yeah, who need those silly new years resolutions. fuhgettaboutit! At least you realized this in January, instead about worry about it all year long. Nip it in the bud, is what I say!

The baby shoes and softie are too sweet. What a great gift! I'd love some tips. Mine NEVER turn out with good shape.


I resolve to make more time to read your blog! Your resolutions are so much like mine its scary.

I love the lavender baby, please do post a tutorial.


Um, can I come over? That sounds like a perfect Friday to me.

What a lovely baby set! I love the embroidery you added to the shoes and the doll. So cute.


Beautiful little shoes!


I am cackling at the 'one word post' concept. Fab!

And Friday night is big-glass-of-wine-with-kid's-tea night. Funny, but they are always SO much less troublesome on a Friday.

Have a great (if soggy) weekend.


This is a fabulous post. You're hysterical. I loved your #3 and the concept of one word posts! I'm happy to say my son's future in-laws live 5 minutes from FabricShack. A fun place to shop! Those booties are adorable!


Hooray, you're back. Was beginning to wonder if you'd jetted back off to New York. And you made me laugh out loud, as always. New Years Resolutions? I gave up hope years ago ;)x


These are the dearest little baby slippers I've ever seen!
I'm working in France now and you've made me feel so nostalgic for SW England. Miss the sea (we live in the very centre of France), miss the complaining English-style (the French complain just as much about exactly the same things), miss Boots the Chemists.
Your blog will keep me going - so expect a visit from me every day.


I love your approach to New Year's resolutions! Thanks for the tip about Fabricshack - I've just bookmarked it.

Lil' d

I have a distinct lack of resolutions. I live in America now and they have cadbury's creme eggs on sale for 10 cents each at the mo. I've had 8 and it's only 11am. Normally I have to go to an import store for decent chocolate. Then you make my mouth water at the thought of flapjacks and fish and chips...

Mama Urchin

The shoes, they almost make me wish for another baby. The lavender baby's ears are too cute.


The best resolution I made was about 5 new years ago.It was never to make another New Years Resolution.Perfect.
Lucky friend by the way.That set is gorgeous!


The items are adorable. I especially love the combo of fabric and yarn on the booties. Your friday activities sound delightful.


a tutorial would be wonderful!
Happy New Year!

Veronica TM

i love visiting your blog! have a wonderful weekend!


The shoes are wonderful, I love the knitted bit in the back. It's kind of funny, I clicked on the link to Fabricshack expecting a UK shop and instead it's in my very own state. About 3 hours away so I'm not likely to actually go to the shop but what a great online selection. Thanks for the link!


My resolution list looks just like yours, so glad I'm not the only one!!!


Your resolutions are very realistic and I agree completely with number five ! Yes, the fabrics are sweet, but the things you make are even sweeter!
I'd love a tutorial for this lavender baby.


happy new year. f the resolutions! x


Thank God your back.
Blogland is boreing without you,
so many take themselves so seriously.


Glad to see you are back! I thought Santa had taken you away with him.
Love 'My lungs have a lot of laughter exercise at least.'
Can't wait for the baby tutorial.


Seems like there are plenty of us out there who swear, like to indulge and can't be bothered keeping our house tidy (I'm with you on the nano second and when the kids demolish the house, that's what makes me swear!) Fantastic resolution breakdown.
Absolutley love all that you make and these are no different. I can just see the lavender baby become a favourite little "hand" toy.


I love this post! Thank you.


Those shoes are really beautiful and the lavendar baby is adorable.I've been visiting your blog for a while and your work never fails to make me smile. Keep it up!


Oh, how sweet!! love it!!


I have only just found your blog but I feel we have a lot in common. Your resolution list is so funny because it is just like mine. The little baby shoes are adorable. I will be reading your blog again. Happy new year!


hilarious list of not-gonna resolutions! i snorted more than a few times.

and entering a word to sum up a day when you can't think of anything to say is most poetic i think. i may have to borrow this idea of yours if you don't mind! :)


That baby stuff is lovely and that's got to be the best New Year's resolution list I've seen yet! (My other favorite one just said "[email protected]*k more")

My husband never swears either. He was as foul mouthed as myself until our son was born and then all his swears turned into old man phrases like "Gol Darnit!" and "What in the ham sandwich is going on!" I think he should just go ahead and cuss like me. He sounds ridiculous.


love-e-ly! and beautiful baby things! you inspire me not to do those pesky resolution things...i'll think about what i might do if i did them but i'm not, so there. thanks.

The Shopping Sherpa

Last year I stole a habit from a work colleague - rather than saying f*%k she says "Rats". Or if it's really bad "Rats in a bag".

I've noticed I swear a lot less than I did a year ago and things don't seem to bother me as much. You know what it's like - you drop something and say f*%k and you get grumpy. But if you say "Rats" it makes you smile...

Or maybe it's just me!


Yes please, I´d appreciate if you´d add "post more often" to your list of New Years Resolutions! I´ve really missed your here!


Those are extremely sweet!


love the baby... he's adorable!

jemima bean

HA! That's what I threaten my mother with for her headstone...She kept a tidy house. LOL.

Darling baby items...did you handquilt? The stitching is so pretty!

Monkee Maker

Great New Years resolutions .... make that "resolution".

And really? Your hubby doesn't swear? What, ever?? WTF?



'make stuff' is mine too! That'll do nicely! Love, love, love those shoes.


I just found your blog! I love it and love the baby shoes and lavender baby. I would appreciate your tutorial also.

I don't do resolutions anymore...too old.


the baby shoe is dam cute, how u make it?


¡Qué buenos zapatitos! Me encantan los colores y bordados...

Account Deleted

delurking because those shoes are just too dang sweet to not say something. cute little lavendar baby, too.


love your attitude!


Oh what a fun list, and great way to find out what resolutions you can keep - the ones you want to keep! Love the baby and the shoes!

the mother of this lot

Is it me or does that baby have a look of Wayne Rooney?

Love this blog!

Lisa from New York

My new years resolution is to post a message to you. I have been reading your blog and ohhhhing and ahhhhing over your beautiful crafts for almost a year. You certainly are inspirational and I enjoy seeing your crafts and thoroughly enjoy the stories as well. Thank you!


The lavender baby is a great idea! And not just for babies - I'm told lavender helps to make adults sleepy too, great for insomniacs like me. I so want to make this little baby to sit by my pillow at night, so yes please and thankyou to a tutorial!


resolutions for all years! xoC


I love your honest list!

tracey d

how sweet - i too would love the lavendar baby tutorial.thanks for the info on the book which i have just managed to order-so it must be easy! good luck with the resolutions!!!!


Love your resolutions list. Glad you're only sticking to No 7. Kenneth Williams is wonderful.


I love the fabrics for your baby quilt! Did you purchase them long ago? Great color scheme and love the booties and baby doll!


Too funny! Love the resolutions!!!

I so want a tutorial for these shoes and softie! I love your tutorials, so easy to follow!


I just love the way you express yourself, very english sense of humour, I love it!
I alsolove all the cutie things you do, I have included you in my favourite blogs list , under my blog name:
Keep going.


Hee hee! I like your attitude! Now that my inlaws read my blog, I don't think just writing f*/) would fly, but oh, how I'd love to do that!


80 comments already -- wow! Can you feel the love for the resolution list AND the desire for that lavender baby tutorial? Your work is absolutely lovely; thanks for all you share here. (OK, one of my resolutions is to say nice things when I'm thinking them to the people who need to hear them.)


Such sweet gifts!

hilda portela

i like the way you enjoy life.
like the new work too.
happy new year.

ellen Crimi-Trent

good now I feel okay that I am not the only person who swears allot! It just feels better sometimes to use the words we were not supposed to say as a child! I hear you about the exercise but I think my trainer is not happy about that!
I think you have to be on planet weirdo if you do not yell at your kids, how can you not, its almost like the way it should be and I would worry about the people who do not!! strange.

love the shoes and baby!! sooo cute!



Squeal! Gorgeous!!! Your friend is INCREDIBLY lucky, I hope she appreciates that fully!
And thankyou for the entertainment on the New Years resolutions. I read the one about all your favourite activities involving sitting down, and thought you were writing about me!


Hoorah! Your new year non-resolutions are just like mine. A messy chocolatey boozy 2008 for all (lovin the baby bits too x)


Just about the most inspiring things I have ever seen. I love the blanket, etc. I have some vintage blankets (flannel). Just wondering what I can do with them now...hmmm.. thanks for showing your work, absolutley beautiful.


you are
and seriously
hysterically funny.




I love the baby things you've made, but I think I love your list of resolutions just a tiny bit more! Happy New Year!

Alicia P.

I was going to make some more resolutions myself but it turns out I'm too lazy. Tried to stop swearing myself but broke the resolution before the new year had ever started, so now the list is . . . really short, like none.

Well, at least I'm in good company with you.

rOuge biZoux

Ohhhh, that's soooo pretty!!!


I immediately adopt these resolutions as my own! I love the one about cussing for two...I hear ya sista!


Oops - I clicked on the wrong url when I added my comment.


Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes and yes...
Yep in a word! I can identify with all of those resolutions wholeheartedly... I live to eat so it's a none starter really!
Niki from Nostalgia... mentioned your blog to me and here I am and loving it... so glad I popped by.. it is a visual orgy of delights.. must read on.



I love the sweet little booties!


oh, you are a laugh riot! what a hilarious list of resolutions! i agree with you %100. that last one is a keeper. the rest can go out the window. that set you made for the baby shower is gorgeous. wonderful fabrics and choices of colors. just beautiful! i'm holed up in aspen skiing with my husband, at the moment and very much missing my craft supplies, so thank you for sharing yours!


ha!! sounds like we were seperated at birth!!love your lavander baby thanks for the tutorial!


I just have to tell you that I LOVE your blog! Your resolution possibilities really cracked me up. Do you mind if I print those up and hang them on my frig?

linda lu

drooling over those sweet little baby shoes.


The baby shoes are so lovely! What a lucky baby!

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