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Trudy McLauchlan

Hi Lynn :)
Yah!! Monday is No Housework Day ... just as well really as every Monday I meet with a bunch of wonderful local women in my community and we stitch for FIVE HOURS!! Love the colours on your quilt. Looks delightfully happy!


I've quit homework al te way! I've started a sewing class and with that money I pay my sweet cleaning-girl.
You can tell I hate cleaning!

Heaven & Earth

Totally agree: Monday is for something MORE than housework! Artwork!


Totally agree! Today is eating choccies from yesterday and sewing birds, trees and leaves on bags :)

lucykate crafts

yay, it's official then, the chicken has spoken!, no housework for meeee!

today, i need to write up instructions for a cushion which is going in a magazine as an editorial, and photograph a shed load of goodies that came from a charity shop on saturday to blog, oh and eat lots of crisps and chocolate : )


Oh well, if its the law..............
I'm off to my art& craft group this afternoon, just need to decide what to take with me this week


This made me laugh as I'm just trying to sum up the energy to tackle my kitchen! Every day seems to be a cleaning day here!

Beautiful quilt :D


Damn, if only I had done any on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, I'd feel justified! But I'm rewarding myself 1 blog to read for every task completed. Perhaps next week...

French Knots

I'm pretty good at ignoring the housework most days!
I'm heading to the sewing machine ( when I've read a couple more blogs!) to make a fairy tutu.


Lovely idea! I keep putting off all those lovely Easter craft projects. hmmm I just have to tend to the washing in between, but with a bit of juggling....

Hyena In Petticoats


Monday is my ONLY housework day. The rest of the week, I let it all go to shit, and then next Monday, I clean it all up again.

That quilt looks gorgeous - I really like the spots for the binding against the crazy florals.....

Leah xx


Yes! Wonderful! Oh, i´m making obeisance to you, bowing down before the great chicken! No homework monday. AH!

I actually started already, and made a stuffed giant´s hand for my son as a birhtday present.(Instead of cleaning the kichten and folding the unironed laundry).
Thank you!


such a perfect binding choice.

today's my birthday, and I was going to celebrate by project-ing all day, but I was swayed by practicality into thinking I should do work, but I think you've convinced me otherwise.


Well I don't want to break the law so I'd better put the duster down and do something else instead.Umm... now I wonder what!


just monday???? hmmm...maybe I do too little housework then, could be why the place is always a mess I guess...

LOVE that quilt

Melissa Brinkley

I like your platform! I say Molly Chicken for president!


Just like you I shall be sewing!
What a beautiful quilt you have there!!


I'm in!!


Sounds like my kind of day.....mind you I've got to make a spag bol first, then if I'm lucky enough to get some peace from the 'supposed to be napping' one, I'm going to finish sewing my bag handles from yesterday !


Hah hah - sounds good to me! I'm going to finish up some cards and artwork that have been waiting all week to be done!


I am going to sit and enjoy the silence when (if) my daughter ever decides to drop off for her afternoon sleep!


Well, I'm doing my laundry today, but it's only so I don't have to go everywhere naked. It's still pretty cold here, for that. Otherwise, I'm giving 10 dolls arms and 3 of them faces. Because I'm nice.


Wow! So in love with that quilt!


I'm in for ignoring the housework today. :) Molly's quilt is looking fabulous. I wish I had some binding to work on today.


I'm going to a craft night with our local craft mafia. Also homeschooling my two kids. And cleaning I'm afraid. Our house is such a mess we'll be buried under it all by tomorrow morning if I don't get some work done today.

Lynn in Tucson

Sigh. I am, unfortunately, going to work, thereby ignoring the purple merino & bamboo calling me from the spinning wheel. It's okay, though. It made me late almost every day last week and I resisted the call of the housework for most of the weekend!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

I'm so pleased you've told me it is now law - I don't need to feel guilty for reading my daughter's book for half the day then! (It was The Deep by Helen Dunmore, by the way. The third in the Ingo series - very good - even it is meant for children!!!!)


Really, really, I don't have to do all those yucky chores? I love all the florals together on Molly's quilt. Very cheerful!


Thats one law i will gladly abide !!
The only problem maybe Monday is supposed to be my housework day so i can spend the rest of the week sewing .... but i wouldnt want to break the law now would i !!

Ive been helping teach kids sewing this afternoon !!!


I have a ton of housework and a ton of "my" work. I am having a hard time motivating myself so this blog is serving a really great distraction!


I'm in! This will apply to every Monday, yes? :0)
Gorgeous quilt! Love the dotted binding; it really brings it together.


I'm in! This will apply to every Monday, yes? :0)
Gorgeous quilt! Love the dotted binding; it really brings it together.

Dee Light

I keep telling myself I need to get started on cleaning, but I guess seeing as there is a law against it... I will bake cookies and finish up my daughters apron.


Oh, I so wish I could go with no housework but as my 3 yr old said to me today "pops is the thinker, mammy does the washing up!" ho hum
Lisa x

Susan Jonsson

I have the same rule for many other days of the week too! I am working on floorquilts. I bought the book by Ellen Highsmith Silver...."Floorquilts"....Fabric is "Decoupaged " canvas, then finished with acrylic varnish....Great way to use up fabric scraps....results are gorgeous!



now there's a made up holiday i can totally get on board with!

apple cyder

I will be quilting a baby quilt tonight. It's a gift for a friend. Can't wait to see this quilt in full. Such pretty fabric!

Lasso the Moon

Oh! That binding is the perfect, unexpected touch to that sunny quilt. Good for you. The housework can wait.



Love the spots around Molly's quilt. Lucky Molly I am sure i saw another quilt you made her, does she have more than one?

Mama Urchin

This definitely sounds like a good idea.

Claire P

OH BUM! I wish I'd read your post before I cleaned the bathroom :(
I had best go and sew something quick to make up for it!
PS, I wish I could quilt :)


Now THERE'S a button I'd put on my blog! Hear, hear!

Why bother clearing up dust when you're just going to be buried in it eventually anyway?

Have a CREATIVE day!!! (Awesome quilt!)

janet clare

you could have told me that BEFORE I hoovered the upstairs...

Kyla Nicole

What a fantastic idea! I'm going to ignore the housework, catch up on some swaps, and take care of my very ill hubby...Come to think of it, I'll be just as busy X]


IHM - If it is an international law, I'm not going to argue! I'm working on the lid for a new messenger bag for my sis and that's soooo much more fun than doing the dishes. They are not going to run away (yet) anyway!
Your quilt looks lovely!


boo hoo! I saw this too late and spent the WHOLE day ironing! But I will know now for next week! Ha!


Wow, what a beautiful quilt. She is going to love it forever.


Monday needs to definitely be no housework day because that's all I end up doing when everyone is home on the weekend. It was so nice out today that I did do indoor outdoor work.


That gets my vote!
Love the colours in that quilt - some gorgeous fabrics.


well its tue,first day back after long weekend on the boat. does that count as a mon??
putting a baby quilt together today.and downloading some pics for my blog..


Molly's quilt looks gorgeous!


I can't remember if i told you or not (I am becoming forgetful in my old age I think LOL)... I am having a contest over at the blog, so stop on by if you get a chance :)

Abby Jartos

Wow! I was observing No Housework Monday and I didn't even know it!!! Glad to have a name for it now. What to call it the rest of the week??

GORGEOUS quilt!!!

Karen in Wichita

Well, I had a great plan, and blogged it this morning, and ended up spending the entire day attempting to recover my mother's corrupted Quicken files. (Key word there: attempting.)

Maybe I should have stuck with the housework...


I'm a very obedient person......


Monday! I am so with I just need to find people who ban Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday etc. I really do believe there is so much more important in life than housework. But my husband has a trick now to get the wind up me...he invites people over with out telling me until a few days before. He knows I'll clean like mad if I know there are PEOPLE coming. BTW the quilt is lovely.


no day should be a cleaning day ;-)) I agree totally - but murphy´s law: my nearly 2year old daughter had to be picked up from kindergarden with extremly high fever...probably toothing side I am not sure what to prefer: cleaning or handling a toothing toddler...


sounds like a great idea..spent the afternoon crafting at the co-op craft group in ipswich..much more fun than ironing!


I'm with you about Mondays. What I did yesterday was write, eat more than my shared of yummy bakery items, and worked on this new project. Fun! And not a shred of housework.


SIGN ME UP! for No housework Monday, Tuesday, Wed..(whoops my dreams got carried away). I am knitting a soft baby hat for a new wee one on the block and doing some felting projects....loving the fiber feelings.


So nice to have permission!
Housework no good today - a nice friend is working on our bathroom so it's chaos (he just broke the sink pedestal).
This afternoon we have to give some TLC to a rescue horse we received on Sunday and I'll put finishing touches to my felt bead necklace.
Any more good suggestions?


Well I'm glad you declared it! I was feeling a bit guilty yesterday when all I did all day was crochet... I really don't feel like doing house chores today either. lol. I want to work on my blanket. hehe



whoopee - officially banned from housework - excellent. Can we have the same next week please, and the week after... Molly's quilt looks fab!


Oh, how I love those fabrics! Oh and Lynn, I posted a cookie recipe on my blog that you might want to try for your kids if they like oatmeal, raisins and choc chips.

Sherrie Nordgren

I just wanted to tell you that I gave you the "You Make My Day" award on my blog!Because YOU do Make My Day
(((Hugs to you))) Sherrie


Finally some useful legislation :) Can we extend it to a week?

Lovely quilt! I'm working on taxes :(


Oh dear. Monday is my cleaning day. Does this mean I'm off the hook?! Mondays will be so much more enjoyable now.

Lovely, lovely quilt, by the by.


Also wanted to let you know that the drawing has been completed on the blog for the grand giveaway!! I am also holding a poll for another prize for the winning name. :) If you have a moment, stop on by and cast your vote!


Love the quilt! Where do you find all of those wonderful fabrics? Such happy colors!


Today was lovely as a very nice friend came round and we talked about crafts and everything else. Can't beat a girly chat. I notice you are reading 'My naughty little sister'. Well I presume you have finished by now, lol! I had this as a child and my two older ones loved it recently when I read it. I still remember how much I loved it when I was wee!


congratulations||| wanderfull|


I wish! My little piglets and the big piglet trash our house over the weekend. Come Monday I'm wading through filth. No housework is not an option. Tuesday however is a different story!


Where do I sign? Let's make it official.


I LOVE this new law!!!!!


Ignoring housework ... I do that every day! Love the quilt. In fact, I love the site, just discovered it today and have now linked it to mine!


What a beautiful quilt! I love the colours in it.

For me? A morning spent creating a teabag holder to go in my handbag...because what more could a girl want from life? (maybe best not to answer that!) x


Yes, the quilting is a much better choice, I agree!


I agree with the banishing of the housework on Monday. It seems that is always my catch up day!!!

Maman ornella

This is the first time I have come across your blog. I love all your works. Ciao maman Ornella

Account Deleted

this law of yours I like ... I planted two planters.. yea! spring.. enjoy your day Karen at Junking in Georgia


almost there too! but before i play i *have* to do laundry...or...i will just swap loads out while i play.
playing=designing and cutting out Easter dresses from cheerful colors like Molly's quilt for my two younest daughters: Sophie-6 and Hannah-8.
getting excited now!


oh- I didn't realize that you didn't know about no housework Monday. Sorry. Been participating for years now. It is a lovely day!My fav. Monday activity is napping. See you at the next no housework conference. :)


Cute blog u have :)
I'm having an online silent quilt auction on my blog, starting soon if you are intersted in quilts. HUGS.


Great declaration! good thing you told me before Monday!!!

Molly's Knitted Teddy Bears

I love the fabric in the photo. Must we ever do housework? It has the unfortunate tendency to really cut into my crafting time.

Hope you have a great day!


That little quilt is so bright and beautiful. I love it!


What a great idea. I'm with you on the no housework Monday.


Oooo, that sounds liberating! Don't know if I have the courage but Monday is only 2 days aways so , we'll see!


i second that emotion! (also, Miele vacuums are THE BEST!)


I love the monday rule! Perfect for any mother or grandmother. Gives us extra time for hugs and kisses! T


Thank you, thank you, thank you. I kiss your feet!


Oh, you did make this beautiful quilt! Wow- I love it- all the colors. I have to check back through your blog.... haha! I am so inspired now to make my daughter's quilt, too bad I have to make a bunch of Christmas things before I can even think about the quilt- such a bummer.


Ok, last post today- I promise.... Where did you find all those colorful, fun fabrics that you made your daughter's quilt with? It looks very Oilily to me. I am looking for fun fabrics and have found a few, but none as bright and fantastic as those!

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