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Have fun drinking cocktails(or maybe not;)You certainly deserve a few after all of the work you've been doing!
I LOVE Molly's fireplace -sigh- I wish I had one....


I don't even drink, but I think I'd be tipping back a few after dealing with all that plaster. It was worth it, though, the fireplace is so great! I love it.

Molly's painting is looking good too!


Goodness those are high ceilings!

(And I thought the dyson was supposed to be rather indestructible. I am glad we have no carpeting to hoover.)


Love love love Molly's fireplace! The color is really sweet.


Mollys fireplace is probably the most lovely one I've seen...the colour is to die for :)


Dyson's have very good warranties. I wonder if they replace it? That mantle is beautiful!

Katie J

Wow Molly's fireplace looks amazing! As for any kind of DIY... I hate it! We really need to remove quite a bit of the plaster in our house but we've just left it as it is, mainly because of the huge mess it will cause. So I think that a bravery award goes to you for getting on and doing it! and I'm sure Molly's room will look amazing and full of lovely hand made things when it's finished :-)


Oh, I do wish you posted more often, your life sounds so much more like mine than a lot of other blogs I read!

I am coveting that fireplace. Did you do the sort of sneaky renovations I am prone to do--waiting until my husband is gone for a while?

Christine Wilkins

My Dyson eats drive belts, and thats pretty much the noise it makes too
Don't you just cringe when the kids grind your brushes into the paper!?
Enjoy your cocktails, you deserve them!

Kitty Jimjams

Yeah, that does look nice - bonus! I bet some people pay Interior Designers squillions to get that paint effect. :D

On hoovers: I find SEBO > Dyson. They are completely great.


Oh, do enjoy your cocktails - w/o plaster, too! - you do deserve them!
Like everybody else I love Molly's mantle. Wish I had one!
Have a great night out!


Have fun! Impressive fireplace.

Lucy Locket-Pocket

The fireplace is gorgeous and the artwork is clearly the product of some harmonious mother-daughter crafting (yeah yeah!!!!!!)

Lucy x


I would be absolutely distraught if my Dyson broke!!! but twice!!!


Lol, very funny post.I missed your blog, kept checking to see if you were around. I completely understand re the painting. In my head and heart I want to be the sort of Mum who sits down creating things with the kids, but nearly every time I end up going 'but you're not doing it the right way' (like I am four). Not saying you do that, but it reminded me of my madness. I am posting a series of items about motherhood on my blog, which I think you would be well equipped to contribute! Hope the cocktails went down well, as if you needed to say whether you were going to have some!


Love the fireplace. I recommend a shop vac. Which is what we call my husband's industrial vacuum cleaner. It sucks ups copper dust and plaster dust like it never existed!


what an amazing fireplace. Oh, why do I have to live in the US?!


Hope you're having a wonderful time. The room looks great--we missed you!


Molly's fireplace is amazing.
Oh, and I think cocktail are in order
go ahead and have one for me too



A top tip - a Dyson will survive lots of plaster dust - but only if you keep removing the spongey filter bit and wash and dry frequently (it's in the flippy up bit above the cylinder in the upright version). I speak from personal, traumatic, plastery house renovation experience

H x


Well, I'm glad we're not the only, ahem...passionate... mother-daughter team in the world!
The fireplace is divine.


the fireplace is gorgeous and your joint artwork so pretty. That old mother / daughter thing eh, any joint project here usually ends with sparks flying and a few slammed doors! Hope you had fun with your cocktails and that you've got a quiet day today!


pretty fireplace, indeed.

i enjoy your voice so much, lyn. xx

London Southern Belle

those dysons do not like kitty litter either. Just for future reference ;)


I think that from your comments you could have a 'what dyson's don't like to do' post as a service to those who might use them for something other than what Mr Dyson inteded them for! You could save a LOT of dysons! But seriously that fireplace is a treasure. You are very fortunate to live with it - Jen


i think i've heard this before somewhere, we had a Dyson and the attachment holder snapped off after a few months and it stopped sucking so well after a year, repair man said Dysons are his bread and butter,not! impressed we turned to our old friend Miele and purchased a new model. (we're so sorry for trading you in for the dyson)Cue hubby bringing down hall ceiling (horse hair lathe and plaster ) black everywhere urrgh!, never mind mr miele to the rescue, ooops! methinks the filter cannot cope, cue drinkies to calm me down, aaah! feel better! said Meile good as new after new filter.
That fireplace looks FAB though!
PS not to give you bad news, but several months down the line we are still experiencing dust attacks.


hejhej, we made the same expirience, husband and me, so we have number 5 ;-). but dyson works for me the best, otherwise i´m having thread everywhere!
anyway have a fun day!


Good to read a post again! That fireplace is absolutely gorgeous and a perfect partner for Molly (and yours) painting, whcih is looking gorgeous too! Good luck with the renovating ;)


We had exactly the same fireplaces in our old terraced house (four of them actually) - I remember them so well because I painted all of them - every tiny detail - in different colours - and I always thought that the detail top left (in your photo) just below the flower reminded me of a row of 3D paper dolls ( but then my mind does work in weird ways).
They (and yours) are just beautiful, no matter how you decorate them and I really miss them in my 30s semi!


Oooo and those babies are expensive! I love the fireplace! Neat. You are brave to take on such a project! I have been thinking of attacking the popcorn cieling in the house. You may or may not have inspired me! ;-)

Molly's picture is great.


Glad I'm not the only one to kill off Dysons. Finished off a second this weekend so have gone back to a Hoover (at a fraction of the price!)Love the fireplace... and the painting even if it was at the expense of your paints and brushes.


I have had the same experience with Daisy, my Dyson too. I think the plaster dust does something nasty to them! I took Daisy to bits and cleaned them out with the garden hose, dried it off and now it's good as new :) The fireplace looks beautiful and hope you had a fab girls night out.


What a beautiful fireplace!


Wow the fireplace is gorgeous! I can't wait to see what the room looks like when you finish. Please keep us posted on your progress. Plaster dust sounds terrible but a girl's night out will surely make it better at least for a little while! Drinks sound great. . .cheers!


welcome back! and glad to hear you are out having some fun...adventures make much better days, parents, kids and projects. love the fireplace as is!

Cookie Sunshine

This was my first visit to your blog. I will place you in my fortune cookies so that I will have no difficulty finding you again. I'm eager to see how this wonderful project is going to end!

Good luck!

Don Mills Diva

I just stumbled across your blog but I must say it sounds like you've earned a few cocktails...


love the fireplace!
so happy your back, been checking in now and then, wondering where you are..


you know, with two kids and a crafty mommy my husband and I were going through quite a few vaccuums...when the last one died, we finally got a shop-vac for our househole vaccuum cleaner! There is now a new meaning to saying, "if you don't pick up your toys, mommy's going to suck them up the vaccuum" hahaha...


the fireplace is absolutely stunning! Cant wait to see the finished room. her beautiful artwork is a fabulous place to start!


Enjoy your night out! I just adore that fireplace.

I recommend replacing the dyson with a wertheim. It will handle plaster dust with ease, I know this from experience.


This fireplace is AWESOME! And I can see Molly got talent from you!

Bloomin' Myrtle

I like the fireplace as it is too, and, as with the dust, vacuums don't like wet plaster either umf!

At least you cocktail (or none-cocktail) will be free from plaster dust.........enjoy


little red hen

The fireplace looks great as it is, the colour is lovely.


I've been given the opportunity to give out a little web award. And I had to inlcude you! Love your site! Please visit mine for more details. Thank you!


Fireplace is brilliant. Never got on with Dyson myself - Orek all the way, only if you're into that housework thing. Bet you're wishing it wasn't all powdery and white inside now that it's all powdery and white outside too! Perhaps it's a bit nicer over on your side of the country, hope so ;)


That fireplace is PERFECT!


Sounds quite on mark, tempests and home decor! I remember my youngest saw fit to add some crayon art to my newly painted (by hot sweaty cranky me) hall walls. Served me right for painting in July. Appreciate the Dyson warning - I am pathetically overly fond of my Dyson.


I know I already posted a comment, but I have some big news over at my blog as well, so if you have a moment, pop on over and take a peek. HUGS!



Don't be too hard on yourself about the Dyson. I've been known to hoover up still warm ashes from the wood burner (over zealous tidying up). Not that we knew it was a disaster until much later, when the hoover started to smoulder from it's place in the cupboard.

I read once that a certain number of people die every year from hoover related misadventures..LOL -erm, or rather, not LOL, since death is involved. Ho hum.

Cherry Menlove

Don't you just love that?!?!?!?! There you are working away on an item that you think needs a make-over. You stand back and already it's perfick!!!
I love your fireplace just the way it and Molly's paintings, well, perfick all over again!

Cherry xoxoxo


Love the fireplace!

Also, HE IS BACK!!! Saturday nights are bliss filled once again!


Oh dear, I recall finishing off a Dyson in a similar manner, it seems to me that this is a general fault with Dysons! I do not recall seeing anything in the manual about not hoovering up building debris? Perhaps we should sue......

Beautiful fireplace and painting though.


STUNNING fireplace! I'm sooooo jealous!!!! Definately have to stick with the rubbed back look...lucky Molly. BTW I love your's so fresh & real. Great work :)


You've been tagged.... :)


Wow! Alot of hard work!

claire Maraldo

My other half has killed two Dysons by hoovering up plaster dust.

Cocktails are deadly. They taste so delicious and before you realise, you are completely trolleyed. Well - I am anyway!


Yes that fireplace mantel looks divine just as it is!


That is the best fireplace I have ever seen! And how perfect for a girl's room.


yep I've done the same thing with my first Dyson... then with the second one I stopped just in time and only had to replace the filter part because it was totally clogged and blocked and wouldn't wash. In fact it had got rock hard. Weird.

Apparently the only one that can cope with that is a 'henry' or similar.

Gorgeous fireplace though!


Wow...a blue fireplace in Molly's room! I so want one too. It looks great just the way it is.

Alicia P.

I thought beautiful fireplaces in little girls' rooms were myths they used to torture me for not being lucky enough to be born English. MOLLY YOU LUCKY THING YOU!!!

When Molly doesn't want to do something you want her to do, you just say, "Do you know how many 39-year-old little girls would kill for a fireplace like that???" That should do it.


What an amazing fireplace for a girl's room. I hope you post pictures of the finished project.

Thanks for the plaster tip! I've dropped our Dyson down the stairs a couple times but it's surviving so far! Love your blog, makes my Canadian writing seem so blah! I have some projects you might like as well. All the best!

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