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This is funny b/c in my case it's been the opposite. I've used the "sorting crap" excuse for the past month or two, instead of doing art. I was actually into the crap, b/c I could no longer be creative with the mess lying around, but the mess is so big I must stop now, and go try to do art again.


Love the art work. Very cool!


You make me laugh, any excuse to be creative, my sentiments entirely and I have a loft full of c..p too but I'd rather be creative, much more satisfying. I justify buying stuff when I say it's for the children, it sounds good! x


I've been trying to do both tidy and craft and boy they don't mix when you have a toddler and a baby in the house!! Loving the tutorials , thanks.

ps i pretend that one day i will sell my crafts in order to provide me with an ongoing ''free''craft/hobby/moneymaking opportunity - but sadly it never works out that way though does it? More often than not I cannot part with said pieces or they go to loved ones for free!! Typical poor craftsman!

Camino Uribe

Crochet flowers rule!
And those purchases you made... WOW, i think I will spend some money there too!


i also will not mention names, but crafting gets a bad name (in our house)when you cant see the tv set over the pile of laundry..


Beautiful...makes me want to run and get the crochet hook out right now! (and you're not the only one buying art for the 'kids' ;) Love them.

kosenrufu mama

you are so gooooood! have a nice weekend!!!!


those crochet flowers are lovely. i know you're busy but i'm wanting to ask for the pattern - or where you found the pattern.
i'd love to know where you found that adorable bunny cup too!!!


your flowers are so pretty.


I know just how you feel. My daughter who loves to reorganize had to come and help me sort out my attic. It held 20+ years of stuff. Do yourself a favor. Don't wait as long as I did, as the job just gets bigger and bigger with each passing year. But, like you I would much rather do something creative. *smile*

daniel sterling music

very nice site. I said it before and I say it now - GO ON with this site! Your website is very important for a whole continued!


Amen to that - who ever goes up there anyway? It's a quick visit for the Xmas decorations and a swift exit usually.


I love the flowers and the tea cup. Thanks for the link to the etsy seller, I love the artwork, they would look great in my home. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend. By the way, where did you find the pattern for the flowers? I am in a flower making mood also and I would love to make some of those I love the way they look.


I too love the crochet flowers, do share the pattern info when you get a second. And the artwork you bought, how much fun is that.


the flowers are fabulous, and as all good crafters know, "cute" is a perfectly good excuse to create above all else. :)


Love the flowers!


I love clearing sentimental nic nacs out. Well, they don't actually leave the house, they get dusted off, reminised over, and more often than not back in the box it came out of. But, I do agree, crochet flowers are enough to distract.

Lucy Locket-Pocket

crochet flowers versus crap sorting? Think you made the right decision there!

Those flowers are gorgeous - did you make them up or are they from a pattern?

As for that artwork - not surprised you bought it at all! I'm off over to have a look at her other things!

Lucy x

Brierley & Clover

I don't think cleaning and crocheting should even be in the same sentence...they look lovely!


Totally agree! The only cobwebs you should be dealing with are embroidered ones preferably in fetching silver thread with a rainbow coloured spider.

If thems what wants the attic cleared are that desperate, get them up there and take away the ladder. :-) You can be nice and let them down afer a project or 2 if you must. LOL


Hello. I enjoyed your blog for most of the day today. I like it. You also propose very nice links but I thought to note here that at least 6 of the links are not working (places are not found), and few are sadly not being updated any longer. I hope this is useful for you to know, and I would certainly love to see that you have new inspirational sites to recommend us! Greetings and hugs, MariaC.

Grace Garton

Would you beleive I'm crocheting flowers at the moment too plus not drinking bunnies but making bunnies!
Must be ligerings of easter!
You know I'm going to have to click on the link!!

Melissa Lewis - Off The Wall

I somehow stumbled upon your site...and I LOVE it. You are too funny! I love the art here!

I will definitely be coming back again...and again:)


haha! I so know what you mean. :) i like your cute crocheted flowers, cute tea cup and the pretty prints you bought! ;)


Love the crochet flowers. Maybe one day I will sit still long enough to learn to crochet - pretty little pieces like your flowers would make it worth it.


Love those little flowers. I've been churning out crocheted hearts for a garland and sometimes I find myself awake at 1AM with my shoulders around my ears and wondering where everyone went. Crazy addictive...


Had to laugh out loud when I read your post. We - somehow starngely - have crocheted flowers scattered around the house. Whenever I have something to clean or sort out I crochet a flower insead because I feel the urge to try out a new colour or to check the feeling of a new yarn. my excuse; the quilt I always wanted to make for my daughter has to have a zillion of crocheted flowers on it and so I have to produce them whenever I find a timeslot! But mysteriously they also seem to disappear somehow: the little one mekes garlangs with them and i send them with swaps to make the parcel look nicer... well...
And before I forgot: Thanks for inspiring me from my first day of Flickr and blogs: I started into this world a year ago and everything changed. Your blog was the first so: thank you!!!


I love the bunny cup!!!!! and really love those prints too..and the crocheted flowers.....

Rachael Rabbit

That bunny mug has made me gasp in pleasure .... please tell me how I can get some ..... sigh ...


Lovely crochet flowers! They sit flatter than mine, would you willing to say where the patterncame from?
Putting them in a teacup made me smile.


Love the bunny cups, the crochet daisies, the new art, the great link to new art artist, but mostly love that I was feeling a wee bit guilty about laying on couch thinking about the life of trees instead of picking up the clutter I had meant to pick up - and now of course, I don't :)


Crocheted flowers ~ cute as a bug's ear!! I "neeeed" pattern...pretty please? =) A bouquet of thanks in advance! XO, Carolyn

little red hen

I am a huge supporter of no housework monday in fact I try to avoid it any day- In order to do this I have stretched the budget and got a cleaning lady who comes once a week to ensure that the clutter is cleared once a week fro her to clean under and then I know that beneath the rubble that is my life, as a creative single mother working full time, the floors and the bathroom are clean and I can crochet my flowers without guilt!


Your crocheting flowers are lovely!
Kind regards

Beertje Zonn


I love crochet flowers!=) Always a better decision than cleaning!


It's absolutely more important. Lovely flowers!


I was just thinking how I would love to get back into crocheting. I would love to use up some of my yarn making beautiful flowers! Please share the pattern!


Love the blog!!!


Beautiful crocheted flowers! Love it. And thanks for sharing the link to Sarah's art, because it's really nice!!!


Lovely crochet and the cup is gorgeous! ;-) Sal


I too have been strugling with to craft or to clean. Re doing a house is never ever simple and it creates more mess, which does not help my creative juices!


Can't wait to see what you do with the flowers - the colours are just lovely!

Jodi Reeves

love the birdies~

Wonders Never Cease

Your site is amazing.
I must learn to crochet. I love those flowers. And the artwork is beautiful!
Thank you for my stroll around!


loved know your blog!
reminds me of the time my child, you work very very beautiful! congratulations


I love your blog!! Please tell me where I can get the little crochet flower pattern!!



Reading your posts makes me happy.


I adore your writing style and sense of cheeky humour!


I guess the *correct* address to my 'blog would be more helpful, eh?



Your photography is not rubbish - in fact one of the first things I thought about your blog was 'there's a lady who knows how to use her macro function'. And you write fantastically well too, so nerr.

Molly L.

Hi there! I love your blog. Your house is so charming and homey with all of your craft work spread around with so much love.
I, too would love to know the pattern for the crochet flowers. I just did a quick search on the internet and all the flowers I came across were much too fluffy. I would love to know how to make the ones you featured here.
Thanks so much for the beautiful eye candy!

Esther Harper

I thought I was alone in that department. I will put of any thing to sit and crochet. And I too would like to have the pattern for the flowers.

Tekken Oyna

you are so good! have a nice weekend!!


OH PLEASE can you direct me to the pattern for these flowers?? I LOVE them.

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